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Life on the Mansion Worlds and Jerusem

A Study presented at Urantia Brotherhood Summer Study Session
by Marian Rowley, August 7, 1965


The theme of this whole series of meetings is “The Morontia Life”; so first in order are some definitions of the term “morontia”.

Morontia” is a term designating a vast level intervening between the material and the spiritual.  It may designate personal or impersonal realities, living or non-living energies.  The warp of morontia is spiritual; its woof is physical.”  (Foreword, Page 9.)

“Unquestionably, when we encounter the functional activities of the various Morontia Power Supervisors, we are face to face with certain of the unrevealed activities of the Master Spirits.  Who, aside from these ancestors of both physical controllers and spirit ministers, could have contrived so to combine and associate material and spiritual energies as to produce a hitherto nonexistent phase of universe reality – morontia substance and morontia mind?”

“Much of the reality of the spiritual worlds is of the morontia order, a phase of universe reality wholly unknown on Urantia.   The goal of personality existence is spiritual, but the morontia creations always intervene, bridging the gulf between the material realms of mortal origin and the superuniverse spheres of advancing spiritual status.  It is in this realm that the Master Spirits make their great contribution to the plan of man’s Paradise ascension.”  (Page 189)

“Mortal death is a technique of escape from the material life in the flesh; and the mansonia experience of progressive life through seven worlds of corrective training and cultural education represents the introduction of mortal survivors to the morontia career, the transition life which intervenes between the evolutionary material existence and the higher spirit attainment of the ascenders of time who are destined to achieve the portals of eternity.”  (Page 540)

“The Gods cannot – at least they do not – transform a creature of gross animal nature into a perfected spirit by some mysterious act of creative magic.  When the Creators desire to produce perfect beings, they do so by direct and original creation, but they never undertake to convert animal-origin and material creatures into beings of perfection in a single step.”

“The morontia life, extending as it does over the various stages of the local universe career, is the only possible approach whereby material mortals could attain the threshold of the spirit world.  What magic could death, the natural dissolution of the material body, hold that such a simple step should instantly transform the mortal and material mind into an immortal and perfected spirit?  Such beliefs are but ignorant superstitions and pleasing fables.”

“Always this morontia transition intervenes between the mortal estate and the subsequent spirit status of surviving human beings…”

:The morontia realms are the local universe liaison spheres between the material and spiritual levels of creature existence…”

“The morontia spheres are the transition phases of mortal ascension through the progression worlds of the local universe.  Only the seven worlds surrounding the finaliters’ sphere of the local systems are called mansion worlds, but all fifty-six of the system transition abodes, in common with the higher spheres around the constellations and the universe headquarters, are called morontia worlds.  These creations partake of the physical beauty and the morontia grandeur of the local universe headquarters spheres.”  (Page 541)

“The narrative of human ascent from the mortal spheres of time to the divine realms of eternity constitutes an intriguing recital not included in my assignment (spoken by a Mighty Messenger), but this supernal adventure should be the supreme study of mortal man.”  (Page 449)

Note:  The following outline of our possible life on the mansion worlds is based on the facts given in The Urantia Book and page numbers are given as references for the material used.  In a few cases some speculation is ventured, but it always has some logical foundation in the book.


