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The Soul: Origin, Evolution and Destiny

Part 3: Adjuster Arrival and Initiation of Soul

Contents of this study

1. The human subject makes his first moral personality decision. This moral choice is indicated in the seventh mind adjutant, and registers instantly by way of the local universe Mother Spirit, over the universal mind gravity circuit of the Conjoint Actor (Infinite Spirit), in the presence of the Master Spirit of superuniverse jurisdiction -- who forthwith dispatches this intelligence to Divinington, the Paradise rendezvous of the Thought Adjusters.

This mind has been duly prepared by adjutant spirits, encircuited in the Holy Spirit, and embraced by the Supreme Being. The Adjuster usually appears just prior to the sixth birthday.

2. Technique of evolving the immortal soul

The material self has personality and temporal identity. The prepersonal adjuster has eternal identity. This material personality and this spirit prepersonality are capable of Uniting their creative attributes so as to bring into existence the surviving identity of the immortal soul. This uniting initiates the soul. Having thus provided for the growth of the immortal soul and liberating the inner self from dependence on causation response, the Father stands aside -- it remains for man himself to will the creation, or to inhibit the creation of this surviving and eternal self, which is his for the choosing. (71;2,3)

Your individual Adjusters work to spiritize you in the hope of eternalizing your temporal identity. They truly and divinely love you. They are the prisoners of spirit hope confined within the minds of Man. They long for the divinity attainment of your mortal minds that their loneliness may end, that they may be delivered with you from the limitations of material investiture and the habiliments of time. (1182; #6,2)

The soul partakes of the qualities of both the human mind and the divine spirit, but persistently evolves toward living dominance -- through the fostering of a mind function whose meanings seek to co-ordinate with true spirit value. (1219;4)

The Adjusters begin work with a definite and predetermined plan for the intellectual and spiritual development of their human subjects, but it is not incumbent upon any human being to accept this plan. They are always subservient to your will. (1204; #2)

3. Suggestions to help will the creation of soul

    • l. Enlightened prayer must recognize not only an external and personal God but also an internal and impersonal divinity, the indwelling Adjuster. "... the more effective technique for most practical purposes will be to revert to the concept of a near-by alter ego -- to the truth of God's indwelling mortal man in the factual presence of the Adjuster -- so that man can talk face to face, as it were, with a real and genuine and divine alter ego that indwells him and in the very presence and essence of the living God, the Universal Father. (Read 996; #3) "... what a mistake to dream of God far off in the skies when the spirit of the Universal Father lives within your own mind." (64; NL) The content of any petition which is not "spirit indited" can find no place in the universal spiritual circuit. Such purely selfish and material requests fall dead. "It is the motivating thought, the spiritual content, that validates the mortal supplication. Words are valueless". (84; LP, 85;1)
    • 2. Said Jesus, "All of you should pray the Father to transform your emotions of mind and body into the higher loyalties of mind and the more satisfying experiences of the spirit". (1730; #4)
    • 3. Six levels of the Rule of Living: spiritual interpretations on commonplace teachings; recognize the divine command to treat others as we conceive God would treat them; the universe ideal of relationships. Your attitude toward all problems when your supreme desire is ever to do the Father's will. (1650; #4)
    • 4. Mind is your ship, the Adjuster is your pilot, the human will is captain. The master of the mortal vessel should have the wisdom to trust the divine pilot to guide the ascending soul into the morontia harbors of eternal survival. Only by selfishness, slothfulness, and sinfulness can the will of man reject the guidance of such a loving pilot and eventually wreck the mortal career. (1217;5)
    • 5. Worship must alternate with service (work). Work should alternate with play. Religion should be balanced by humor. (1616; #7,3)
    • 6. The consecration of choice. (read 1221; #5)
    • 7. There is a basic law of justice in the universe which mercy is powerless to circumvent. The unselfish glories of Paradise are not possible of reception by a thoroughly selfish creature of the realms of time and space. (Read the sixteen points concerning prayer and thanksgiving in Jesus' discourse at Jotapata. 1638; #2)

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