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Universe of Universes

From eternity, God laid the foundations of the heavens and the earth.

The Universal Father has an eternal purpose pertaining to the material, intellectual, and spiritual phenomena of the universe of universes, which he is executing throughout all time. God created the universes of his own free and sovereign will, and he created them in accordance with his all-wise and eternal purpose. [UB 4:0:1 (54:1)]

God expresses his creative will on three different "experiential" levels of reality. - the finite level of the Supreme, the absonite level of the Ultimate, and the superultimate level of the Absolute These three levels of universe expression take on different forms and phases of creative Deity expression. The term experiential here designates reality that is subject to evolutional growth, where potential realities must evolve and emerge to become fully actualized, and where perfection is a goal to be achieved. Experiential is used to distinguish these three sub-infinite and non-absolute levels of progressive reality expression from the existential (changeless) and infinite level of eternity - the absolute level of Paradise. Paradise is the eternal center of the universe of universes and the abiding place of the Universal Father, the Eternal Son, and the Infinite Spirit. The three experiential levels of creation are expressive of different modes of Paradise Deity manifestation, and each sub-Paradise level of creation is personalizing a Deity being of expressed divinity. All three of these derivative Deity personalities are not yet fully existent; they are in process of actualization. They have origins, though they are eternal in destiny.

        The Absolute Level of Paradise - this is primal and original reality and the unqualified unity of infinity. The Father-I AM perfectly unites "the divergences of all reality with an existential majesty that is absolute." [UB 106:9:1 (1173:2)] The Isle of Paradise and the surrounding creation of Havona make up the central universe of perfection.

        The Finite Level of the Supreme - this is the time-space evolved unification of four phases of experiential Deity reality - universe power controlled through mind and spirit-unified in the creative presence of personality. This level will power-mind-spirit-personality actualize the Supreme Being as evolutionary-experiential self. The seven evolving superuniverses of the grand universe revolve around the nuclear core of the central universe.

        The Absonite Level of the Ultimate - this is the transcended time-space eventuation of omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent Deity expression. This level is actualizing in the personal Deity of God the Ultimate. The four outerspace levels of universe creation that comprise the master universe revolve around the granduniverse as its nucleus.

        The Superultimate Level of the Absolute - this is the experiential-existential realization of absolute divinity and the unification of absolute meanings on absolute levels of expression. God the Absolute is the realization-attainment goal at this level of personalizing Deity. As there is an inexhaustible supply of potential from infinity for experientializing into actual reality, the idea that there can be a final containment for creation is inconceivable. For this reason, the superultimate creations of the cosmos infinite present a boundless creation encompassing a universe of universes with its three successive universe nuclei - the master universe, the grand universe, and the central universe.

The universe of universes, with its innumerable host of inhabiting personalities, is a vast and complex organism, but the First Source and Center is infinitely more complex than the universes and personalities which have become real in response to his willful mandates. When you stand in awe of the magnitude of the master universe, pause to consider that even this inconceivable creation can be no more than a partial revelation of the Infinite. [UB 105:1:7 (1153:4)]

The universe of universes is reflective of deity activities on diverse levels of cosmic realities, mind meanings, and spirit values. Absolute Deity manifests itself in a supremely unified and ultimately co-ordinated universe of universes. The totality of the universe of universes comprises an integrated mechanism that is mind planned, mind made, and mind administered. Just as the perfect and eternal central universe of Paradise-Havona provides a dynamic nucleus for the perfecting growth of the encircling seven superuniverses of the grand universe, the evolutionary growth of the finite grand universe acts as a nuclear seed that repercusses in new manifestations of deity expression on the absonite master universe. The divinity manifestations of the master universe that eventuate within the transcendent deity level of Ultimacy will have their nuclear ramifications throughout the cosmos infinite.

