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Glorified Midway Creatures

The Urantia Book; Paper 31, Section 6

P349:4, 31:6.1
On many planets the midway creatures are produced in large numbers, but they seldom tarry on their native world subsequent to its being settled in light and life. Then, or soon thereafter, they are released from permanent-citizenship status and start on the ascension to Paradise, passing through the morontia worlds, the superuniverse, and Havona in company with the mortals of time and space.

P349:5, 31:6.2
The midway creatures from various universes differ greatly in origin and nature, but they are all destined to one or another of the Paradise finality corps. The secondary midwayers are all eventually Adjuster fused and are mustered into the mortal corps. Many finaliter companies have one of these glorified beings in their group.

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