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The Soul: Origin, Evolution and Destiny

Part 9: The End of Life on Earth;
Resurrection and Fusion

Contents of this study

1. Your Adjuster is the power, privilege, and possibility of survival.

He unfailingly duplicates every mental Creation with a spiritual Counterpart. He is thus slowly and surely re-creating you as you really are (only spiritually) for resurrection on the survival worlds. And all of these exquisite re-creations are being preserved in the eternal reality of your evolving and immortal soul -- your morontia self. These realities are actually there. (1193;3,4)

When death of a material, intellectual, or spiritual nature occurs, (see 1229; LP) the adjuster bids farewell to the mortal host and departs for Divinington. From the headquarters of the local universe and the superuniverse a reflective contact is made with the supervisors of both governments, and the Monitor is registered out by the same number that recorded entry into the domains of time. (1231;1)

"In some way not fully understood, the Universal Censors are able to gain possession of an epitome of the human life as it is embodied in the Adjuster's duplicate transcription of the spiritual values and morontia meanings of the indwelt mind. The Censors are able to appropriate the adjuster's version of the deceased human's survival character and spiritual qualities, and all this data, together with the seraphic records is available for presentation at the time of the adjudication of the individual concerned. This information is also used to confirm those superuniverse mandates which make it possible for certain ascenders immediately to begin their morontia careers upon mortal dissolution to proceed to the mansion worlds ahead of the formal termination of a planetary dispensation." (1231;2)

"If, when death overtakes you, you have attained the third circle or higher and therefore have had assigned to you a personal guardian of destiny, and if the final transcript of the summary of the survival character submitted by the Adjuster is unconditionally certified by the destiny guardian; if both seraphim and Adjuster essentially agree in every item of their life records and recommendations, and if the Universal Censor and their reflective associates on Uversa confirm this data and do so without equivocation or reservation, in that event the Ancients of Days flash forth the mandate of advanced standing over the communication circuits to Salvington, and, thus released, the tribunals of the Sovereign of Nebadon will decree the immediate passage of the surviving soul to the resurrection halls of the Mansion Worlds." (1231;LP)

"If the human individual survives without delay, the Adjuster, so I am instructed, registers at Divinington, proceeds to the Paradise presence of the Universal Father, returns immediately and is embraced by the Personalized Adjusters of the Superuniverse and local universe of assignment, receives the recognition of the chief Personalized Monitor of Divinington, and then, at once, passes into the realization of identity transition, being summoned therefrom on the third period on the mansion world in the actual Personality form made ready for the reception of the surviving soul of the earth mortal -- as that form has been projected by the guardian of destiny. (1232;2)

2. Resurrection on the Mansion Worlds

"When the more spiritually and cosmically advanced mortals die, they proceed immediately to the mansion worlds. In general this provision operates with those who have had assigned to them personal seraphic guardians. Other mortals may be detained until such time as the adjudication of their affairs has been completed, after which they may proceed to the mansion worlds. Or they may be assigned to the ranks of the sleeping survivors who will be repersonalized en mass at the end of the current planetary dispensation." (1233; NL)

"If the mortal associate belongs to a group that will be repersonalized at the end of a dispensation, the Adjuster will not immediately return to the mansion world of the former system of service but will, according to choice enter upon a temporary assignment." (1231;4)

"This child of persisting meaning and surviving value is wholly unconscious during the period from death to repersonalization and is in the keeping of the seraphic destiny guardian throughout this season of waiting. You will not function as a conscious being, following death, until you attain the new consciousness of morontia on the mansion worlds of Satania." (1234;3)

"During the transit of arriving mortals from the world of origin to the mansion worlds, the record of personality constitution is faithfully preserved by the archangels on their world of special activities. These beings are not the custodians of personality (as the guardian seraphim are of the soul. As to the exact whereabouts of mortal personality during the time intervening between death and survival, we do not know." (1234;5)

