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The Sevenfold Self-Relationship of the I AM

Prior to the divergence of all energy and spirit, the I AM, as the original monothetic Creator and the First Source and Center, is the most primal of all Deity reality. This reality level supersedes the expression of both spiritual and material reality. It is at this primal level of absolute reality that the Father-I AM prepersonally fragments himself in the form of his prepersonal Thought Adjusters. It is by the presence of these Adjusters that the Father indwells the minds of all mortal beings desiring his presence. This presence represents the Father-I AM at his most awesomely primal being.

Upon the divergence of spirit and matter from the Father-I AM, there is brought about a divinity-tension creating an infinity differential. There is now presented the thesis of deified and personal spirit reality contrasted against the antithesis of undeified nonpersonal energy-matter reality. Synthesis is achieved as this tension is resolved by the unifying presence of mind. The Deity Absolute results from this primal act of the infinite I AM and is ripe with unlimited potential for generating all levels of Deity expression, while the presence of the static infinity of the undeified Unqualified Absolute creates a dynamic tension that results in the appearance of the Universal Absolute. The Universal Absolute "signifies the adjustment of differential between deity reality and undeified reality inherent in the separation of the dynamics of freewill divinity from the statics of unqualified infinity." [UB 0:XI:11 (15:1)]

The eternity potentials of Deity expression that reside in the Deity (Qualified) Absolute find absolute actuality in the person of the Eternal Son, the source and center of all spirit reality. The eternity potentials of the static and undeified Unqualified Absolute find absolute presence in the eternal Isle of Paradise, the source and center of all physical energy-matter reality. The eternal potentials resulting from the resolution of all the divinity-tensions possible from the separation of the deified from the undeified are found in the Universal Absolute. They find absolute expression in the Infinite Spirit, the source and center of all mind reality.

Diverse Operations of the Absolutes [UB 104:3:4 (1146:6)]







The Seven Absolutes of Infinity are manifestations of the co-ordinate Eternals with the I AM-First Source and Center. All reality is predicated upon their eternal existence and infinity relationships. The Seven Absolutes of Infinity are eternalized from the seven prime relationships within the I AM. They are the premise for all reality. The Seven Absolutes of Infinity provide for the limitless metamorphosing evolution of reality co-ordinated with the emergence of the experiential Deities. The First Source and Center is the Universal Father to the Eternal Son and all things personal.  He is also the Universal Patterner, the source of pattern, to Paradise and all physical reality. In the same manner, the First Source and Center is the corresponding source to each of the associated six Absolutes. These relationships may be personal or impersonal, or they may be primal in actuality or primal in potentiality.

The First Source and Center, who is Father to the Eternal Son, is also Pattern to the Paradise Isle. He is personally unqualified in the Son but personality potentialized in the Deity Absolute. The Father is energy revealed in Paradise-Havona and at the same time energy concealed in the Unqualified Absolute. The Infinite is ever disclosed in the ceaseless acts of the Conjoint Actor while he is eternally functioning in the compensating but enshrouded activities of the Universal Absolute. Thus is the Father related to the six co-ordinate Absolutes, and thus do all seven encompass the circle of infinity throughout the endless cycles of eternity. [UB 104:3.6 (1147:5)]

Three of the Seven Absolutes of Infinity correspond to the dimensions of potential matter, mind, and spirit (the Unqualified, the Universal, and the Deity Absolutes). Three more correspond to the dimensions of actual matter (the Isle of Paradise), mind (the Infinite Spirit), and spirit (the Eternal Son).

