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Jesus in the New Testament and The Urantia Book, Part 6

Urantia Book Papers 171 through 188

Events Leading up to Jesus' Arrest

  • Urantia Paper 172: Going into Jerusalem
    • UP 172:0 No New Testament Correspondence.
    • UP 172:1 Sabbath at Bethany. Matt. 26:6-13, Mark 14:3-9, John 11:55 to end, John 12:1-11
    • UP 172:2 Sunday Morning with the Apostles, No New Testament Correspondence.
    • UP 172:3 The Start for Jerusalem--"The Triumphal Entry". Matt. 21:1-11, Mark 11:1-10, Luke 19:29-44, John 12:12-19
      • A warrior entered a city on a horse. A king on a mission of peace entered riding upon an ass. Jesus would not enter as the warrior king and ruling Messiah expected by the Jews, but rather as a man of peace, fulfilling the spiritual concept of the Messiah. Here, Jesus once more seeks to demonstrate to his followers that his kingdom is not of this world; it is a purely spiritual affair involving the rule of God in the hearts of his earth children.
    • UP 172:4 Visiting about the Temple. Mark 12:41-44, Luke 21:1-4
    • UP 172:5 The Apostles' Attitude. No New Testament Correspondence.
  • Urantia Paper 174: Tuesday Morning in the Temple
    • UP 174:0 Individual greetings. No New Testament Correspondence.
    • UP 174:1 Divine Forgiveness. No New Testament Correspondence.
    • UP 174:2 Questions by the Jewish Rulers. Matt. 22:15-22, Mark 12:13-17, Luke 20:20-26
      • "Pharisees"--consists of the scribes and rabbis taken together
      • "Herodians"--The Herodians were a political party that sought emancipation from direct Roman rule through the restoration of the Herodian dynasty.
    • UP 174:3 The Sadducees and the Resurrection. Matt. 22:23-33, Mark 12:18-27, Luke 20:27-40
      • "Sadduces"--consisted of the priesthood and certain wealthy Jews.
    • UP 174:4 The Great Commandment. Matt. 22:34-46, Mark 12:28-37, Luke 20:41-44
    • UP 174:5 The Inquiring Greeks. John 12:20-36
      • "the Christ"--Christ is the Greek form of the Hebrew Messiah which comes from Mashi'ah, and which means "anointed one." The concept of the "nointed one" derives from the fact that kings were anointed with holy oil at their coronation to show that they were consecreated to God.
  • Urantia Paper 175: The Last Temple Discourse
    • UP 175:0 No New Testament Correspondence
    • UP 175:1 The Discourse. Matt. Chapter 23, Mark 12:38-40, Luke 20:45-47
      • "phylacteries"--Leather pouches containing quotations from the scripture and worn on the arms or forehead.
    • UP 175:2 Status of Individual Jews. No New Testament Correspondence.
    • UP 175:3 The Fateful Sanhedrin Meeting. No New Testament Correspondence.
    • UP 175:4 The Situation in Jerusalem. No New Testament Correspondence.
  • Urantia Paper 176: Tuesday Evening on Mount Olivet
    • UP 176:0 Destruction of the temple. Matt. 24:1,2, Mark 13:1,2, Luke 21:5,6
    • UP 176:1 The Destruction of Jerusalem. Matt. 24:3-28, Mark 13:3-23, Luke 21:7-24
      • "and Jerusalem will be trodden down by the Gentiles"--Jesus was crucified in March, A.D. 35. A little more than 30 years later, in 66 A.D., there was a revolt of the Jews seeking to throw off the Roman yolk. The Roman army came against them and in 70 A.D. they broke through the walls, leveled Jerusalem and killed many of its inhabitants. This they did in response to the revolts led by socalled "deliverers". The Jewish historian Josephus recorded the scene: " would have thought that the hill itself, on which the temple stood, was seething hot...the blood was larger in quantity than the fire...the ground did nowhere appear visible, for the dead bodies that lay on it, but the soldiers went over heaps of those bodies, as they ran upon such as fled from them. While the [temple] was on fire, everything was plundered that came to hand, and ten thousand of those that were caught were slain; nor was there a commiseration of any age, or any reverence for gravity, but children, and old men ... and priests, were all slain in the same manner." (Flavious Josephus, Book VI, Ch. 5)
    • UP 176:2 The Master's Second Coming. Matt. 24:29-44, Mark 13:24-37, Luke 21:25-36
    • UP 176:3 Later Discussion at the Camp
    • UP 176:4 The Return of Michael. No New Testament Correspondence.
  • Urantia Paper 180: The Farewell Discourse
    • UP 180:0 Luke 22:35,36, John 13:31-33
    • UP 180:1 The New Commandment. John 13:34, 35
    • UP 180:2 The Vine and the Branches
    • UP 180:3 Enmity of the World
    • UP 180:4 The Promised Helper
      • "But when the Counselor comes, whom I shall send to you from the Father, even the Spirit of Truth, who proceeds from the Father, he will bear witness to me."--Before this time we have heard of the Father's Spirit of love and the Holy Spirit; but this is the first mention in the Bible of the Spirit of Truth. This is a new spiritual endowment that is to be sent by Jesus from the Father. This spiritual endowment appears to be a joint bestowal from both the Father and the Son; and it is to bear witness to the truth of Jesus and his teachings.
    • UP 180:5 The Spirit of Truth
    • UP 180:6 The Necessity for Leaving

Arrest, Trial and Crucifixion of Jesus

  • Urantia Paper 186: Just before the Crucifixion

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