Concerning forms: "As the mortal body is personal and characteristic for every human being, so will the morontia form be highly individual and adequately characteristic of the creative mind which dominates it. No two morontia forms are any more alike than any two human bodies. The Morontia Power Supervisors sponsor, and the attending seraphim provide, the undifferentiated morontia material wherewith the morontia life can begin to work. And after the morontia life, it will be found that spirit forms are equally diverse, personal, and characteristic of their respective spirit-mind indwellers." (483;NL)

The situation which makes repersonalization possible is brought about in the resurrection halls of the morontia receiving planets of a local universe. Here in these life-assembly chambers the supervising authorities provide that relationship of universe energy -- morontial, mindal, and spiritual -- which makes possible the reconsciousizing of the sleeping survivor. The reassembly of the constituent parts of a onetime material personality involves:

    • (1) The fabrication of a suitable form, a morontia energy pattern within which the morontia mind (the variant of the cosmic mind) can be encircuited.
    • (2) The return of the Adjuster to the waiting morontia creature. The adjuster is the eternal custodian of your ascending identity. ;And the adjuster will be present at your personality reassembly to take up once more the role of Paradise guide to your surviving self. (1234;6-8)
    • (3) When these prerequisites of repersonalization have been assembled, the seraphic custodian of the potentialities of the slumbering immoral soul, with the assistance of numerous cosmic personalities, bestows this morontia entity upon and in the awaiting morontia mind-body form -- while committing this evolutionary child of the Supreme to eternal association with the waiting Adjuster. And this completes the repersonalization, reassembly of memory, insight, and consciousness -- identity. (1235;1) (Forms reflect character 1235; LP, 1236;2)

The fact of repersonalization consists in the "seizure" of the encircuted morontia phase of cosmic mind by the awakening human self. The personality is dependent on the persistence of selfhood reaction to the new universe environment. This is effected through mind. Selfhood persists in all the factor components of self. This change is sudden. The true reality of all selfhood (all personality) is able to function responsively to universe conditions by virtue of the unceasing changing of its constituent parts. Human life is an endless change of the factors of life unified by the stability of the unchanging personality. (1235;2)

3. Upon completion of the seven psychic circles of pre-morontia attainment, the superimposition of the endowment of morontia mind upon mortal (adjutant) mind, initiates the morontia (pre-spiritual) career of local universe progression. (1237;2)

4. Incompleted psychic circles: "The attainment of these cosmic circles will become a part of the ascenders' experience on the mansion worlds if they fail of such achievement before natural death." (1211;2)

5. Concerning records, transcripts, and memory patterns: The mortal mind transcripts and the active creature-memory patterns as transformed from the material level to the spiritual are the individual possession of the detached Thought Adjusters. These spiritized factors of mind, memory, and creature personality are forever a part of such Adjusters. The creature mind-matrix and the passive potentials of identity are present in the morontia soul entrusted to the keeping of the seraphic destiny guardians. And it is the reuniting of the morontia-soul trust of the seraphim and the spirit-mind trust of the adjuster that reassembles creature personality and constitutes resurrection of a sleeping survivor. (533;2)

Worlds of the Archangels: It is on these worlds that personality records and identification sureties are classified, filed, and preserved during that time which intervenes between mortal death and the hour of repersonalization, the resurrection from death. (409;6)

Group resurrections: "Throughout the life-lapse period of the sleeping survivors the spiritual values and the eternal realities of their newly evolved and immortal souls are held as a sacred trust by the personal or by the group guardian seraphim." (568; NL)

"With each seraphim of assignment to the repersonalization of a sleeping survivor there functions the returned Adjuster, the same immortal Father fragment that lived in him during the days in the flesh. And thus is identity restored and personality resurrected. During the sleep of their subjects these waiting Adjusters are on Divinington. They never indwell another mortal mind in this interim." (569;1)

"The earlier ages of the animal-origin races are characterized by primitive mortals who are so immature that fusion with their adjusters is impossible. The reawakening of these mortals is accomplished by the guardian seraphim in conjunction with an individualized portion of the immortal spirit of the Third Source and Center." (569;2)

"But with regard to the non-salvable personalities of the world, no immortal spirit is present to function with the group guardians of destiny, and this constitutes cessation of existence. All of those events really occur on the mansion worlds." (569;3)