1.      The First Source and Center - The Universal Father

        "I AM as I AM"

        All personality is centered in the personality of the Universal Father

        The secret of the reality of personality, the bestowal of personality, and the destiny of personality

        First Person of Deity

        Universal Father of all persons

        Primal non-deity pattern, source of all pattern

        Creator, Controller, Upholder

        Primal reality in the spirit world, source of truth in the mind spheres, overshadowing all throughout the material realms

        Universal love, eternal spirit, and infinite energy

        Potential of all potentials - source of all actuals

        Stability of all statics - dynamism of all change

2.      The Second Source and Center - The Eternal Son

        "I AM Father of the Eternal Son"

        All universal forces of spirit are convergent in the Eternal Son

        The secret of spiritual energy, morontia spirits, and perfected spirits

        The Second Person of Deity

        The Eternal and Original Son

        The absolute personality reality of the Father-I AM, the realization-revelation of "I AM personality"

        The absolute master pattern for all personalities

3.      The Paradise Source and Center - The Eternal Isle of Paradise

        "I AM cause of eternal Paradise"

        All gravity forces of the material universes are convergent in the gravity center of nether Paradise

        The primal impersonal relationship of actualities, the original nonspiritual association with the I AM

        The absolute master pattern of impersonal and nonspiritual relationship - the master pattern from which all copies are made

        The foundation of gravity control throughout the universes

        The realization-revelation of "I AM force"

        The absolute master pattern of all universal material reality of which Havona is perfect and the seven superuniverses are a perfecting revelation

4.      The Third Source and Center - The Infinite Spirit

        "I AM one with the Eternal Son"

        All universal mind forces are convergent in the Infinite Spirit

        The source of intelligence, reason, and universal mind - the bestower of intellect

        The Third Person of Deity

        The unity of the Father-Son manifested on and to all levels of the actual

        The outward reflection of the absolute oneness of the duality of the Father-Son and of the Trinity of the Father-Son-Spirit.

        The conjoint personality of spirit-mind

        The Conjoint Actor - Infinite Spirit, God of Action

        The mind-activation of Paradise cosmic energy, the conceptualization of the Eternal Son's spirit purpose, the integration of the causes and effects of the material levels with the volitional purposes and motives of the spiritual level

        Perfect co-ordinator of the motives of will and the mechanics of force

        Unifier of all actual and actualizing reality

        Revealer of the mercy of the Eternal Son

        Infinite manipulator of the Paradise pattern into the energies of space

        The perfect expression of the limitless plans and purposes of the Father-Son

5.      The Deity Absolute

        "I AM self-qualified"

        The unlimited capacity for Deity action resides in the Deity Absolute

        The volitional self-limitation of the I AM

        The causational, potentially personal possibilities of universal reality

        The totality of all Deity potential

        The purposive qualifier of the unqualified and non-deity realities

        The absolutizer of the qualified

        The destiny inceptor

6.      The Unqualified Absolute

        "I AM static-reactive"

        The unlimited capacity for infinity response exists in the Unqualified Absolute

        The possibility for all future cosmic expansion

        Static, reactive, and abeyant

        The unrevealed cosmic infinity of the I AM

        Totality of nondeified reality, finality of all nonpersonal potential

        The supergravity presence

7.      The Universal Absolute

        "I AM self-associative"

        The two Absolutes - Qualified and Unqualified - are co-ordinated and unified in and by the Universal Absolute

        The primordial association of the statics and potentials of reality

        Static, potential, and associative

        Unifier of the deified and undeified

        Correlator of the absolute and the relative

        Compensator of the tension between the ever-existent and the uncompleted 

Unity, Duality, Triunity

There are three great classes of primordial relationships. They provide the absolute foundation for generating realities on the finite and absonite levels in the Master Universe:

        Unity Relationships -- the unity of relations existent within the I AM, conceived of as a threefold and then as a sevenfold self-differentiation

        Duality Relationships -- relations existent between the I AM as sevenfold and the Seven Absolutes of Infinity

        Triunity Relationships -- the triune functional associations of the Seven Absolutes of Infinity

The I AM is unqualified infinity as unity. The dualities externalize reality foundations. The triunities eventuate the realization of infinity as universal function. [UB 105:4:8 (1157:10)]

