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The Soul: Origin, Evolution and Destiny

Part 1: Living Forces

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Life, Mind and Reproduction

On evolutionary worlds the Life Carriers organize material forms, physical patterns of living beings, and at the same time, organize energy systems. But the local universe Mother Spirit provides the initial life spark and thereby vitalizes the lifeless patterns and bestows the endowment of mind. The presence of a Life Carrier is sufficient to initiate life, but all such living organisms are lacking in two essential attributes -- mind endowment and reproductive powers.

Animal mind and human mind are gifts of the local universe Mother Spirit, functioning through the seven adjutant mind-spirits (circuits) while creature ability to reproduce is the specific and personal impartation of the Mother Spirit to the life plasm which is inaugurated by the Life Carriers. Living forms of experimental life which the Life Carriers organize on their worlds at Salvington are always devoid of reproductive powers.

But it is the Spirit of God who really contributes the vital spark. Life flows from the Father, through the Son, and by the Spirit. (Also the Infinite Spirit is the ancestor of cosmic mind and the mind of man is an individualized circuit, a portion of that cosmic mind which is bestowed by the local universe Mother Spirit-- a Creative Daughter of the Infinite Spirit, the source of mind. See 103:2,3,4.)

"Life" is spoken of as 'force' and 'energy' but it is neither. It is not gravity responsive --force and energy are. Life constitutes the animation of some pattern-configured system of energy, including material, mindal, or spiritual.

It is believed that the Master Spirits, Ancients of Days, and the Mother Spirit all participate in this initial episode of life bestowal on a new planet. (403; #6)

Thus life is initiated on the planets by the Life Carriers, who watch over its development until sometime after the evolutionary appearance of mortal man. Before the Life Carriers leave a planet, they duly install a Planetary Prince as ruler of the realm who brings a full quota of subordinate auxiliaries and ministering helpers. The first adjudication of the living and the dead is simultaneous with his arrival. (Read 567;2;7)


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