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The Associate Inspectors

The Urantia Book; Paper 24, Section 4

P268:5, 24:4.1
The Seven Supreme Executives, on the seven Paradise spheres of the Infinite Spirit, collectively function as the administrative board of supermanagers for the seven superuniverses. The Associate Inspectors are the personal embodiment of the authority of the Supreme Executives to the local universes of time and space. These high observers of the affairs of the local creations are the joint offspring of the Infinite Spirit and the Seven Master Spirits of Paradise. In the near times of eternity seven hundred thousand were personalized, and their reserve corps abides on Paradise.

P268:6, 24:4.2
Associate Inspectors work under the direct supervision of the Seven Supreme Executives, being their personal and powerful representatives to the local universes of time and space. An inspector is stationed on the headquarters sphere of each local creation and is a close associate of the resident Union of Days.

P268:7, 24:4.3
The Associate Inspectors receive reports and recommendations only from their subordinates, the Assigned Sentinels, stationed on the capitals of the local systems of inhabited worlds, while they make reports only to their immediate superior, the Supreme Executive of the superuniverse concerned.

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