The duality foundation arising from the relationship between the I AM and the Seven Absolutes of Infinity expectedly converts into triunity relationships because Absolute interassociation is inevitable. These triunity associations externalize the potential of all infinity into functional application; they encompass both the deified and undeified relationships of the First Source and Center. The revelators of The Urantia Book tell us that contemplation of the seven revealed triunities can reduce certain difficulties of understanding in the comprehension of the Trinity as infinite and unified Deity, and thus may certain paradoxes may be partially resolved. [UB 10:5 7 (113:8)] The First Source and Center is seen in some functional triune associations in which the Infinite functions in various non-Father capacities of universal manifestation. These triunity relationships present, apart from a personal God as Father, a God of force, energy, power, causation, reaction, potentiality, actuality, gravity, tension, pattern, principle, and unity.

Pre-existentials become existential in the seven Absolutes, and existentials become functional in the triunities, the basic association of Absolutes. And concomitant with the eternalization of the triunities the universe stage is set- the potentials are existent and the actuals are present-and the fullness of eternity witnesses the diversification of cosmic energy, the outspreading of Paradise spirit and the endowment of mind together with the bestowal of personality, by virtue of which all of these Deity and Paradise derivatives are unified in experience on the creature level and by other techniques on the supercreature level. [UB 105:4:9 (1157:10)]

The triune personalization of undivided Deity is achieved by the eternity technique of trinitization. This divine partnership of the Father, Son, and Spirit within the eternal Paradise Trinity is an existential relationship of sublime effectiveness:

God is spirit in a threefold sense: He himself is spirit; in his Son he appears as spirit without qualification; in the Conjoint Actor, as spirit allied with mind. [UB 9:2:1 (100:3)]

The infinite energy of Paradise and the divine spirit of the Eternal Son characterize the superuniverses of time and space - this represents a twofold gravity embraced creation of spirit and matter.

The Universal Father is one, but to time-space he is revealed in the dual phenomena of pure energy and pure spirit. [UB 56:3:1 (639:1)]

These two time-space revelations of the Universal Father are perfectly unified in the mind consciousness of the Infinite Spirit; the material superuniverses are a creation of mind and a mechanism of law. Mind is the inevitable technique by the Infinite Spirit for coordinating and unifying the dual spirit/material universe creations of the First Source and Center.

But while in practical application the laws of nature operated in what seems to be dual realms of the physical and the spiritual, in reality they are one. The First Source and Center is the primal cause of all materialization and at the same time the first and final Father of all spirits. [UB 42:11:1(481:5)]

The status of perfection and balance that typifies Havona does not directly apply to the evolving superuniverse and local universe realms of finite time and space. In these creations, where patterns of duality appear to be manifest, evolving Deity in the aspect of the Supreme Being is foremost in expression and appearance. Reality in these domains has not yet reached a state of triune balance and perfection. There exists the ever-urgent drive within this finite realm of the Supreme for someday achieving the evolved unification of the wide divergence of the dual universe manifestations of spirit and matter via mind.

Whereas the balanced perfection of Havona is triune in expression and composition, the seven superuniverses of time and space are apparently dual in constitution - physical matter is positively and negatively charged, sexual gender and many other personal working relationships are functionally dualized. The creation of the local universes is characterized by the dual supervision by a Creator Son and a Creative Mother Spirit.

The administration of Trinity-origin personalities ends with the government of the superuniverses. The local universes are characterized by dual supervision, the beginning of the father-mother concept. The universe father is the Creator Son; the universe mother is the Divine Minister, the local universe Creative Spirit. [UB 33:5:1 (370:6)]

The local universe creations are conjointly supervised by the dual administrative presence of a Creator Son, the universe father and sovereign, and a Creative Mother Spirit, Spirit-Mother of all the native personalities within her local universe domain. In our own local universe of Nebadon, our Creator Son Michael and his Creative Mother Spirit companion represent the beginning of the father-mother pattern for the local universe creations. Their creative collaboration provides the subsequent pattern for those many orders of universe creatures who are created in dual phases of personality manifestation -- mortal creatures, Material Sons and Daughters, midway creatures, midsoniters, seraphim, cherubim, and Morontia Companions:

