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The Soul: Origin, Evolution and Destiny

Part 7: Interdependence of Mortal Evolution
and the Growth of the Supreme

Contents of this study


1. Said Jesus "I am the living way", "and so he is the living way from the material level of self-consciousness to the spiritual level of God-consciousness. And even as he is this living way of ascension from the self to God, so is the Supreme the living way from finite consciousness, to transcendence of consciousness, even to the insight of absonity. (Absonite-insight, Havona).

"Your Creator Son can actually be a living channel from humanity to divinity.... Similarly can the Supreme Being function as the universe approach to the transcendence of finite limitations..." (1281; #3;3-4) (Please read all of section 3)

2. "The Supreme Being is the maximum revelation of Deity to the Seven superuniverses and for the present universe age." (1270;3)

3. Jesus said to Ganid, "The highest level to which a finite creature can progress is the recognition of the Universal Father and the knowing of the Supreme." (1434;3)

4. "And it is this very power of choice, the universe insignia of freewill creaturehood, that constitutes man's greatest opportunity and his supreme cosmic responsibility. Upon the integrity of the human volition depends the eternal destiny of the future finaliter. Upon the sincerity of the mortal free will the divine Adjuster depends for eternal personality. Upon the faithfulness of mortal choice the Universal Father depends for the realization of a new ascending son. Upon the steadfastness and wisdom of decision actions, the Supreme Being depends for the actuality of experiential evolution." (1233;2)

5. "The great Supreme is the cosmic oversoul of the grand universe. In him the qualities and quantities of the cosmos do find their deity reflection. His deity nature is the mosaic composite of the total vastness of all creature-Creator nature throughout the evolving universes. And the Supreme is also an actualizing Deity embodying a creative will which embraces an evolving universe purpose." (1285; #5, 1)

6. "... the local universes are the real laboratories in which are worked out the mind experiments, galactic adventures, divinity unfoldings, and personality progressions which, when cosmically totaled, constitute the actual foundation upon which the Supreme is achieving deity evolution in and by experience." (1272; NL)

7. "Even the experience of man and Adjuster must find echo in the divinity of God the Supreme, for as the Adjusters experience, they are like the Supreme, and the evolving soul of man is created out of the pre-existent possibility for such experience within the Supreme." (1287;3)

8. All soul-evolving humans are literally the evolutionary sons of God the Father , and God the Mother -- the Supreme Being. Human life experience is the cosmic cocoon in which the universe endowments of the Supreme Being and the universe presence of the Universal Father are evolving the morontia soul of time and the human-divine finaliter character of universe destiny and eternal service. (1289;2) (Fusion constitutes man, in potential, a part of the Supreme (1112;3).

9. "The Father's love can become real to mortal man only by passing through that man's personality as he in turn bestows this love upon his fellows. The great circuit of love is from the Father, through sons to brothers, and hence to the Supreme." (1289;4)

10. "Though man's spiritual nature reaches up in the worship experience to the Father who is infinite, man's intellectual comprehension capacity is exhausted by the maximum conception of the Supreme Being. Beyond the Supreme, concepts are increasingly names." (1262;l)

11. "Mortal man cannot destroy the supreme values of human existence, but he can very definitely prevent the evolution of these values in his own personal experience. To the extent that the human self thus refuses to take part in the Paradise ascent, to just that extent is the Supreme delayed in achieving divinity expression in the grand universe." (1285;1)

12. "The fruits of the spirit are the substance of the Supreme as he is realizable in human experience." (1290;3) Concerning the fruits of the spirit:

    • (l) "The consciousness of the spirit domination of a human life is presently attended by an increasing exhibition of the characteristics of the Spirit in the life reactions of such a spirit-led mortal, "for the fruits of the spirit are love, joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, and temperance." "The kingdom of God is not meat and drink but righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit." (381;LP)
    • (2) "... the fruits of the divine spirit which are yielded in the lives of spirit born and God-knowing mortals are loving service, unselfish devotion, courageous loyalty, sincere fairness, enlightened honesty, undying hope, confiding trust, merciful ministry, unfailing goodness, forgiving tolerance, and enduring peace. If professed believers bear not these fruits of the divine in their lives, they are dead. The Spirit of Truth is not in them. They are useless branches on the living vine, and they soon will be taken away. My Father requires of the children of faith that they bear much spirit fruit. If, therefor, you are not fruitful, he will dig about your roots and cut away your unfruitful branches. Increasingly must you yield the fruits of the spirit as you progress heavenward in the kingdom of God. You may enter the kingdom as a child, but the Father requires that you grow up, by grace, to the full stature of spiritual adulthood." (2054; #2, 2 -- Jesus' 18th morontia appearance)


    • Read 1733;3,4 -- two positive and powerful demonstrations of the fact that you are God-knowing.
    • (1740;6-9). "... as you grow older in years..."
    • (1930;2,3). Brotherhood and service -- effective destroyer of the hate urge of war-minded citizens; natural outgrowth of the bearing of the fruits of the spirit.
    • 647; LP to end of section.) Truth, beauty, goodness, yield fruits of divinity.

13. There is no approach to the Supreme except through experience, and in the current epochs of creation there are only three avenues of creature approach to Supremacy:

    • (1) The Paradise citizens descend through Havona where they observe the reality differential and discover the manifold activities of the Supreme Creator personalities.
    • (2) Time-Space Ascenders make close approach to the Supreme in the traversal of Havona as a preliminary to the augmenting appreciation of the unity of the Paradise Trinity.
    • (3) The Havona natives acquire a comprehension of the Supreme through contacts with descending pilgrims from Paradise and ascending pilgrims from the seven superuniverses. (1289;5)

14. One of the most intriguing questions in finite philosophy is this: Does the Supreme Being actualize in response to the evolution of the grand universe, or does this finite cosmos progressively evolve in response to the gradual actualization of the Supreme? Or is it possible that they are mutually interdependent for their development -- that they are evolutionary reciprocals, each initiating the growth of the other? Of this we are certain: Creatures and universes, high and low, are evolving within the Supreme, and as they evolve, there is appearing the unified summation of the entire finite activity of this universe age. And this is the appearance of the Supreme Being, to all personalities the evolution of the almighty power of God the Supreme. (1281;3)

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