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Personalities of the Grand Universe
A Catalog developed by Marilynn Kulieke
Catalog Index

I. The Paradise Classification of Living Beings

1. Triune-Origin Beings
A. The Supreme Spirits
B. The Stationary Sons of the Trinity
C. Trinity-Origin and Trinitized Beings

2. Dual-Origin Beings
A. Descending Orders
B. The Stationary Orders
C. The Ascending Orders

3. Single-Origin Beings
A. The Supreme Spirits
B. The Ascending Orders
C. The Family of the Infinite Spirit

4. Eventuated Transcendental Beings

5. Fragmented Entities of Deity

II. The Uversa Personality Register

1. The Paradise Deities

2. The Supreme Spirits

3. The Trinity-Origin Beings

4. The Sons of God
A. Descending Sons
B. Ascending Sons
C. Trinitized Sons

5. Personalities of the Infinite Spirit
A. Higher Personalities of the Infinite Spirit
B. The Messenger Hosts of Space
C. The Ministering Spirits

6. The Universe Power Directors
A. The Seven Supreme Power Directors
B. Supreme Power Centers
C. Master Physical Controllers
D. Morontia Power Supervisors

7. The Corps of Permanent Citizenship

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