Such dual associations greatly multiply versatility and overcome inherent limitations, even as do triune associations in the Paradise-Havona system. [UB 84:6:5 (938:9)]

We are reminded that in every mortal being "there exists a dual nature: the inheritance of animal tendencies and the high urge of spirit endowment." [UB 34:6:9 (381:3)] The human brain itself is dually hemisphered: "one [hemisphere] for intellectual functions and the other for the spiritual-counterparting activities of the Thought Adjuster." [UB 49:5:14 (566:2)] Mankind is ever urged onward to the goal of mastering the mortal flesh by the incessant leading of this indwelling spirit. We are born into the physical world of nature, our very being is qualifiedly finite. But we are indwelt by a spark of infinity, the very presence of the Universal Father, and this provides for us the potential for transcending our nature. Our twofold relation to the cosmos is undergoing a perfecting unification that is enacted by the aligning of the will of the mortal creature with the will of the infinite Creator. At the same time, this partnership of God and man contributes to the evolving Deity of the Supreme Being.

To the extent that this identity is realized, you are mentally approaching the morontia order of existence. Morontia mind is a term signifying the substance and sum total of the co-operating minds of diversely material and spiritual natures. Morontia intellect, therefore, connotes a dual mind in the local universe dominated by one will. And with mortals this is a will, human in origin, which is becoming divine through man's identification with the human mind with the mindedness of God. [UB 110:2:6 (1205:4)]

Dual mind partakes of the threefold spirit endowment of the evolutionary realms. This threefold endowment comprises the spirit of the Father (the Thought Adjuster), the spirit of the Son (the Spirit of Truth), and the spirit of the Spirit (the Holy Spirit). The ongoing perfection of creature existence will eventually lead to unifying fusion of the self-conscious morontia mind with a fragment of God, the Thought Adjuster.

And when these mortal intellects in the unrevealed future assignments of the Corps of the Finality attain the seventh stage of spirit existence, such dual minds will become triune. These two attuned minds, the human and the divine, will become glorified in union with the experiential mind of the then actualized Supreme Being. [UB 117:5:3 (1286:1)]


The triunities are the functional balance wheel of infinity, the unification of the uniqueness of the Seven Infinity Absolutes. It is the existential presence of the triunities that enables the Father-I AM to experience functional infinity unity despite the diversification of infinity into seven Absolutes. The First Source and Center is the unifying member of all triunities; in Him all things have their unqualified beginnings, eternal existences, and infinite destinies. [UB 104:4:25 (1150:14)]

In the elucidation of the seven revealed triunities, it is important to point out that the Universal Father is the primal member of each. He is, was, and ever will be:

        The First Universal Father- Source

        Absolute Center

        Primal Cause

        Universal Controller

        Limitless Energizer

        Original Unity

        Unqualified Upholder

        First Person of Deity

        Primal Cosmic Pattern

        Essence of Infinity

As the First Source and Center, the Universal Father is the personal cause of the other six Absolutes of Infinity. He is the absolute of Absolutes. The completion of infinity inherent in the I AM is eternally present in the seven Absolutes. Infinity is functionally associated in the triunities and transmitively associated in the triodities. Total reality is functionalized in the triunities, and it is through them that the Universal Father exercises his immediate and personal control over the master functions of infinity. The conversion of potentialities into actualities provides for the entire scheme of universal creation and evolution on all experiencing levels. These transmutations of reality potentials deal equally with the realms of space potency, mind potency, and spirit potency.