Extending outward from Paradise, each new domain of realized and attained evolution constitutes a new and enlarged revelation of experiential Deity to the universe of universes. [UB 56:7:1 (642:1)]

The Supremacy of the Grand Universe

Your world, Urantia, is one of many similar inhabited planets which comprise the local universe of Nebadon. This universe, together with similar creations, makes up the superuniverse of Orvonton, from whose capital, Uversa, our commission hails. Orvonton is one of the seven evolutionary superuniverses of time and space which circle the never-beginning, never-ending creation of divine perfection--the central universe of Havona. At the heart of this eternal and central universe is the stationary Isle of Paradise, the geographic center of infinity and the dwelling place of the eternal God. [UB 0:0:5 (1:6)]

Our Paradise Father sets the stage for our particular creation (the Deity realm of Supremacy) as a finite reality; it is conditioned by time and space, it has a beginning and it has a foreordained destiny. This creation is experiential - events occur in time-conditioned sequences, and they are constrained within limiting spatial boundaries. The Universal Father is not restricted or conditioned by the limitations he has imposed on his time-space creations. He is above time and space; he is not handicapped, or bound, by his creation. His reality, as it exists on his eternal abode of Paradise, is absolute reality - it is eternity existence, it is existential. The finite reality that characterizes his Supreme creation can be envisioned as being projected in space and actualized in time, and this reality is intended to be experiencible. The experiential events of time flow ever onward as the moving image of eternity within a finite space that represents the fleeting shadows of Paradise realities. Finite reality is undergoing purposed mobilization and perfecting unification, and the energy that drives the reality of this finite cosmos originates within the eternal purposes of the Universal Father.

The eternal purpose of the eternal God is a high spiritual ideal. The events of time and the struggles of material existence are but the transient scaffolding which bridges over to the other side, to the promised land of spiritual reality and supernal existence. [UB 32:5:2 (364:5)]

The grand universe is at present the only organized and inhabited creation of the three projected experiential levels of Deity expression. The seven evolving superuniverses of the grand universe are the creations of time, and they are destined to achieve the settled stages of light and life. This status of experiential completion will be achieved as a result of time-space conditioned evolutionary growth. There will be total cosmic integration of mind-mediated spirit control over the material phases of the grand universe. This eventual synthesis of spirit and matter through mind is driven by all participating personalities, both creature and divine, within the inhabited creations. This sovereign effort will unify all seven of the evolving superuniverses of time and space culminating in the realized Deity of the Supreme Being.

The grand universe creation of the seven superuniverses will become a perfected reflection of the perfect Havona pattern. The spirit influence of God the Supreme, previously only to be found from Havona, will now effect the dominance of Supreme perfection throughout all the superuniverses in the grand universe. Because God the Supreme is experiential in nature, we will all be able to share in our own experience of God the Supreme. The emergence of the Supreme Being will be a unified embodiment of evolved deity on the grand universe scale.

God the Supreme [UB 0:II:16 (4:10)]

        The actualizing or evolving God of time and space

        The first experiential level of unifying Deity manifestation

        Personal Deity associatively realizing the time-space experiential achievement of creature-Creator identity

        The achievement of Deity unity as the evolving and experiential God of the evolutionary creatures of time and space

In the current grand universe age of the evolving Supreme Being, the seven superuniverses of time and space are kept in isolation from one another in order to maximize their diverse potentials for growth. Each superuniverse reflects a different portraiture of various combinations of the three personal Deities of the Paradise Trinity as these are influenced under the immediate supervision of one of Seven Master Spirits. Upon the settling of all seven superuniverses in the attained stages of light and life, the imposed boundaries dividing these seven superuniverses will be lifted and there will follow an unprecedented surge of supreme coordination on all levels of spirit, mind, and matter. The evolving and experiential Supreme Being will at the same time experience an accelerated factualization of personality-sovereignty.

The Ultimacy of the Master Universe

The four outer space levels that complete the boundaries of the master universe around the nuclear core of the grand universe are destined to eventuate-evolve the Deity level of Ultimacy. This absonite level of the Ultimacy of Deity transcends the time-space constraints that characterize the finite grand universe. That is to say, the absonite transcends the time-space constraints of the finite. This superfinite level is both antecedent to and consequent of the finite progressions of the time-space Deity level of Supremacy. It pre-dates and influences the current universe age of finite Supremacy, and it is post-Supreme responsive to those significant events occurring within the seven superuniverses of the grand universe.

