Letter from Carolyn Camp


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I agree with any sincere and reasonable attempt to resolve this matter. I am expressing my feelings about it with the following portion of my post of 8/31/99.

I spent 12 years completely isolated from other UB readers and knowledge of the controversy that you were all experiencing from time to time. I guess that is why I came to this with a completely open mind. I have read the reasoning of the Foundation and their viewpoint and I have read Harry's viewpoint in this current controversy. I can truthfully say that I see and understand both sides. I believe they BOTH are right. If both sides are right, there must be a way to find a common ground through

I appeal to these leaders of the Urantia community...who have the authority to make the needed decisions...to open themselves so they might be able to truly see the views of the opposing side and use this insight to come to a compromise that is equitable for all. Please put aside your personal and collective desires and fears before the good work of the last 50 years is severely damaged or lost.

Much love to all,