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The Theology of The Urantia Book
Part 1: Revelation

Contents of this overview

  • I. The Urantia Book view of revelation
    • 1. Epochal revelation is periodic, successive, and evolutionary. Insofar as the indwelling Spirit reveals truth to individuals, revelation is continuous. [101:2.10]
    • 2. Knowledge must be achieved by evolutionary discovery but it is integrated and given spiritual value orientation by revelation. This saves much time in eliminating the errors and distortions of evolution. [101:4.5]
    • 3. Revelation is never too far removed from the thought processes of the age in which it is given. It is rooted solidly in evolutionary foundations. [92:4][101:2.2]
    • 4. Revelation expands and upsteps the religions of evolution. [92:4]
    • 5. Revelation co-ordinates and integrates science, philosophy, and religion with the truths of reality. It bridges conceptual deficiencies. [42:4.7][101:2.2], [103:6.12], [103:7.8]
    • 6. Revelation can only be validated by experience. [101:2.4]
    • 7. Revelation is never complete until we meet the Universal Father. [92:4.9]
  • II. Summary
    • The Urantia Book should be evaluated by the quality of its truth content, not by its revelatory claims.
    • Historically new spiritual truth has received characteristic treatment. The religious zealots or fundamentalists denounce it as "heresy" or label it "the work of the devil" as the Pharisees did the teachings of Jesus. The power structures of society usually either studiously ignore it or look down their noses at it, as the Sadducees did Jesus, until repercussions of its message begin to demand their attention.
    • Great religious and spiritual transformations of society have always been the result of transformations at the grass roots level; common people, hungry for spiritual truth, receive liberating truth gladly. The Urantia Book presents a feast of spiritual truth to a hungry world which is becoming increasingly disillusioned with its religious institutions. 

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