Although finite possibility is inherent in the Infinite, it is the attribute of the self-existent free will of the First Source and Center that activates all triunity associations in functionalizing the transmutation of possibility to probability and even inevitability. It is the infinity of the Father's will that so qualifies the absolute level of existence as to eventuate an ultimate or to create a finite. God passes from simplicity to complexity, from identity to variation, from quiescence to motion, from infinity to finitude, from the divine to the human, and from unity to duality and triunity. It is because God possesses will, is will, that he can accordingly modify the manifestations of his absoluteness.

The Seven Revealed Triunities

These approximations are sufficient to elucidate the concept of the triunities. Not knowing the ultimate level of the triunities, you cannot fully comprehend the first seven. [UB 104:4:47 (1150:12)]

The First Triunity - The Personal-Purposive Triunity 

        The Universal Father

        The Eternal Son

        The Infinite Spirit

The first triunity is the working association of the Three Persons of Deity - the Universal Father, the Eternal Son, and the Infinite Spirit. Together, they totalize the infinity of all personal volition, and they collectively reveal themselves to all living creatures throughout creation. The first triunity focuses on the shared purpose and plan for the betterment of all living personalities.

This is the threefold union of love, mercy, and ministry -- the purposive and personal association of the three eternal Paradise personalities. This is the divinely fraternal, creature-loving, fatherly-acting, and ascension-promoting association. The divine personalities of this first triunity are personality-bequeathing, spirit-bestowing, and mind-endowing Gods. [UB 104:4:7 (1148:6)]

The Second Triunity - The Power-Pattern Triunity 

        The Father-Son

        The Paradise Isle

        The Conjoint Actor

The second triunity establishes the foundational stage for all creation. The second triunity functions to provide the patterning for the totality of physical creation. The Father delegates all the power of his creative expression to his Eternal Son, and together the united pairing of the Father-Son issues forth the activating agency of the Infinite Spirit, the Conjoint Actor. The Conjoint Actor activates the patterns of Paradise Isle for establishing the space-stage architecture of cosmic configuration. The second triunity focuses on the evolving universes.

Energy is organized by the cosmic agents of the Third Source and Center; energy is fashioned after the pattern of Paradise, the absolute materialization; but behind all of this ceaseless manipulation is the presence of the Father-Son, whose union first activated the Paradise pattern in the appearance of Havona concomitant with the birth of the Infinite Spirit, the Conjoint Actor. [UB 104:4:13 (1146:13)]

The Third Triunity - The Spirit-Evolutional Triunity 

        The Universal Father

        The Son-Spirit

        The Deity Absolute

While the first triunity focuses on personality and the second triunity focuses on the cosmic patterning of the evolving universes, the third triunity focuses on the manifestation of all spirit reality. The Universal Father is the primal source of all spirit, and the united pairing of the Son-Spirit encompass all aspects of actualized spirit Deity - the Eternal Son is the Second Source and Center of all actualized spirit reality and the Infinite Spirit is the universal activator of their joint spirit prerogatives. The Father-sponsored activities of the Son-Spirit rely on and derive their combined spirit-force presence from the infinite and unlimited spirit potentials contained with the Deity Absolute.

From spirit potency to Paradise spirit, all spirit finds reality expression in this triune association of the pure spirit essence of the Father, the active spirit values of the Son-Spirit, and the unlimited spirit potentials of the Deity Absolute. The existential values of spirit have their primordial genesis, complete manifestation, and final destiny in this triunity. [UB 104:4:20 (1149:5)]

The Fourth Triunity - The Trinity of Energy Infinity

        The Universal Father

        The Paradise Isle

        The Unqualified Absolute

As the third triunity focuses on the manifestation of all spirit reality, the fourth triunity focuses on the manifestation of all physical reality. The Universal Father is the primal First Source and Center of all physical reality and is the Infinite Energizer for its manifestation. The Infinite Spirit as the God of Action is the Father's principal associate for activating the whole process of physical activation. The united pairing of the Father-Spirit forcefully initiates the release of space potency from the Paradise Isle into the control of the unlimited possibilities contained within the Unqualified Absolute. This triunity embodies the energy-force that initiates the activation of all energy reality from the unlimited potentials of infinity.

