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Discourse Series Table of Contents

A Study of Selected Discourses of Jesus

by Ruth Burton
All references are for the print media first edition of The Urantia Book

2. Early Discourses Prior to the Galilean Ministry

1. Youthful sermon at age 15

  • Nazareth synagogue, first Sabbath Aug 21, A.D. 9, Jesus' 15th birthday
    • 1. Family situation. 1388.1 1389.5 1391.3 Father Joseph, prosperous contractor, accidentally killed 11 months before; owned property in Nazareth and Capernaum. Jesus took music lessons. 5 brothers, 3 sisters. Baby Ruth 4 months old. Now savings almost gone.
    • 2. At 15, Jesus' development. Gradual self-consciousness of divinity 1387.2d Appearance;, last
    • 3. Typical order of service in Nazareth synagogue: 1684.sec.8
    • 4. The sermon: Scripture only, but selections forcast later message. Is.61:1-3 Liberty for captives of error and sin Amos 5:14,15; Is.1:16,17 Justice for the poor and oppressed Micah 6:6-8 Sacrifice and ceremony not pleasing to God Is.40:22,26,29 Is.41:10,13; Is.43:10,11 The Creator Father upholds, strengthens and saves his children.

2. Roman Trip Discourses: 4/26/22 through 12/10/23

  • 1. Discourse on Reality: At Alexandria, to Ganid, after lecture by Greek philosopher; 1424;f
    • a. Finite reality a reflection of the infinite--the only perfection that of will--one-eyed perception--personality--life--no self-consciousness in animals--knowledge and truth.
    • b. Error and evil; 1435.4,f  See also 1457.Sec.2 to Roman Cynic (On this topic see also 1659.Sec.4, to Apostle Thomas)
  • 2. Discourse on Time and Space: At Carthage, with Mithraic Priest. 1438.Sec.7 "Circular simultaneity." 1439.4 Space measured by time 1439.5 (Cf. M.M. on "Time and Eternity", 1295-1297)
  • 3. Discourse on True Valuesa: At Rome, with Stoic. 1456 (Cf. No. 4 below.)
  • 4. Discourse on Science: At Athens, with Greek philosopher. 1476.Sec.5 The above two discussions are on the same general subject--material vs. spiritual values, science vs. religion. Cf. 1137.Sec.7; 2076-2078.
  • 5. Discourse on Truth and Faith.
    • At Rome, with Nabon, Mithraic leader: 1459. (Wonderful)
    • See also 1118, Paper 120
  • 6. Personal ministry in Rome: 1460.last; 1461.2; 1461.3
    • Defending a poor man in court; 1462.1
  • 7. Personal ministry in Corinth: 1474.3,4;
    • To the Chinese merchant: 1475.3;
    • To the condemned criminal: 1475.last
  • 8. Discourse on the Soul; At Ephesus, to Greek philosopher, 1478.5f
  • 9. Discourse on Mind; At Cyprus, to Ganid; 1479.7f

3. Sermon on the Kingdom: 1425.Sec.8

  • 1. Time and place: June 22, ten days after John's imprisonment; 1535.8; Capernaum synagogue.
  • 2. Previous events: Water into wine at Cana wedding Feb. A.D.26, 1528.Sec.4 At the Sabbath service following the wedding, Jesus deflated the resulting excitement. 1532.Sec.6 Four long, uneventful months of training for the six apostles in the Zebedee home. 1533.Sec.7
  • 3. The sermon, "the first pretentious effort of his public career." 1536.1 Scripture texts: Ex.19.6; Is.33.22; Read entire sermon, the Master's initial proclamation of his message to the world. 1536.2-1537.5
  • 4. How received? 1537.6

4. The Ordination Sermon: 1570

  • 1. Time and place: Jan.12, AD 27; The heights north of Capernaum, 1568.1,2
  • 2. Preceeding events Six more apostles recruited. July, AD 26, 1539 Five months of training for the twelve, including practice teaching in the nearby villages. 1545, 1546; August-December, AD 26
  • 3. The ordination ceremony Preliminary instruction. 1568.Sec.1 In the New Testament, this is recorded as part of the Sermon on the Mount. The ceremony itself is a prayer, presenting "twelve commonplace men" (1569.5) to the Father as Jesus' chosen messengers. 1569.Sec.2
  • 4. The sermon, 1570.Sec.3
    • Parallels in the New Testament -- Matthew chapters 5,6,5 and Luke 6:20-49
    • Commentary and analysis by the Midwayers "The so-called 'Sermon on the Mount' is not the gospel of Jesu. It does contain much helpful instruction, but it was Jesus' ordination charge to the twelve apostles." 1572.1
    • On three key ideas: "salt", "light", "fruits". 1572.Sec.4
    • Beatitudes based on fatherly love, rather than on brotherly love. Contrasted and defined. 1573.3,4
      • First four are 'faith attitudes'. 1573.6
      • The second four involve higher attainments. 1574.last, 1575.
      • Note suggestion that certain of the beatitudes can be taught to children.; 1575.3,5,8.
  • 5. The consecration ceremony, a week later. 1583.Sec.9 Perhaps not orignially intended by Jesus, for it resulted from the request of the apostles for delay and more instruction. 1576.1; 1578.3 This consecration commission, "Go ye into all the world..." is repeated by Jesus in seven of his morontia appearances. 2033.1; 2034.1; 2042,2; 2044.4; 2053.2; 2054.1;

