Response to "A Call to Spiritual Unity"
Mark and Kathy George-Moore
November 14, 1999

From all of us, to the Foundation Trustees, Fellowship members and Harry McMullan, in support of Allen Wolf's post "A Call to Spiritual Unity".

We urge the foundation and Harry McMullen to accept Larry Geis' plan to go to the readership for a true spirit filled resolution.

If we take a moment to reflect upon the teachings of Jesus in this same book that is causing the controversy, we need not go to law amongst ourselves. As ambassadors of the kingdom of our Father, we are commissioned to save men. Before the Foundation (and others) go to the law courts of this world, shouldn't (please do) they come to the readership, who are spiritually guided, for guidance and counselling?

We all know how human justice is ruled! Discipline must be maintained, justice must be administered, but in all of these matters, the wisdom of the brotherhood of readers should prevail. We must seek to promulgate truth and establish righteousness by the brotherhood of man through the readership and not by the power of civil governments or by the enaction of secular laws.

Let us remember that we are commissioned to disseminate this new revelation of Jesus and to do the Father's will. The Father's will is personal to each, we cannot judge a brother's decision on the Father's will in his life. What we can do is listen to the Spirit of Truth and will know and receive guidance in this matter.

If the unknowing or unbelievers can qualify as superior decision makers in this matter, we should seriously question whether the roots of truth in our hearts have not died.

Hoping we all come to Jesus to resolve this situation.

In guided loving service

Divine Love
That's it that's all

mark&kathy george-moore