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Urantia Foundation public announcement regarding
impending trial with Michael Foundation

October 4, 2000


The U.S. District Court for the Western District of Oklahoma has issued a
Scheduling Order in the Michael Foundation, Inc. v. Urantia Foundation
lawsuit. The Court has set the case for jury trial in April, 2001. The
parties are permitted until March 1, 2001, to conduct discovery, a pretrial
fact-finding process that includes requests for production of documents,
written interrogatories, requests for admissions of facts, and depositions
of witnesses. The parties must provide one another with a final list of
witnesses and exhibits by February 1, 2001. Any Motions for Summary Judgment
must be filed by March 1, 2001.
Michael Foundation has already served Urantia Foundation with requests for
production of documents, and Urantia Foundation is compiling its response.

Likewise, Urantia Foundation has served Michael Foundation and Harry
McMullan III with requests for production of documents and requests for
admissions of facts.

In order to conclude discovery within the time frame allotted by the Court,
Urantia Foundation has also begun scheduling depositions of some of the
witnesses whom Michael Foundation indicates it may rely upon at trial
according to its preliminary witness list. Each party may depose ten
witnesses during the discovery period which concludes March 1, 2001.
A deposition is an out-of-court statement under oath where the attorneys for
both sides are present with the witness and are permitted to ask questions.
The entire process is recorded by a court reporter. Depositions
are typically conducted in a conference room at a court reporter's office
near the residence of the witness. A subpoena is served on the witness to
advise them of the date, time and place where their deposition will be
held and may specify that they bring with them documents in their possession
related to the case. A deposition or document subpoena is not a lawsuit.

It is simply a tool for parties to obtain discovery lawfully from nonparties
during the discovery period in a case.

This case arises from the unlicensed publication by Harry McMullan III's
Michael Foundation of most of Part IV of The Urantia Book under the title
Jesus -- A New Revelation. Michael Foundation filed suit requesting
the Court to declare the copyright in The Urantia Book invalid or,
alternatively, to rule that their publication does not infringe the
copyright. Urantia Foundation is requesting the Court to enter judgment in
favor of Urantia Foundation against Harry McMullan III and Michael
Foundation for willful violations of copyright law; the anti-cybersquatting
consumer protection act (for registering Internet domain names that violate
Urantia Foundation's trademark rights); and the unfair and deceptive trade
practices act. Urantia Foundation is requesting an injunction barring Mr.
McMullan and Michael Foundation from further violation of the copyright
and trademarks as well as monetary damages prescribed by law, punitive
damages, and the attorneys' fees and costs incurred in connection with this

As the case progresses, we will issue periodic updates. In the meantime,
questions may be directed to the head office in Chicago at +1 773 525 3319.

Mindy Williams
Urantia Foundation
533 W. Diversey Parkway
Chicago, IL 60614