August 5, 1999
Harry McMullan
3333 South Council Rd
Oklahoma City, OK 73179
Dear Harry,
The Trustees of the Urantia Foundation want to express the Foundation's disapproval of your decision to print part IV of the Urantia Book. As you recall, certain trustees of the Foundation advised you last year that you should refrain from taking this step. (You well know the Urantia has a copyright on the Urantia Book and your splitting up and printing part IV of the revelation violates international and national copyright laws.)

The Foundation now formally asks that you refrain from printing, distributing, or selling part IV.
Thank you for your immediate attention to correcting this legal matter.

Trustees of Urantia Foundation

Richard Keeler s/s
Georges Michelson DuPont s/s
E. Kwan Choi s/s
Gard Jameson s/s
Mo Siegel s/s

[Note: the spelling & grammical inconsistencies and omissions are copied verbatim from the letter.]