The fourth triunity absolutely controls the fundamental units of cosmic energy and releases them from the grasp of the Unqualified Absolute in direct proportion to the appearance in the experiential Deities of subabsolute capacity to control and stabilize the metamorphosing cosmos. [UB 104:4:27 (1149:12)]

The Fifth Triunity - The Triunity of Reactive Infinity

        The Universal Father

        The Universal Absolute

        The Unqualified Absolute

The fifth triunity is the absolute reservoir of the eternal responsiveness of nondeity reality. The Universal Father initiates and maintains all aspects of reality, the Universal Absolute is the unfathomable infinity-unity of the Paradise Father, and the Unqualified Absolute maintains all the potential inherent to infinity. This triunity manifests unlimited capacity to be responsive to all efforts focused on its activation. It is the passive-reactive triunity of pure potential that ever responds to the "volitional, causative, tensional, and patternal actions and presences of the other triunities." [UB 104:4:33 (1149:18)]

This grouping yields the eternalization of the functional infinity realization of all that is actualizable within the domains of nondeity reality. [UB 104:4:33 (1149:18)]

The Sixth Triunity - The Triunity of Cosmic-Associated Deity

        The Universal Father

        The Deity Absolute

        The Universal Absolute

The sixth triunity contrasts the immanence of the Universal Father in contradistinction to the transcendence of two Absolutes of Potential, the everlasting divinity potential of the Deity Absolute and the unifying function of the Universal Absolute. This triunity encompasses the absolute potentials of all evolutionary Deity and of all personality focalization.

This is the association of Deity-in-the-cosmos, the immanence of Deity in conjunction with the transcendence of Deity. This is the last outreach of divinity on the levels of infinity toward those realities which lie outside the domain of deified reality. [UB 104:4:38 (1150:5)]

The Seventh Triunity - The Triunity of Infinite Deity

        The Universal Father

        The Conjoint Actor

        The Universal Absolute

The seventh triunity embodies the unity of all infinity, whether it is yet-to-be-expressed in the absolute of potentiality or whether it is already functionally manifest in time and eternity. As revealed in this triunity, the Universal Father is essentially indistinguishable as the First Source and Center from the I AM, and the Infinite Spirit as Conjoint Actor as well as the Universal Absolute are both unifying of Deity and nondeity realities and they are together unifying of all actual and potential realities. 

The Conjoint Actor universally integrates the varying functional aspects of all actualized reality on all levels of manifestation, from finites through transcendentals and on to absolutes. The Universal Absolute perfectly compensates the differentials inherent in the varying aspects of all incomplete reality, from the limitless potentialities of active-volitional and causative Deity reality to the boundless possibilities of static, reactive, nondeity reality in the incomprehensible domains of the Unqualified Absolute. [UB 104:4:43 (1150:10)]

The Unrevealed Triunities

While we do not deem it wise to attempt any further elaboration, we may state that there are fifteen triune associations of the First Source and Center, eight of which are unrevealed in these papers. These unrevealed associations are concerned with realities, actualities, and potentialities which are beyond the experiential level of supremacy. [UB 104:4:47 (1150:12)]

Each of the seven revealed triunities results from the Universal Father entering into relationship with specific "phases" or aspects of total infinite reality that exist as a result of his volitional creativity. The repercussions of these relationships give rise to the dynamic phenomena of universe reality. Because of this apparent associative mechanism, the possibility of eight additional unrevealed triune associations might be considered. It might logically follow that these would be:

