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Jim McNelly
The Urantian Journal of Urantia Brotherhood
Winter, 1980

This speech was given by Jim McNelly, president of the Rocky Mountain Urantia Society of Denver, at this new Society's installation on February 16, 1980.

To some it may seem pretentious for us material and transient mortals to gather in spiritual fellowship, but it is within the organization of men that the destiny of our spiritual brotherhood rests. The Son of Man, our Christ Jesus, is the Planetary Prince as a man among men. Our Vicegerent Prince, Machiventa Melchizedek, lived as a man, ate food among us, slept as a man, and knows us as we are. Every one hundred years a former man or woman serves as our resident Governor General. Of the Four and Twenty Counselors only 1-2-3 the First is not an ascended human, though he is a son of man.

It is through the Reserve Corps of Destiny and the associated cosmic reserve corps of the universe-conscious citizens that the Most Highs are able to rule in the affairs of men. The twelve angelic groups are here to spiritualize, actualize, and assist men in bringing about the state of Light and Life. There are over three billion unseen helpers from midwayers to seraphim to the mighty supernaphim here on the planet. Gabriel has taken an active and personal interest in our welfare. Lanaforge, our System Sovereign, observes our uprisings and our downsteppings. The Most High Constellation Fathers wait for the time when our planetary and system quarantine will be lifted. It was the Ancient of Days who authorized the commission that led to the eventuation of the Urantia papers. The Universal Father himself has given his fragment, the remarkable Thought Adjuster, to dwell within us. Of the millions of worlds in our Michael's domain, only thirty-six are in isolation and it appears that even with all of the celestial interest in our sphere, the salvation and reclamation of our planet will be brought about through the work of men and women working with spiritual guidance from within.

The revelation of God for twentieth century man is not being enacted through legions of extra-terrestrials; there is no super-spirit on television telling us like it is, saying, "Take me to your leader;" there is no material staff of non-dying morontia students; there are no miracles or messages in the sky at sunset. For the time being The Urantia Book will have to serve. The Father, in his unfathomable plan, seems to have chosen this world for a special revelation of the Supreme. Urantia is a benchmark planet where new meanings will be attached to the concept of the finite God. Jesus, our Lord, is a man, a man among us now. It was he who said, " Man may be a worm of the dust by- nature and origin, but when he becomes indwelt by my Father's spirit, that man becomes divine in his destiny.' (*1676:4)

Triumph of Love

When the Urantia papers were being formulated, our mentors took over one thousand human concepts as the basis of their revelation. The Urantia Book is, in part, a human book. It is evolutionarily ours as surely as is the grain in the fields and waters in the rivers. It was not given to instruct the midwayers or to aid key and important persons. It is for anyone who will have it. It is for us, our friends, our families and our children. It is in our hands that the human-divine revelation continues. There will be no outpouring of truth greater than that comprehended by ordinary men. It is up to men, lovers of God, lovers of truth, and seekers of the Ultimate to make manifest the will of God. The revelation is in our hands and like the Life Carriers, our spiritual guides take a back seat in the outworking of our spiritual evolution. This is one world among millions where the triumph of love will be brought about without Vorondadek and Lanonandek Sons.

We are all agondonters, like the valiant Amadon, lowest of will creatures standing up to the dark Lord of callous indulgence to defy the power of darkness. From the day Van rose to indict the traitorous prince with his seven hour affirmation of the sovereignty of God, a torch of justice has been carried down through the generations kindling the hope in the eventual triumph of love. Tens of thousands of years have passed and millions upon millions of men and women have fostered the love of truth and worked and fought for the freedom that allows this day and these times to come to pass.

A Material Son and Daughter attempted to reform the planet only to serve now as men among men. Melchizedek served best to prepare the way for the coming of Michael; his revelations are now obscured in the mysteries of the world's religions. Jesus Michael came not to usher in an age of revelation, but to live the life of a man doing his Father's will.

It is in our time and through our lives that the revelation of truth is being trusted to men. The fate of the fifth epochal revelation does not ride on the strength of one great spiritual being. It is to be carried by the united efforts of thousands and later millions of God-conscious and man-serving human beings. Where some of the highest of spiritual beings have betrayed the truth, defaulted on their trusts, only partially succeeded in their missions, one man-Jesus of Nazareth-has triumphed.

The foundation of Urantia is the religious experience of Jesus. His demonstration that ordinary men can know and find God will be the pattern and destiny of our revelation of this planet. I might say that his experience in us will be a revelation to the universe itself. We are called, and I believe that is why we are here, to show that man can, through faith, find God and that this God will transform us-if we will let him-into sons of justice and ambassadors of his kingdom. The men and women of Urantia can and will rise to the occasion and, like Ellanora on the planet Panoptia, seize the spiritual reins of this rebellious sphere and transform our world of sorrow and ignorance into a paradise of love and light. The torch is passed on. We, the living men and women, can turn from this day and reveal to all the reality of the living God.

-Jim McNelly Denver, Colorado

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