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Ethel Zanoni
The Urantian Journal of Urantia Brotherhood
Winter, 1980

Glorious and ever-present is the light of my heavenly Father, God. The light is around me and through me. In it there exists that from which all things have come or can ever come. The warmth of its glow spreads the comfort and protection of love. Constituting intelligence, understanding, and the infinite perception of wisdom, it guides and directs me, as I choose to perceive its emanation. justice radiates surely from the brilliance of its pure principle. Provision is made for me by its allencompassing abundance; life-giving vitality strengthens, and its energy vivifies me.

Within me there abides his radiance whose presence at once occupies the center and circumference of my being. The Spirit nucleus grows brighter, ever clearer, as I progressively exist within and of that light which is God, in whom there is no darkness at all. Man's flame is lighted, and it flickers and glows, fanned brighter by the winds of desire and replenished by the fuel of receptivity. Life upon life, age upon age, the circle of illumination expands; it grows and clarifies until the perfect transparency is attained. As man stands free from the shadow of error, the illuminated and the Illuminator are one. Man has reached and recognized God. The Spirit has returned with the child to its Father's house of light.

-Ethel Zanoni Palo Alto, California

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