God the Ultimate is the transcendental power-personalization of the directionization of the entire master universe. The completed eventuation of the Ultimate implies the completion of the master creation and connotes the full emergence of this transcendental Deity. [UB 106:4:2 (1166:5)]

Just as God the Supreme is both spiritually and personally present in Havona, God the Ultimate is also present in Havona in an absonite (superfinite) and superpersonal sense. Whereas God the Supreme is exerting a spiritual influence on the time-space creation of the grand universe, God the Ultimate effects his influence in transcendence of time and space to the outer borders the four outer space levels of the master universe. In the same sense that the emergence of the Supreme Being is the culmination of all evolutionary-experiential reality, the Ultimate is the fulfillment of all transcendental-eventuating reality. God the Ultimate is power-superpersonalizing throughout the master universe.

The Deity level of Ultimacy provides both a guiding blueprint as well as a destiny-controlling objective for the finite creations of Supremacy. In this way, the Ultimate functions to relieve and resolve reality tensions that inevitably occur when existential Deity purposes to create sub-absolute creations. The Ultimate acts as a tension-releasing buffer between the finite creations of the Supreme and the absolute reality of eternity.

God the Ultimate[UB 0:II:17 (4:11)]

        The eventuating God of supertime and superspace

        The second experiential level of unifying Deity manifestation

        The attained realization of the synthesized absonite superpersonal, time-space transcended, and eventuated-experiential values co-ordinated on final creative levels of Deity reality

The Ultimate is more than a simple projection onto the transcendental field of the super-Supreme. The Ultimate is self-projecting and time-space-transcending Deity; the Ultimate is an eventuation of new phases of Deity realities. The transcendental level of Ultimacy both precedes and follows the expression of the finite level of Supremacy. The downstepping of the absolute reality of the eternal infinite into the finite realm of time and space must always first pass through the transcendental Deity of Ultimacy, and the elevation of supreme ideals and values to the consummational status of divine perfection must always traverse through the transcendental level of Ultimacy.

While we present this narrative as a sequence and portray the historic appearance of the finite as a direct derivative of the absolute, it should be borne in mind that transcendentals both preceded and succeeded all that is finite. Transcendental ultimates are, in relation to the finite, both causal and consummational. [UB 105:5:3 (1158:3)]

Transcendental ultimates are subinfinite and subabsolute, but they are at the same time superfinite and supercreational beyond just a time-space sense. Evolutionary change in the transcendental sense comes about by the process of eventuation. God, as a superperson, eventuates. Transcendental realities eventuate the integration of absolute supervalues with the maximum values of finites. From the finite time-space perspective, transcendentals appear to eventuate as a consequence of finite influence. However, from the eternity viewpoint, transcendentals anticipate the emerging manifestations of the finite realm. For example, when the absonite Architects of the Master Universe eventuate a universal plan, the Supreme Creators act to bring it into existence throughout the realms of time and space.

Transcendental ultimates eventuate universe functions that exceed the simple sum of their component members. Systematic eventuation of multiplex compositions results in more than just a direct relationship of complexity for its component parts. The systematic coordination of the total composition results in an enhancing synergy that eventuates in the revealment of ultimate values and meanings. The Ultimate is a supersupreme eventuation of Deity and a superexperience and superfinite manifestation of God the Ultimate. The Ultimacy of Deity acts to eventuate new universe capacities by transforming undifferentiated potentials into well-defined plans of action on the transcendental level of the Ultimate.

The Absoluteness of the Cosmos Infinite

The level of the experiential-existential absolute implies the projection of experientials upon a supermaster universe field of creative expression. This level of Deity expression extends out into a cosmos infinite - it yields no limit of expansion extending beyond the master universe because that would require that the existential potentials of absolute infinity could be fully actualized in absolute experience. To limit the actualization of the Absolutes of potentiality would be to theoretically achieve final expression of Deity in the sub-absolute creations. This means that you could somehow exhaust infinite potential, that you could "draw all of the water from a bottomless well." However, it is well nigh incomprehensible as to how there could consummate the absolute actualization of an infinity of potentials.

