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Trial News Update
June 13, 2001


Dear Friends;

The evidence regarding how the entire manuscript first occurred in the handwriting of the patient was solidified in Richard Keeler's testimony today. Also, we firmed up that the contact commission had no control over how forum questions were *answered* in the tanglible expression of the text, or any other management supervision over the text. (This gets to the work-for-hire issue.)
In cross-examination, Richard read at length from the document "History of the Urantia Movement." There are two absolutely hilarious aspects to Richard's testimony -- relating to a conversation he claimed to have had with Dr. Sadler in 1962 -- that unfortuately I don't have time (or energy) to relate at this time. 

About 3:00pm Richard finished his testimony and mine began. I'll be on the stand at least through tomorrow afternoon. As far as I can tell, things are going well. (I wish some of the other people present were reporting these events to you, because it's obviously difficult for me to be objective.)

Line upon line,