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An Examination of the Operation of Two Principles in Relation to Paper 106
Bill Sadler

This paper, Universe Levels of Reality, tells the story of the consequences of the interaction of two principles: The inevitability of Trinity unions and the consequences of power-personality unification.

A. The inevitability of Trinity unions: "Trinities are truths of relationships and facts of co-ordinate Deity manifestation. Trinity functions encompass Deity realities, and Deity realities always seek realization and manifestation in personalization. God the Supreme, God the Ultimate, and even God the Absolute are therefore divine inevitabilities." (0:12.4)

There are just two experiential Trinities because there are just two sub-absolute levels of reality -- finite and absonite. Therefore is the Paradise Trinity being complemented by the Trinity Ultimate and the Trinity Absolute. So do these Trinities contribute to the appearance of God the Ultimate and God the Absolute even as the present functions of God the Sevenfold are bringing the Supreme Being into existence. This is the principle that is depicted in sections 3, 5, and 8 of this paper.


B. Power-personality synthesis: This second principle is portrayed in sections 1, 2, 4, and 6, which deal with the direct growth of the experiential Deities. The first two sections are the easiest to understand since they deal with the evolutionary growth of a finite God.

The Supreme Being is a spirit person in Havona and there functions only on spiritual levels. His power as Almighty is derived from the acts of the Supreme Creators. Their actions are characterized by divinity, hence tend to be cohesive. "...all that which is divine...will be co-ordinated with Deity and will tend toward some phase of unity with Deity..." (0:1.15)

Even the acts of creatures will thus cohere in proportion to the divinity content. This is the secret of the coalescence of the cumulative divinity-acts of all concerned in the grand universe which culminates in the appearance of the power-phase of the Almighty that unites with the spirit person of the Supreme on the pilot world of the outer Havona circuit.

All of this is a repercussion of the great struggle for spirit dominance in time and space. The papers have the following statements to make concerning this struggle:

a. "On Paradise the three energies are co-ordinated..." (42:12.6). Here there is nothing to unify -- there is absolutely no divergence.

b. " Havona [the three energies] are co-ordinated..." (42:12.6). In the central universe there is divergence but no problem of unification.

c. " the universe levels of finite activities there must be encountered all ranges of material, mindal, and spiritual dominance. In non-personal situations of time and space, physical energy seems to predominate, but it also appears that the more nearly spirit-mind function approaches divinity of purpose and supremacy of action, the more nearly does the spirit phase become dominant." (42:12.6).

"In the evolutionary cosmos energy-matter is dominant, except in personality, where spirit, through the mediation of mind, is striving for the mastery." (12:8.14). Here we have the metaphysical statement of the doing of God's will as the price of survival and the key to the secret of the growth of the Supreme Being.

d. "...on the ultimate level spirit-mind may become all but completely dominant." (42:12.6). "Havona exhibits...mind existing as ultimately equivalent to spirit..." (14:6.23). " Havona [mind is] absonite...[it] is sub-absolute but superevolutionary...[and] is nearer the absonite than any other concept revealed to you." (42:10.7).

e. "On the absolute level spirit certainly is dominant." (42:12.6)

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