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by Marian Rowley


The First Source and Center is existential, always has been and always will be; Perfect, everywhere present, all-powerful, all-knowing…the source of everything.

But the Supreme Being is EXPERIENTIAL-EVOLUTIONARY Deity.  It is not existential because it had a beginning.  He will have an eternal future, but not an eternal past.  He is not perfect, and not everywhere present, al-powerful, all-knowing.  THIS DEITY IS EVOLVING.  There is nothing like him in all creation.  He is a combination of two diverse elements, unified by a third.  Part of him comes from the Trinity – the part of him that is spirit and personality … this part is divine.  This part gets the term “God” applied to it.  Remember the word “God” always connotes personality.  This is the part of him that is called “God the Supreme”.

But the second part of him is coming out of evolving superuniverses.  This part is definitely NOT DIVINE.  It is made up of incomplete, unstable, physical universes BECOMING stabilized and settled.  It is made up of incomplete, imperfect, animal origin, evolutionary mortals trying to become complete, perfected, eternal beings.  It is made up of Sons of God, Creator Sons and Creative Spirits, Ancients of Days, Master Spirits, all having divine origins but all working in the evolutionary superuniverses trying to bring order out of chaos and to get the entire grand universe settled in light and life.  And all of these things represent the “power” part, -- not only the physical power, but administrative power too…sovereignty.  This is the part of the Supreme Being called the “Almighty Supreme”.

Every advance made in the physical circuits means one step of growth in the evolutionary part of the Supreme Being, the part called the “Almighty Supreme”.  Every vital decision made by a single human being means a tiny bit of growth on the “Almighty Supreme”.  Every planet, or system, or universe that advances a little in stable administration means a little more growth in the Almighty Supreme.

But, since the universes and all mortals are so very far from being perfect and settled, it’s obvious that the Supreme Being is far from being a complete, finished being.  He has to wait for our evolution to be complete.

There is a third factor involved in the Supreme Being, which is very important.  As in all cases where spirit and matter exist together and work in combination, THERE HAS TO BE MIND to make it possible for the two to exist and get along together.  So, here there is SUPREME MIND, bestowed by the Infinite Spirit, which COORDINATES God the Supreme, the spirit personality part, and the Almighty Supreme, the power-evolutionary part, and which makes it possible for both parts to exist and grow in this evolutionary age.

But the Supreme Being will not actualize for a very long time, for he will have to wait for every single planet, system, constellation, universe, minor and major sector, and superuniverse, to become settled in light and life.  When this happens, the Almighty Supreme, the power part, will be complete.

And only then will the POWER part, the Almighty Supreme, and the SPIRIT-PERSONALITY part, God the Supreme, UNIFIED by Supreme Mind, operate as ONE BEING, the Supreme Being, -- the completed, unified, and EVOLUTIONARY Deity.

Until that time none of us will actually contact the Supreme Being, although we will come to know him in a sense, because he will be something like us, and part of our lives have actually become a part of his, because we have contributed something to his growth.  This will be the end of the evolutionary superuniverse age and the beginning of new spheres peopled with new orders of exquisite and unique beings LACKING in actual finite EXPERIENCE.  (See Page 353:03-06)

It is difficult to say what the origin of the Almighty Supreme is.  We only know that he could not start evolving until the evolutionary universes were in existence, and as soon as they came into existence and started evolving, so did he.  So we could postulate that his origin was the start of evolution in the seven superuniverses.  And this means not just the evolution of physical energy, physical power, but also the evolution of the Supreme Creators – the ACTS of the Creator Sons (Michaels) and Creative Spirits (co-creators with the Creator Sons – (Page 376:02); the Ancients of Days, (Page 640:LP); and the Master Spirits, as they strive to stabilize sand perfect the administration of the superuniverses.

“As God is your divine Father, so is the Supreme your divine Mother.”  (Page 1288:02)

“The great Supreme is the Cosmic oversoul of the grand universe.”  (Page 1285:05, 01)

“Michael, in this age, reveals the Supreme and participates in the actuality of it.”  (Page 1318:LP)

“The Supreme Being is the unification of three phases of Deity reality:  God the Supreme, …the Almighty Supreme, …and the Supreme Mind, …”  (Page 251:01)

God the Supreme in Havona, is the PERSONAL SPIRIT REFLECTION of the Triune Paradise Deity.”  (Page 11:02)

“…Master Spirit Number Seven speaks for the Supreme.”  (Page 1272:01)

The Almighty Supreme draws his very being from the ACTS of God the Sevenfold AND the Sevenfold controllers, so a knowledge of those two groups is essential for understanding the Almighty Supreme:

God the Sevenfold:  “Deity personality anywhere actually functioning in time and space.  The personal Paradise Deities and their creative associates, functioning IN and BEYOND the borders of the central universe, and POWER-PERSONALIZING as the AUPREME BEING, on the creature (mortal) level of (unifying) Deity revelation in time and space.”  (Page 4:05, under “The word God”.

But there is a physical control level of this Deity association, namely the Sevenfold Controllers.   Both are listed below:

God the Sevenfold:  (Page 11:V111)

  1. The Paradise Creator Sons
  2. The Ancients of Days
  3. The Seven Master Spirits
  4. The Supreme Being
  5. God the Spirit
  6. God the Son
  7. God the Father

The Sevenfold Controllers (Page 1273:05)

  1. The Master Physical Controllers
  2. The Supreme Power Centers
  3. The Supreme Power Directors
  4. The Almighty Supreme
  5. The God of Action – Infinity Spirit
  6. The Isle of Paradise
  7. The Source of Paradise – The Universal Father

And now we come to the part, which is unifying the personal part, God the Supreme, with the power part, the Almighty Supreme, namely, SUPREME MIND, which is bestowed by the Infinite Spirit.  Here are some quotations:

“The finite domains of energy and spirit are literally held together by the mind presences of the Conjoint Actor.  This is true – from the Creative Spirit in a Local Universe, through the Reflective Spirits of a Superuniverse – to the Master Spirits in the grand universe; … the mind bestowal of the Third Source and Center unifies the spirit person of God the Supreme with the experiential power of the evolutionary Almighty.”  (Page 1270:07)

“The creative synthesis of power and personality is a part of the creative urge of the Supreme Mind, and is the very essence of the evolutionary Almighty.”  (1270:07)

“The Third Person of Deity is the Source of Mind and the ANCESTOR of the Cosmic Mind.  (Page 103:03); the finite cosmic mind is the ministry of the Seven Master Spirits.  (Page 191:06); This cosmic mind is a SUB-ABSOLUTE manifestation of the mind of the Third Source and Center and, in certain ways, dysfunctionally related to the mind of the evolving Supreme Being.”  (Page 191:06, 1)

Space does not permit further quotations but here are a few excellent references:  Page 105:03, 04; 150:02, 03; Jesus’ Discourse on Mind 1479:07; also his Discourse on Science reveals a great deal about Mind, 1476:05; Supreme Sovereign in Nebadon, 238.02)

Rread all of Paper 117, “God the Supreme” – read 1282:02, 03.  This may help you to understand him better.  See also 104:L.