    • A. First Day
      • 1.Awakening in resurrection hall.  (Page 1234, 35.)  Two guardian seraphim and Morontia Companion.  (Page 546)  Morontia body – accidents.  (Page 574).  Description of resurrection hall.  (Page 533)
      • 2.People you see first.  Andon and Fonta.  (Page 717)
      • 3.Melchizedek sector.  (Page 533)  Registry hall.  Physical mechanisms.  (Page 521)  Residence.  (Page 547)
    • B. Second Day
      • 1.We’re almost as before.  (Page 533, 1236)
      • 2.Exhibit Hall.  Models and maps.
      • 3.Registry building – consult files.  (Page 533)  Friends.  (Page 498)  Records are 3-fold.  (Page 436)  No messages back to evolutionary planet or return there.  (P 1230, 436, 1646, 1680, 865).
      • 4.Lesson in Satania language.  (Page 546)
    • C. Third Day
      • 1.Walk through park.  Spornagia.  (Page 416, 527-28)
      • 2.Tests to be taken.
        • a. Parental.  Page 531)
        • b. Perhaps one on money.  (Page 1822)
        • c. Perhaps one on time.
        • d. Probably many more.
      • 3.Flying trip on a bird.  (Page 520-21)
    • D. Fourth Day
      • 1.More tests.  (Page 533, 535)
      • 2.Visit to headquarters of Morontia Companions. (Page 534, 282-3, 545-7.
    • E. Fifth Day
      • 1.Tests satisfactory.  Only 10-day stay.  (Page 534)
      • 2.Visits to classes.  Mota.  (Page 554, 556-7.
    • F. Sixth and Seventh Days
      • 1.Visit to Finaliters’ World.  (Page 530-31. Permission to visit.  (Page 536)
      • 2.Visit to nursery.  (Page 517, 531-2)  Midsoniters.  (Page 400, 01)
      • 3.Overnight stay.  Children’s school, probably older, teaching younger.
    • G. Eighth and Ninth Days
      • 1.Perhaps more visits to classes – primitive men.
      • 2.Perhaps a visit to the resurrection halls. (Page 533)
      • 3.Visit to registry hall to check out.
      • 4.Glimpse ahead.
    • H. Tenth Day: Departure by seraphic transport for Mansion World No. 2.  (Page 534)
  • II. Mansion World No. 2
    • A. Resurrection Hall—70 wings.  (Page 543, 44)  New body.  (Page 534, 542)
    • B. Melchizedek sector.  10 days free.  Sea of glass.  (Page 534, 521-22, 487)
    • C. Visit to headquarters of Universal Conciliators.  (Page 275-79)
    • D. Spironga.  (Page 530, 416, 523)
    • E. Classes – language, mota, etc.  Harp of God.  (Page 539)
    • F. Visit to Transition World No. 2, the Morontia World.  (Page 510)
    • G. Purpose and accomplishments.  Social groups start to form.  (Page 534)
    • H. Departure by seraphic transport for Mansion World No. 3.
  • III. Mansion World No. 3
    • A. Another new body—and 10 days of sightseeing.
    • B. Purpose.  More positive educational work.  (Page 536)
    • C. Educational system. (Page 412, 428, 550-51, 546)
    • D. Visit to Transition World No. 3 – The Angelic World.  (Page 510)
    • E. Visit to Jerusem.  Sea of glass.  (Page 487)  Pearly observatory.  (Page 521)
    • F. On to Mansion World No. 4.
  • IV. Mansion World No. 4
    • A. Another new body—and 10 days of sightseeing.
    • B. Purpose.  Real social advancement.  (Page 536)
    • C. Mind Planners.  (Page 553)
    • D. Social Architects. Page 432-33)
    • E. Eradication of Human Faults.  (Page 551)
    • F. Visit to Transition World No. 4 – The Superangel World.  (Page 510)
    • G. On to Mansion World No. 5.
    • A. New body—and 10 days of sightseeing.
    • B. Purpose.  Faster spiritual progress.  (Page 535, 537)
    • C. Education.  Start study of Uversa language.  (Page 537)  Study of constellation.  (Page 537)
    • D. Visit to Transition World No. 5 – World of the Sons.  (Page 510)
    • E. Summary of past experience.
    • F. On to Mansion World No. 6.
  • V. Mansion World No. 6
    • A. New body—10 days of sightseeing.
    • B. Purpose.  Become more spiritual – more like supermortals.  (Page 537-38)
    • C. Reversion Directors.  (Page 548-49)
    • D. Visit to Transition World No. 6 – World of the Spirit.  (Page 510)
    • E. Fusion with Thought Adjuster.  (Page 538, 1239, 552)
    • F. On to Mansion World No. 7 – the last one.
  • VI. Mansion World No. 7
    • A. New body—10 days of sightseeing.  Last new body.  (Page 539-40)
    • B. Purpose.  Preparation for residence on Jerusem.  Final purging of human faults.  (Page 538)
    • C. Visit to Transition world No. 7 – World of the Father.  (Page 510, 538, 607)
    • D. Summary of mansion world experience.  (Page 517)
    • E. Departure for Jerusem.  (Page 538-39)
  • VII. Jerusem
    • A. Arrival – Living Quarters.  (Page 539, 523-27.  Agondonters.  (Page 579)
    • B. Material Sons and Daughters.  (Page 515-16, 828-29, 581, 349.
    • C. Four and Twenty Counselors. (Page 513-14, 1251-52)
    • D. Adminstrator seraphim.  (Page 434-36)
    • E. Citizenship.  (Page 517-18)
    • F. Work.
    • G. Play.
    • H. Breathing Spell. (Page 434-35)
    • I. Departure for Edentia.  (Page 521)

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