"Throughout the earlier ages of an inhabited world, many are called to the mansion spheres at the special and the millennial resurrections, but most survivors are re-personalized at the inauguration of a new dispensation associated with the advent of a divine Son of planetary service." (568; #6, 3)

"From time to time, on motion of the planetary authorities or the system rulers, special resurrections of the sleeping survivors are conducted. Such resurrections occur at least every millennium of planetary time, when not all, but ‘many of those who sleep in the dust awake.' These special resurrections are the occasion for mobilizing special groups of ascenders for specific service in the local universe plan of mortal ascension." (568;6;2)

"There is great advantage in the mobilization of such enormous groups. They are thus kept together for long periods of effective service." (341;3)

"The passing of time is of no moment to sleeping mortals. They are wholly unconscious and oblivious to the length of their rest. On reassembly of personality at the end of an age, those who have slept five thousand years will react no differently than those who have rested five days. Aside from this time delay these survivors pass on through the ascension regime identically with those who avoid the longer or shorter sleep of death." (341;2)

Planetary roll calls are complete dispensational resurrections. Dispensations are variously ordained periods of time which are closely related to epochal planetary changes on Urantia.

    • (1) The first dispensational (planetary) roll call occurred at the time of the arrival of the Planetary Prince 500,000 years Ago.
    • (2) The second dispensational (complete planetary) roll call occurred during the time of Adam, 35,000 years BC. (2024; NL)
      • Concerning the Adamic roll call: The present System Sovereign of Satania, Lanaforge, successor to Lucifer, (see 511; #2) ordered (on the third day after Adam's death) a special roll call of the distinguished survivors of the Adamic default on Urantia. The orders of Lanaforge were sustained by the acting Most High of Edentia and concurred in by Immanuel (the Union of Days) on Salvington (acting for Michael) and placed in Gabriel's hands. This was special roll call number twenty six (!) of the Urantia series. Adam, Eve, and 1316 of their associates in the experience of the first garden were repersonalized and reassembled. But this was also attended by a dispensational (complete planetary) roll call, the second on Urantia. Many other loyal souls had been already translated at the time of Adam's arrival. (853; #6)
      • Subsequent to this Adamic special and this second dispensational roll call, there had been many special and millennial resurrections of Urantia Sons and countless individuals having personal seraphic guardians and those achieving spiritual status for individual resurrection had gone on to the mansion worlds. (2024;3)
    • (3) The third dispensational (complete) roll call signalized the morontia resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth (35,000 years after the Adamic roll call). This was the advent of the 'general' resurrection of the termination of the Adamic dispensation on Urantia.(2024; #3, 1)
      • "It was said of Christ Michael that, when he ascended on high at the conclusion of his work on earth, ‘He led great multitude of captives.' And these captives were the sleeping survivors from the days of Adam to the day of the Master's resurrection on Urantia." (341;1)

The circuit of the archangels then operated for the first time from Urantia. Gabriel summoned the archangels to his side and together they moved to the place of the spiritual polarity of the planet. Gabriel gave the signal and all survivors who had slept since the days of Adam appeared in the resurrection halls of mansonia for morontia investiture. (2024;2)

Post Bestowal Resurrections: The isolation of Urantia in the Lucifer rebellion has suspended the procedure whereby mortals can pass, upon death, directly to the shores of the mansion worlds. Before the days of Christ Michael on Urantia, all souls slept on until the dispensation or special millennium resurrections. Even Moses was not permitted to go over to the other side until the occasion of a special resurrection."But ever since the day of Pentecost, Urantia mortals again may proceed directly to the morontia spheres."

