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                 Marriage and Family

Self Actualization: A Concomitant of the Parental Experience -- Wally Ziegler

The Art of Marriage -- SSS'03 Presentation by Arlene Weimer, Buck Weimer, and Sara Blackstock

Preparing for Marriage and Family -- Annotated Bibliography -- Julia Fenderson

Preparing for Marriage and Family -- Study Guide -- Julia Fenderson

A Model of the Universal Family of the Supreme -- Sara Blackstock

Family - Relationship from Cradle to Eternity -- Sara Blackstock, Family Life Day, Los Angeles

    Caring for Aging Parents

An Experience with my Dad in a Nursing Home -- Martin Greenhut

Ask and You Shall Receive -- Bobbie Dreier

Caring for an Aging Parent -- Joan Biek

A Memorial of a very Special Nature -- Laureen Oskochil

    Caring for Children

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child -- Richard Mitchell

Suggestions for Home Activities with Children -- Julia Fenderson study.

Revitalization and Transformation Within the Family -- Parenting is the most important job on this planet and yet it is the least prepared for and the least appreciated profession of all. Sally Schlundt, Snowmass General Conference, 1981

Materials for a Study Group on Family Issues  -- Questions designed to stimulate thought and discussion on family issues.   From the First Wrightwood Series

Walking with Children, Walking with God -- The author draws on the rich family experiences which parents have shared with her over the years concerning their children's spiritual development. Sara Blackstock

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Family Peace (Ha, Ha!)  --  Tension and conflict are natural within a family unit. It's how we respond that's important. Therapists Buck and Arlene Weimer

The Family: Cornerstone of Civilization  --  A comprehensive paper on family values and family life based on the model presented in The Urantia Book.   Robert Slagle -- First Wrightwood Series

Creative Fatherhood: A Topical Study --  An analysis of the creative aspects of spiritual fellowship with children in family and community.   Patrick Yesh -- First Wrightwood Series

Creative Parenting: Perfect Family Checklists  -- Additional materials designed to stimulate discussion about parenting and family life. Provided by Patrick Yesh -- First Wrightwood Series

Children and Spiritual Community  --  Insights into the fostering of spiritual and religious experience in children.   Sara Blackstock -- First Wrightwood Series

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