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Instructions Purportedly Received By Contact Commissioners
August 21, 1952

In a document which purports to be a copy of a message received August 21, 1952 from the "personal regent of the acting Planetary Prince of Urantia" the following instructions are given:

This communication (August 21, 1952) represents my ruling up to this date respecting your Forum, the Seventy, the Urantia Book, the Urantia Foundation, and the proposed Urantia Brotherhood.

1. The Forum: Your Forum shall continue under the supervision of the Contact Commissioners as directed June 24, 1933.

2. The Urantia Brotherhood: The plan of organization as it exists on this date is hereby provisionally approved for the inauguration of the Brotherhood. The plan provides for its own subsequent amendation.

3. The Starting of the Brotherhood: The launching of the Brotherhood shall be left to the decisions of the Trustees of the Urantia Foundation. They shall act personally--unofficially--and no records of such action shall appear on the transactions of the Urantia Foundation. They shall assume all and full responsibility for the organization and inauguration of the Urantia Brotherhood.

4. The Urantia Book: By mandate of the Supreme Court of Urantia, unanimous decisions No. 81 pertaining to [unclear word; looks like "mixed"] planetary mandate, the full custody of the Urantia Book has been placed in my hands. I now make the following rulings:

a. I, and I alone, will direct the time of the publication of the Urantia Book.
b. If I do not provide such instructions on or before January 1, 1955, then the Trustees of the Urantia Foundation should proceed with plans for publication in accordance with their own judgment. (I reserve the right to intervene at any time.)
c. I approve of your plan to publish the Index of the Urantia Book in a separate volume.

5. The Seventy: This is a project which will terminate with the launching of the Brotherhood. I would continue the present supervision. If, for any reason, this supervision should be terminated, I direct the Trustees of the Urantia Foundation, acting unofficially, to appoint a new leader to act pending the inauguration of the Urantia Brotherhood.

Editor's note: Many years ago I had this message read to me by Edith Cook and Emma Christensen at the Chicago office of Urantia Foundation. At that time they pointed out to me a note at the bottom of the document which said, "To be destroyed by fire no later than the death of the last contact commissioner." The means by which this fragment of the original document has survived is unknown to me. Bud Kagan reports having been present when Bill Sadler burned many documents in the oil furnace in the basement of 533. Carolyn Kendall reports that Edith Cook and Marian Rowley destroyed the file of original messages per Christy's direction when Christy was sick and nearing her death.

An additional message which contains comments related to the above message was purportedly received November 22, 1951. [See November 1951 message]