Letter from Debbie Bartman

Hello Gard.  How are you?  I am writing this letter to you because we have
met.  If you remember, I sent you the video from ic99.

As one of the many UB believers who don't usually get up front and center on
the web, I feel that it is important to let you and the other trustees know
how I feel about the JANR also.

Let me tell you a story.  Last week, my teenage daughter was singing in a
Christmas Carol Concert and I had to drive her there early.  I took my copy
of the JANR with me to read during the wait.  It was easy to carry and very
appropriate to take to a Christian church.  I read about Jesus's trip with
Ganid and Gonod and then participated in some great praise and worship to
our Creator Son with the hundreds of other people in the room.  It was
sublime, true, beautiful, and good.

I believe that you must stop sueing my brothers and sisters who are also
working for the dissemination of the Revelation.  The Ancients of Days, in
the fullness of time, will determine whether our actions and efforts were
wise or not. The UB is available to anyone online and we are in a new era of
information availability.  We cannot be overprotective and antagonistic.
The spirit of the law is not necessarily the spirit of truth.  Let's
celebrate our diversity and different convictions of outreach.  IC99 was a
great example of many varied groups expressing unity in spite of diversity
and fellowshipping with each other in love.  The UF trustees have been
talking about love and unity, but you must also walk the walk.  This
dissension is harmful to new readers, our youth, the public, and our
brothers and sisters.  It hurts our family.  Jesus did not allow his family
to break up.  He told his brothers to "Be patient.  Be wise in your counsel
and eloquent in your lives, that your young brother may first know the
better way and then be constrained to follow you in it".

Let us concentrate on positive outreach.  Let people live their spirit-led
convictions and use their talents as they feel led.  The consequences are
God's, not ours.

The young adults at IC99 in Vancouver had a wonderful, inspiring experience.
  I believe that they are most important to the Revelation now and our task
is to nurture our youth.  Let us spend our money,  energy, resources, and
prayers to facilitate the growth and efforts of our young adults and youth,
instead of fighting amongst ourselves.  The money spent in litigation could
be put in a travel and education fund for youth, so they can get together,
develop relationships, explore their spirituality, and take this Revelation
into the new century.

Thanks for listening.

With love and hope,
Debbie Bartman