"The post-bestowal Son age may extend from ten thousand to a hundred thousand years. There is no arbitrary time allotted to any of these dispensational eras. This is a time of great ethical and spiritual progress." (596;4,7) (Please read 597; #6)

6. What is Morontia mind?

Morontia mind is a term signifying the substance and sum total of the co-operating minds of diversely material and spiritual natures. Morontia intellect, therefore, connotes a dual mind in the local universe dominated by one will. And with mortals this is a will, human in origin, which is becoming divine through man's identification of the human mind with the mindedness of God." (1205;#5)

There are no influences in the local universe career comparable to the seven adjutant mind-spirits of human existence. The morontia mind must evolve by direct contact with cosmic mind -- as this cosmic mind has been modified and translated by the creative source of local universe intellect -- the Divine Minister." (1236;5)

Morontia mind is the bestowal of the local universe Mother Spirit in liaison with the Creator Son. This mind level connotes the organization of the morontia type of life vehicle -- a synthesis of the material and the spiritual which is effected by the Morontia Power Supervisors of a local universe. Morontia mind functions differentially in response to the 570 levels of morontia life, disclosing increasing associative capacity with the cosmic mind on the higher levels of attainment (481;2)

Cosmic mind: This is the sevenfold diversified mind of time and space, one phase of which is ministered by each of the Seven Master Spirits to one of the seven superuniverses. The cosmic mind encompasses all finite-mind levels and co-ordinates experientially with the evolutionary-deity levels of the Supreme Mind -- and transcendentally with the existential levels of absolute mind -- the direct circuits of the Conjoint Actor." (481;3) (See Nebadon phase of mind; Records in surviving Soul. 1236;3)

"The fact of the cosmic mind explains the kinship of various types of human and superhuman minds. Not only are kindred spirits attracted to each other, but kindred minds are also very fraternal and inclined towards co-operation the one with the other. Human minds are sometimes observed to be running in channels of astonishing similarity and inexplicable agreement." (191; #6, 3) (See 191; #6 - The Cosmic Mind)

7. Morontia growth will progress by morontia revelation - morontia mota -- the super philosophic sensitivity for truth discernment and unity perception (1121; #3;2)

"Revelation is a technique whereby ages upon ages of time are saved in the necessary work of sorting and sifting the errors of evolution from the truths of spirit acquirement." (1110; #5, 1)

".. the third phase of the experience of religion has to do with the morontia state, the firmer grasp of mota. Increasingly in the morontia progression the truths of revealed religion are expanded; more and more you will know the truth of supreme values, divine goodnesses, universal relationships, eternal realities, and ultimate destinies."

"Increasingly throughout the morontia progression the assurance of Truth replaces the assurance of Faith. When you are finally mustered into the actual spirit world, then will the assurances of pure spirit insight operate in the place of faith and truth, or rather, in conjunction with, and superimposed upon, these former techniques of personality assurance." (1111; 3-4)

Said Jesus: "I thank you my Father... and when I have finished this revelation to my brethren in the flesh, I will continue the revelation to your creatures on high." (1807;3) "... when you reach the end of your natural life and thereby pass on to be confronted with the conditions and demands inherent in the next revelation of the of the eternal progression of the Father's Kingdom." (1915;4)

Thus morontia growth continues in the morontia order of existence through study, work, and association with various types of beings too numerous to name here.

8. Fusion with the Adjuster "is usually effected while the ascender is resident within his local system. It may take place on any one of the mansion worlds or on the headquarters of the system. It may even be delayed until the time of the constellation sojourn or, in special instances, it may not occur until the ascender is on the Local universe Capitol. (1237; #7;3) (Read 537; #8 concerning union of soul with the divine Adjuster).

"Thought Adjuster fusion imparts eternal actualities to personality which were previously only potential. Among these new endowments may be mentioned fixation of divinity quality, past eternity experience and memory, immortality, and a phase of qualified potential absoluteness. (1237;#7,1) (Read: The Approach to God. (62; #l)

First the final and irrevocable choice of fusion is made by the mortal. Secondly the authorization to progress is by the mandates of the superuniverses. "This is the at-one-ment authorization which when issued constitutes the 'clearance authority' for the fused personality eventually to leave the confines of the local universe -- to proceed sometime to the headquarters of the superuniverse, from which point the pilgrim of time will, in the distant future, enseconaphim for the long flight to the central universe of Havona and the Deity adventure." (1237; LP)

When fusion with the adjuster has been effected, there can be no future danger to the eternal career to such a personality. Celestial beings are tested throughout a long experience, but mortals pass through a relatively short and intensive testing on the evolutionary and morontia worlds. (1237; NL) See Tests (544;7) (388;2 to LP)

