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Suggested References To Assist New Readers
In Evaluating The Urantia Book

References refer to Paper, Section, Paragraph in the Uversa Press Edition of The Urantia Book.  By Georgia Gecht

  • 1. The measure of your human character; [156:6.4]
  • 2. Records of your life and its memories in the hereafter; [112:5.22]
  • 3. How to pray, where your prayers go, and whom to address; [5:3.1-end of section], "True Worship."  Also, see Jesus' enlightening discourse on prayer, [146:2.1-end of section], "At Jotapata."
  • 4. Silent receptivity after prayer, [146:2.17]
  • 5. "Origin and Nature of Thought Adjusters" should be understood by all mortals.  All of Paper 107.
  • 6. The nature of personality, [5:6.1-end of section], "The God of Personality."  Also see [0:5.12], and [1:5.8].
  • 7. What the Spirit of Truth is: Jesus' spirit; All of Paper 194
  • 8. Sin, error, and iniquity explaned, [54:0.1-end of section], introduction to "Problems of the Lucifer Rebellion."  Also see [54:1-end of section], "True and False Liberty"; self-admiration and the error of self-deception.
  • 9. Some Urantia Book proverbs, [48:7.3-31]
  • 10. "Say farewell to fear," [130:6.1-end of section], "The Young Man Who Was Afraid."
  • 11. Absolutely nothing is impossible in liaison with God, [26:5.3]
  • 12. Soul -- what it is, [0:5.10]; Also [133:6.1-end of section]
  • 13. Pride is the greatest danger, [111:6.9-10]
  • 14. You are the salt of the earth, [140:4.1-end of section]
  • 15. Fatherly and brotherly love, [140:5.1-end of section] (Jesus explains the reactions of fatherly love and discourses on how to teach boys and young men to become courageous.) [140:5.16]  Helping children to choose their heroes, [140:5.14]
  • 16. Information about Urantia, changes, etc.; "Urantia is quivering on the brink of one of its most amazing and enthralling epochs of social readjustment, moral quickening, and spiritual enlightenment." [195:9.2]  "The hour is striking . . ." [94:12.7] [195:8.9]
  • 17. Catastrophe to inhabited planets; technique of de-materialization for survivors, [51:2.3]
  • 18. Are you a second miler? [195:10.5]
  • 19. Do you take pleasure in cultivating the three cosmic intuitions? [16:6.5-11]

  • Note: Many new readers begin by reading Part 4, "The Life and Teachings of Jesus." 
  • If you feel there are parts of the book that are difficult, read the last pargraph of the Foreword under "Acknowledgment" and realize this great promise. 
  • Also, Jesus said, "Prayer is a factor in the enlargement of one's capacity to receive the divine spirit." [146:2.14]

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