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Roman Political Rule and the Life of Jesus

Roman Civil Rulers of The Times of Jesus

The Herodians
The Roman Procurators
The Roman Emperors

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Geologic Period Descriptors
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Archaeological Periods

Civil Rulers of The Times of Jesus


Note that the dates given below are very approximate. Similar cultural patterns emerged in different geographical regions at different times in the chronological sequence. The Urantia Book makes a note of this on page 903, "There were no distinct periods, such as the Stone, Bronze, and Iron Ages; all three existed at the same time in different localities." Nevertheless, I have listed the traditional chronological periods below for general orientation to the literature.

For practical purposes, it seems reasonable to equate "Bronze" with "Andite" noting on page 904 that it was one of the Adamsonites who discovered how to alloy tin and copper in Turkestan.

It is interesting to note that the most consistent break point across the literature is the crossover into the upper paleolithic which corresponds to the arrival of Adam and Eve and the end of the ice age.

These periods are all broken down into finer subdivisions in the archaeological literature although most public museum displays do not go beyond the divisions listed here. These times are approximate; the actual times which form the boundaries of these periods vary somewhat from source to source.

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