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The Soul: Origin, Evolution and Destiny

Part 11: The Mortal Soul and the Paradise Corps of the Finality

Contents of this study

1. Paradise arrivals begin a progressive course of divinity and absonity (the value level of the absonite). This signifies that you have found God and are to be mustered into the Mortal Corps of the Finality. There is a period of freedom. Then begins association with seven groups of Primary Supernaphim. You graduate when you have finished the course of ‘worship.' Following initiation into the Corps of the Finality you are assigned on observational and co-operative service to the ends of the far-flung creation.

As yet, there is no specific or settled employment for the Mortal Corps of Finaliters, though they are serving in many capacities on worlds settled in light and life. Their present work justifies the universal plan of evolutionary ascent. But future ages of evolution of outer space will elaborate and illuminate the wisdom and kindness of the Gods in the plan of mortal ascension. (343; NL no.7. See also: Mortal Corps of Finality, 347; #3)

2. Transcendentalers: Part of the Paradise experience is to achieve comprehension of the nature and function of transcendental super-citizens of Paradise. The entire order live in the west of Paradise. They are eventuated beings of absonite attributes. They are subject to God the Ultimate and are Trinity supervised and directed. Mortals fraternize with them. Their first serious contact with a Transcendentaler occurs on that eventful occasion when, as a member of a new Finaliter Group, the mortal ascender stands in the finaliter receiving circle as the Trinity oath of eternity is administered by the Chief of Transcendentalers (the presiding head of the Architects of the Master Universe). (350; #8)

3. Allied with a new teacher: The mortal finaliter becomes allied in some way with the spirit-gravity circuit of the Eternal Son by a technique of experience known as finaliter transcendation. Such finaliters thus become acceptable candidates for experiential recognition as "personalities of God the Supreme."

When in future times the Supreme Being becomes actualized (complete), mortals will attain the seventh stage of spirit existence. The dual minds -- the human and the divine (adjuster) minds -- will become glorified in union with the experiential mind of the then actualized Supreme Being. Such dual minds become Triune. The actualization of the Supreme Being will be real when he is creatively expressed and outwardly portrayed in the spiritualized mind, the immortal soul, of ascendant man, even as the Universal Father was so revealed in the earth life of Jesus. (1286;2-3)

And so, the fruits of the spirit, in the experience of man, are the real essence, the nature, the substance of the Supreme, as he is realizable in that human experience. Since it is doubtful that a divine gift (the Adjuster) can achieve the impossible task of revealing the nature of the infinite God to a finite creature, it is believed that the Adjusters will reveal to future seventh-stage finaliters the divinity and nature of God the Supreme. (1290;3-4).

God the Supreme will never be discovered any one creature. Through the universal attainment of perfection will creatures will simultaneously find him. (1290;2) No single ascender will ever find the Supreme until all ascenders have reached that maximun universe maturity which qualifies them simultaneously to participate in this discovery. (1290;7)

4. Present day Corps of the Finality: They reside on Paradise and temporarily serve in the Corps of Light and Life. They have been sent back in large number to participate in the conduct of local universes and to assist in the administration of superuniverse affairs. They are sixth-stage spirits as yet. There is undoubtedly one more step in the realm of service in the mortal career to earn the seventh stage of spirit existence. (347; #3, 2-3)

Present day finaliters have complied with the injunction of the ages: "Be you perfect." They have ascended the universal path of mortal attainment they have found God, and they have been duly inducted into the Corps of the Finality.

    • (a) They have attained the present limit of spirit progression but not finality of ultimate spirit status.
    • (b) They have achieved the present limit of creature perfection but not finality of creature service.
    • (c) They have experienced the fullness of Deity worship but not finality of experiential Deity attainment. (348; #4)

Present day finaliters are in possession of experiential knowledge of every step of the actuality and philosophy of the fullest possible life of intelligent existence, while during the ages of this ascent from the lowest material worlds to the spiritual heights of Paradise, these surviving creatures have been trained to the limits of their capacity respecting every detail of every divine principle of the just and efficient, as well as merciful and patient, administration of all the universal creation of time and space. (348;5)

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