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Discourse Series Table of Contents

A Study of Selected Discourses of Jesus

by Ruth Burton

4. Phoenician, Mount Hermon and Decapolis Ministry

1. Fleeing Through Northern Galilee

  • 1. "Frozen forms of religion into liquid liberties of enlightened sonship." 1728.1
    • Time and place: late May to early June, at Caesarea\Philippi. Daily talks by the Master to discouraged apostles. 1727.2,3,4,7,8
  • 2. The Discourses on True Religion. 1728.Sec.5; 1730.Sec.6 June 9, upper Jordan valley, near Luz
    • Occasion: Thomas asked, "What is the real difference between the religion of the Jews at Jerusalem and ours?" Excerpts: 1729.4-6; 1731.3; 1752.5; 1733.2

2. Teachings at Tyre; 1737.Sec 4,5

  • 1. Jesus' address in the temple of Baal Afternoon of July 20, at Tyre. 1737.4
    • Theme: The Father's love for all mankind, the Son's mission to all races. 1737.l (white lily); 1738.2 (firm foundation)
  • 2. Evening aftermath with apostles and evangelists
    • Excerpts: 1739.4 (Discovery you are human); (Implicit faith); 1740.4 (Ideals and ideas); 1740.5 (Holding grudges); 1740.6 (Tact); 1740.9 (Difficulty whets ardor).

3. Beginning the Son-of-God Ministry

  • 1. "Upon this rock." 1747.4
    • Time and place: Celsus' garden, Caesarea-Philippi, August 9, AD 29
    • Occasion: Peter's confession, the day before. 1745.Sec.3
    • Later historical influence: This statement by Jesus, thru misinterpretation became the dogma of apostolic succession in the Christian church.
    • Jesus' reasons for revealing his divinity at this time: 1748.2,3; 1749.2 (four stages);,l New teaching, strange to the twelve: 1750.2, 5-8
  • 2. The transfiguration, a celestial inauguration ceremony for the Son-of-God ministry. August 15, AD 29 1751.l 1752.Sec.1 Meaning of the transfiguration: 1755.Sec.3

4. Decapolis Tour

  • Discussions ("For the time being, tell this to no man." 1746.3d. Therefore, the public preaching during this tour continued as before.)
  • 1. Instruction for Teachers and Believers. 1765.Sec.3
    • Time and place: Late August, AD 29, at Edrei, with Thomas and evangelists.
    • Excerpts: 1765.4 (no force); 1765.5 (self-respect); 1766.4 (faith and sails); (no false sympathy); 1766.l (expand the mind).
  • 2. Talk on the Authority of the Scriptures, to Nathaniel, only. 1767.3
    • Time and place: September, Abila, where Nathaniel and group taught. Key statements: (man made); 1767.l (but contain highest concepts, (not infallible); 1768.l (sealed only by ignorance, bigotry). Nathaniel shocked, enlightened.

5. Sermons at the Feast of Tabernacles

  • October, AD 29; The Master's official announcement of his divinity to the Jewish people and the world. 1790.2d
  • 1. First Temple Talk. 1790.Sec.2 Dangerous situation--a calculated risk. 1788.l; 1789.2; 1789.5-7 Questions and answers--meeting the issues head-on. "How quote Scriptures so fluently?" "No man has taught me the truths I declare." "Why do rulers seek to kill you?" "My teaching would destroy their authority." 1791.1
    • Result: Sanhedrin sent Eber to apprehend Jesus." 1791.l
  • 2. Sermon on the Light of the World. 1794.Sec.5 Dramatic setting: Great candelabras, scores of burning torches. 1794.l
    • Key excerpts: 1795.1 "Never can the creature sit in judgment on the Creator." 1795.2 "I am from above...not of this world, and I live in the eternal light of the Father of Lights."
    • How received? Many believed; no man dared arrest him. 1795.4
  • 3. On the Water of Life. 1795.Sec.6
    • Effective timing of action: On the morning of the last great day of the feast, in a pause during the water-and -wine ritua. 1795.l
    • Message: "Why seek to water your souls...from the broken pitchers of ceremonial service?" The bestowal of the spirit leads to true waters of life."
    • Result: Still they dared not arrest him. 1796.3d

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