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Robert Schuer
The Urantian Journal of Urantia Brotherhood
Winter, 1980

As I read The Urantia Book, there is great indication that the Father enjoys and desires unique individuals who think for themselves. Diversity of opinion and creative thinking are often what lead to higher truths. Hence, conformity to the will of the Father and conformity to blind thinking are recognized as distinctly different.

When one considers the existentiality of the Universal Father, one is told that the nature of his infinitude is beyond the circumscribed minds of the finite mortal. However, it is also pointed out that the universe, while infinite, has limits. While man, being created by the Universal Father, does not have the potential to accomplish what the Father can, it is significant that The Urantia Book reveals that the universe has limits because it suggests that man may also learn more of the Father's infinite nature as well. Whereas the human mind may not fully comprehend the concept of dimensions outside of his experiences and abilities, he should not feel that he cannot ever bridge the gap to a higher awareness of the existential nature of the Father's attributes.

While the power centers occasionally incur difficulty in keeping the Norlatiadek constellation stable from neighboring forces, such a problem would never be within man's concerns; although, such a revelation gives man an awareness of the workings of the universe. The word "infinite" has to be considered in its relative sense-for example, when a dimension approaches a magnitude so far outside of man's experience and ability, it is labeled "infinite" from man's perspective. However, such a dimension could be spoken of in practical terms that lead to a fuller, though still partial, understanding. This knowledge in no way changes the nature of man or the universe, it simply permits him to converse more logically.

Since there is infinity within each of us in the gift of the nature of the Father himself, the potential of the human being to understand the universe created by the source of that gift cannot be defined from a purely finite perspective. It is recognized that the dimensions of mortal man are really unknown. We are in an adventure to discover our potential in an unknown territory. It is plainly an adventure to break out of our ordinary ways of thinking, to identify with that fragment of the existential infinite in order to surmount the limitations in our finitude.

-Robert Walker Rio del Mar, California

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