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God, Man, and Supreme

This book is dedicated to Bill Sadler, Jr.,
because we all need heroes.


In the beginning,
all creation was void and empty.
From the boundless and formless swell of Eternity,
the Infinite identified itself,
saying only,
"I Am."

The I Am,
by this eternity act of absolute free will,
is revealed as the primal expression of self-willed and personal God.
This eternity escape from the confines of static infinity
brings into being the dynamic expression of
his creative will.

as divine personality,
is free to exercise his expressive and dynamic creativity.
He reveals himself to his self-willed creation
as the divine and Universal Father
of all personality.

The absolute proof
of the revelation of God as Father
forever rests in the absolute person of his Eternal Son.
This eternal relationship of Father and Son
provides the room for all of us
to partake of the Father.

We fellow mortals,
are privileged brothers and sisters in our Father's grace.
We are provided with our own personal free wills,
endowing us with the sublime opportunity
to co-create our future selves
and eternal survival.

The Father's love
and the Son's ever-present mercy
are forever revealed in the loving and merciful ministry
of the most holy and Infinite Spirit.
She inspires our blessed thoughts
and illumines our minds.

Stuary R. Kerr, III
March 2005

A Service of
The Urantia Book Fellowship