God the Absolute transcends even the superpersonal values and divinity meanings made manifest by God the Ultimate. God the Absolute is the final expression of experiential Deity. The emergence of God the Absolute would signify the full depletion of personalizable Deity expression and self-realization. It would likely imply the experiential uniting of the existential Deity Absolute with the existential Unqualified Absolute.

God the Absolute [UB 0:II:18 (4:12)]

        The experientializing God of transcended superpersonal values and divinity meanings (now existential in the Deity Absolute)

        The third and final experiential level of unified Deity expression and expansion

        A level of transcended superpersonal values and divinity meanings

        The exhaustion of personalizable expression

        The depletion of capacity for self-realization

        The transcendence of self-revelation to successive and progressive levels of other-personalization

        The experiential identification of the Deity Absolute with the Unqualified Absolute

The Circle of Eternity

At this very moment, as during the remote ages of the past and in the eternal future, God continues to uphold. The divine reach extends around the circle of eternity. The universe is not wound up like a clock to run just so long and then cease to function; all things are constantly being renewed. The Father unceasingly pours forth energy, light, and life.
[UB 4:1:6 (55:4)]

God inhabits and rules the circle of eternity. His eternal nature is a never-beginning and never-ending circle. The Father exercises ever-expanding consciousness and ceaseless self-realization within this never-ending circle of eternity, he "upholds the worlds in space and swings the universes around the endless circle of the eternal circuit." [UB 3:2:2 (46:6)] Reality is without limitation within the cosmic circle of eternity - it is universal, eternal, absolute, and infinite. Within the eternity cycle, divinity transcends and masters time-space. The universe of universes eternally circles around the Paradise source and center of all things and beings.

God's purposes and plans for his creation may seem to vary from one universe location to another and they may depend on whether we are looking at their impact on the microcosmic or the macrocosmic aspects of this creation, but looking out from the circle of eternity there is perfect unity of intent and implementation. From the absolute perspective, all reality is majestically uniform and secure, being indelibly stamped with the divine mark of destined perfection from the circle of eternity. The Paradise Father enters into mutually interdependent partnership with the Eternal Son for carrying out their joint intentions throughout the full encompassment of the circle of eternity. In fact, all seven of the co-ordinated Absolutes of Infinity "encompass the circle of infinity throughout the endless cycles of eternity." [UB 104:3:13]

The universe of universes is overshadowed by the presence of the three Paradise Deities - their triune Deity presence arc around the circle of eternity. Eternity is a limitless and unified cycle that is amazingly synchronized with the successive cycles of finite time. Within the circularity of endless existence, the contrast of time flashes by in the endless swing around the eternal circle encompassing the dwelling place of the Paradise Father. The entire physical cosmos itself ever swings around the circle of eternity. The mystery of eternity-infinity can best be comprehended "as an almost limitless ellipse which is produced by one absolute cause, and which functions throughout this universal circle of endless diversification, ever seeking some absolute and infinite potential of destiny." [UB 105:0:1 (1152:1)]

Mortal ascenders will eventually learn to transcend their limited perspective of finite time-space existence; they will begin to assimilate their experiences more holistically. The distinction of time-conditioned succession of events will begin to dissipate and such an ascender will begin to intuit a sense of the "eternal now" moment. Past, present, and future begin to be seen together in unity and events "will be viewed as a whole and perfectly related cycle; in this way will circular simultaneity increasingly displace the onetime consciousness of the linear sequence of events." [UB 130:7:6 (1439:3)] Ascenders are becoming a part of the progressive procession of eternity, "swinging on forever with the worlds of space around the circle of the eternal ages." [UB 32:5:4 (365:0)] When ascending mortals achieve spiritual perfection and can claim final residence on Paradise, they "will partake of the 'essence of divinity' and the 'spirit of supremacy' and thus really begin to function in the circle of eternity and in the presence of the Trinity." [UB 26:7:4 (293:2)] 

Human beings unfailingly become discouraged when they view only the transitory transactions of time. The present, when divorced from the past and the future, becomes exasperatingly trivial. Only a glimpse of the circle of eternity can inspire man to do his best and can challenge the best in him to do its utmost. And when man is thus at his best, he lives most unselfishly for the good of others, his fellow sojourners in time and eternity. [UB 160:2:9 (1776:3)]

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