First Unrevealed Triunity - The Spirit-Transcendental Triunity 

        The Universal Father

        The Eternal Son

        The Deity Absolute

Second Unrevealed Triunity - The Energy-Transcendental Triunity 

        The Universal Father

        The Isle of Paradise

        The Unqualified Absolute

Third Unrevealed Triunity - The Triunity of Cosmic-Consummated Deity

        The Universal Father

        The Isle of Paradise

        The Infinite Spirit

Fourth Unrevealed Triunity - The Responsive-Pattern Triunity 

        The Universal Father-Deity Absolute

        The Unqualified Absolute

        The Universal Absolute

Fifth Unrevealed Triunity - The Spirit-Concealed Triunity

        The Universal Father 

        The Deity Absolute-Universal Absolute

        The Eternal Son

The Sixth Unrevealed Triunity - The Triunity of Infinite Energy Potential

        The Universal Father-Universal Absolute

        The Isle of Paradise

        The Unqualified Absolute

The Seventh Unrevealed Triunity - The Triunity of Emergent Actuality

        The Universal Father

        The Eternal Son

        The Isle of Paradise

The Eighth Unrevealed Triunity - The Triunity of Emergent Potentiality

        The Universal Father

        The Deity Absolute

        The Unqualified Absolute

The Triodities of Actuality and Potentiality

Whereas the triunities always have the Father in their make-up, the triodities are triune relationships of the Absolutes of Infinity that are non-Father in constitution. Infinity is inherent in the I AM, is eternally present in the seven Absolutes, is functionally associated in the triunities, and is transmitively associated in the triodities. The Father-inclusive triunities always deal with the functional unification of infinity, while the non-Father constituted triodities are always involved in the cosmic appearance of the three experiential Deities - God the Supreme, God the Ultimate, and God the Absolute. The triodities of potentiality and actuality "encompass the totality of the interrelationships of growth in the universes." [UB 115:4:1 (1264:0)]

The Triodity of Actuality - The Union of the Three Absolutes of Actuality

        The Eternal Son

        The Infinite Spirit

        The Paradise Isle

The Triodity of Potentiality - The Union of the Three Absolutes of Potentiality

        The Deity Absolute

        The Unqualified Absolute

        The Universal Absolute

The Triodity of Actuality consists in the interrelationship of the three absolute actuals - the Second, Third, and Paradise Sources and Centers. This triodity of the Eternal Son, the Infinite Spirit, and the Paradise Isle reveals the actual originality of the First Source and Center. The existent spirit, mind, and energy realities in the finite realm of time and space find their center in the triodity of actuality - the association of the Son, the Spirit, and Paradise. The Triodity of Potentiality consists in the association of the three Absolutes of potentiality - the Deity, Unqualified, and Universal Absolutes. This triodity of existential potentiality reveals the potential originality of the First Source and Center. Potentiality is absolute and actuality is emergent in the triodity of potentiality. In contrast, actuality is absolute and potentiality is emergent in the triodity of actuality.

The possibilities of the different levels of the cosmos are brought into actual existence by experiential evolution on the finite level of the Supreme and by experiential eventuation on the absonite level of the Ultimate. The power-personality synthesis of the actualizing Supreme Being manifests from the progressive association of all the absoluteness contained with the triodities of potentiality and actuality. The evolutionary growth of the Supreme is driven by the infinite dynamics contained within these triodities; triodity relations on the finite level of existence repercuss directly in the Supreme. This growth is centered on the Absolutes of actuality and predicated on the Absolutes of potentiality. The continual transfer of reality from potentiality to actuality directly drives the dynamic evolution of the cosmos.

The transmutation (transformation) of potential realities into actual realities on the finite level of existence culminates in the Deity of the Supreme. The Supreme is the Deity focalization and cosmic summation of the finite aspects of the Absolute Actual and the Absolute Potential. With the final emergence of the Supreme Being and the settling of the seven superuniverses in light and life, all the personal creature children of the Supreme will have access to a new experiential meaning-value of the absoluteness and infinity contained within these triodities.

The Supreme is the divine channel through which flows the creative infinity of the triodities that crystallizes into the galactic panorama of space, against which takes place the magnificent personality drama of time: the spirit conquest of energy-matter through the mediation of mind. [UB 117:3:2 (1281:4)]

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