9. Three types of fusion opportunity

  • (1) Adjuster fusion provides the ascension to Paradise and eventual eternal service in superuniverses and outer space, a divine validation. (Read 568;3)
  • (2) Son fusion: "When it becomes apparent that some synchronizing difficulty is inhibiting Father fusion, the survival referees of the Creator Son are convened. And when this court of inquiry, sanctioned by a personal representative of the Ancients of Days, finally determines that the ascending mortal is not guilty of any discoverable cause for failure to attain fusion, they so certify on the records of the local universe and duly transmit this finding to the Ancients of Days. Thereupon does the indwelling Adjuster return forthwith to Divinington for confirmation by the Personalized Monitors, and upon this leave-taking, the morontia mortal is immediately fused with an individualized gift of the spirit of the creator son." (449; LP)
    • Son-fused mortals are not a numerous group, there being less than one million of them in the superuniverse of Orvonton. They frequently journey to Paradise on superuniverse assignment but seldom permanently reside there, being, as a class, confined to the superuniverse of their nativity. (450;3).
  • (3) Spirit-fused mortals are included in the Father's personality circuit, but they have fused with the individualizations of the premind spirit of the Third Source and Center -- the Infinite Spirit. It takes place only at the time of mortal reawakening in the morontia existence on the mansion worlds.
    • When such sleeping survivors are repersonalized on the mansion worlds, the place of the departed Adjuster is filled by an individualization of the spirit of the Divine Minister -- the representative of the Infinite Spirit in the local universe concerned.

In the fusion experience there is no overlapping. The will creature is either Spirit fused, Son fused, or Father fused. Those who are Adjuster fused are never Spirit or Son fused. (450; #9,1)

There is one particular in which spirit-fused mortals differ from their ascendant brethren. There exists no mechanism whereby human memory may persist. The memory acquisitions are experiential possessions of the departed Adjusters and are not available to the creatures of their former indwelling, who therefore awaken in the resurrection halls of the morontia spheres of Nebadon as if they were newly created beings, creatures without consciousness of former existence. But the soul does have a residual experiential recognition response to these unremembered events of past experience.

When told of events of a past experience, there is an immediate response of experience recognition within the soul (the identity) of this survivor. This response invests the narrated event with (1) an emotional tinge of reality, and (2) an intellectual quality of fact. This dual response constitutes the reconstruction, recognition, and validation of a former mortal experience. He also may revisit his nativity world after the planetary dispensation in which he lived, and learn much about the life he lived. (450;#9)

The pattern of memory persists in the soul, but this pattern requires the presence of the former adjuster to become immediately self-realizable as continuing memory. Without the adjuster it requires considerable time for the mortal survivor to re-explore and relearn, to recapture, the memory consciousness of the meanings and values of a former existence. (1237;1)

There are extremely interesting events to learn about spirit-fused beings. Please read the following references concerning the careers of these three types of fusion:

  • (1) Father-fused mortals. (448; #7) Even with Adjuster-fusion candidates, only those human experiences which were of spiritual value are common possessions of the surviving mortal and the returning adjuster and hence are immediately remembered subsequent to mortal survival. (451;4)
  • (2) Son-fused mortals. (449; #8) Supervisors of routine affairs on Urantia.(416;1)
  • ( 3 ) Spirit-fused mortals. (450; #9) Ascendant destinies. (452; #10) High Commissioners; World of Spirit-Fused Mortals. (410; #5) Close association to Court Advisors. (428;1)

After natural death all types of ascenders fraternize as one morontia family on the mansion worlds. (340; LP) Group work is achieved on the seven mansion worlds. From here on, within a given group of spheres like the mansion worlds, ascenders will progress individually from one sphere to another and from one phase of life to another. But they will always advance from one stage of universe study to another in class formation." (Please read "Mansion World Students" -- the progressive plan of training. (341;4)

Morontia progression pertains to continuing advancement of intellect, spirit, and personality form. Before departing the local universe, mortals are recipients of confirmation from the Creator Son and the local universe Mother Spirit. (Read 342;2-5)

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