5. Teachings En Route to Jerusalem: January through March, AD 27

  • 1. God's law and the Father's will. 1588.Sec.2
    • Place: Pella, near site of Jesus' baptism, just a year previous. Many former disciples of John the Baptist now followed Jesus. 1588.1-4
    • Recent events: Leaving Galilee. "Jesus wept." 1587.1
    • The message: You are sons, not slave subjects, of the heavenly King.
    • Reaction: Still above apostles' heads, with the possible exception of James Zebedee. 1589.2
  • 2. Spiritual Unity. 1591.Sec.5
    • Place: Amathus Occasion: "Master, how shall we learn to see alike?"
    • Jesus' answer: "...diversity of intellect, temperament,...conduct, but unity of service,...because of identity of indwelling spirits."

6. Discourses in Jerusalem: April, AD 27

    (Jerusalem a strategic place, but official attitudes cool.,last; 1339.6; 1596.2; 1422.5;
  • 1. On Growth in the Concept of God. 1597-1600
    • Time and place: passover week. Temple, or home of Flavius. Three talks on following topics:
      • a. God's wrath; with Jacob of Crete. 1597.2, last
      • b. Doctrine of God among the Jews. 1598-99
      • c. Moses' teaching about idolatry. Cf. 1856.4f, "...the face which the Infinite turns..."
  • 2. On Assurance. 1601
    • Time, place, and occasion: "One of the grat sermons which Jesus preached in the Temple this Passover week was in answer to a question...'How shall we know of a certainty that you are sent by God?'"
    • Answer: Judge message by fruits...the spirit will witness in your hearts...1601.3,4,5d
    • 3. Lesson on the Family. 1603
    • Time, place, and occasion: After Passover season, at Bethany, Thomas asked what to teach the multitudes about owning slaves and property, and depending on law and justice.
    • Answer: The Son of Man and the twelve have unique responsibilities and restrictions, but all believers belong to the kingdom of heaven, which is an evolutionary experience, extending to Paradise. The kingdom idea not best to describe man's relation to God; family life much better. 1603-04.
  • (Becaue of the Sanhedrin's opposition, Jesus and the twelve went to Bethlehem and Hebron for a month. In June they all returned to Jerusalem, living quietly in tents pitched in Gethsemane Park. Believers came out ot their camp. When a member of the Sanhedrin publicly espoused Jesus, renewed agitation for his arrest prompted the Master to move north into Samaria.)

7. Teachings on the Journey Northward

  • 1. In Defense of the Gospel
    • Setting: Greek city of Archelais, August AD 27
    • Occasion: Said Philip, 'These Greeks and Romans make light of our message, saying such teachings are fit only for weaklings and slaves."
    • The Master's impassioned address: 1608
    • Result: Apostles' preaching took on new note of positive aggression. 1609.2
  • 2. The Water of Life at Jacob's Well. 1612.Sec.5
    • Time and place: August AD 27, in the heart of Samaria, whose people wer despised by the Jews. 1612.1-3 Jesus asked a Samaritan woman for a drink.
    • Teaching: "Whosoever drinks of the water of life shall never thirst."
    • Result: The Samaritan revival, some of these people having heard John the Baptist. In the weeks of preaching inSychar, many believed. 1615.3; 1616.2
  • 3. Discourse on Prayer. 1618.4f
    • Setting: During stay at Gilboa camp, September and October, AD 27
    • Occasion: repeated requests by apostles for a simple petition to teach the people; also, "Master, teach us how to pray." 1618.3,4
    • Teaching: 1615.Sec.7; 1618.4-1624.2 Cf. 65.Sec.3,Sec.4; 994.f, Paper 91, "Evolution of Prayer." Also, 1638.1-1641.2; 1848.Sec.4

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