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The Omniaphim

The Urantia Book; Paper 28, Section 2

P307:1, 28:2.1
Omniaphim are created by the Infinite Spirit in liaison with the Seven Supreme Executives, and they are the exclusive servants and messengers of these same Supreme Executives. Omniaphim are of grand universe assignment, and in Orvonton their corps maintains headquarters in the northerly parts of Uversa, where they reside as a special courtesy colony. They are not of registry on Uversa, nor are they attached to our administration. Neither are they directly concerned with the ascendant scheme of mortal progression.

P307:2, 28:2.2
The omniaphim are wholly occupied with the oversight of the superuniverses in the interests of administrative co-ordination from the viewpoint of the Seven Supreme Executives. Our colony of omniaphim on Uversa receives instructions from, and makes reports to, only the Supreme Executive of Orvonton, situated on conjoint executive sphere number seven in the outer ring of Paradise satellites.

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