Response of Saskia Raevouri to Foundation's open letter
November 10, 1999

Dear Trustees,

I offer this with love and concern, and in a mood of frustration:

I agree with most of Fred Harris' post below, which I assume you have all
read. There must be a way to solve this problem without litigation. I see it
this way: The English language version--with its many inviolate texts out in
the world and on the Internet--is now safe and protected. It is all grown up
and ready to leave the house, but the translations still need nurturing. By
spending all your resources forcing to keep the overgrown kid home and under
your supervision, you are neglecting the little ones. I cannot support you,
if my meager donation will enable you in any way to be in a better position
to sue Harry McMullen, who is doing what needs to be done to disseminate the
teachings. Many readers agree with me. I do not believe you have as much
support as you think you do.

The last time I checked our local Borders bookstore there were still two
BOXED softcovers sitting on the shelf, untouched. In my opinion the
Foundation is so sidetracked by irrelevant issues that it is no longer
capable of doing its ONE job, which is to publish the revelation and make it
available. Harry has proven not only that he is willing and able to take
over the job if it were given him by the courts, but I believe that he and
his supporters will keep their noses to the grindstone if given the honor of
publishing the revelation. If you sue Harry I will publicly donate $50 to
his cause, as we desperately need someone who is willing to deliver a
reader-friendly version of the Urantia Book. If you would concentrate on
this job yourselves and make it your priority, then I would donate the money
to you, but somehow I feel you have lost the ability.

I recently joined your Foundation Forum discussion list and was quickly
driven off by your cookie-cutter-mentality IUA representatives whose
thinking differed from mine. Is it good for our revelation to have the
publisher's spokespeople publicly treat readers who have new and original
ideas to a rottweiler attack? Can anything be more cultlike? We are
immediately branded as "impatient" (and worse) simply because we are eager
to share the 45-year-old revelation with the world NOW and not in a thousand

I have much more to say but if I make this too long you may not read it.
Please reevaluate the situation, offer Harry a license as Fred suggests, and
move on to the job of getting the book translated. If you want the
support--both moral AND financial--of "little people" like me, you will need
to take such a course of action. If not, I believe the seraphic planetary
government will take the responsiblity away from you, and the lawsuit that
you initiate will be the vehicle that makes it possible.

With the best of intentions,