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Why the Idea of An Elliptical Universe Structure?

by Georgia Gecht


What was in the mind of God when he designed the beautiful elliptic pattern of Paradise Isle and the universe of universes?

By correlating certain references in the Urantia Book, we arrive at an interesting concept that may open our minds to a little larger understanding of philosophy.

The revelations of cosmology are of immense value for various reasons. One of the five outstanding reasons that are given in the Urantia book is that it "presents cosmic data in such a manner as to illuminate the spiritual teachings contained in the accompanying revelation". (1109:NL; 110:3)

Following is the physical description of the cosmos:

     "Proceeding outward from Paradise through the horizontal extension of space, the master universe is existent in six concentric ellipses, the space levels encircling the central Isle" (129:2)

And here is a comparable description of philosophy:

"Philosophy dare not project its interpretations of reality in the linear fashion of logic; it must never fail to reckon with the elliptic symmetry of reality and with the essential curvature of all relation concepts." (1137:5) (As you know, all finite knowledge and creature understanding are relative. 42:#7:1)

"The universe is highly predictable only in the quantitative or gravity measurement sense; even the primal physical forces are not responsive to linear gravity, nor are the higher mind meanings and true spirit values of ultimate universe realities." (136:3)

"As civilization progresses, philosophy will have to bridge ever-widening gulfs between the spirit concept and the energy concept. But in the time of space these divergencies are at one in the Supreme". (1136:LP)

"On absolute levels, energy and spirit are one. But the moment departure is made from such levels, difference appears, and as energy and spirit move spaceward from Paradise, the gulf between them widens until in the local universes they have become quite divergent. They are no longer identical, and neither are they alike, and mind must intervene to interrelate them." (1275:#6:3)

"It is not enough that the ascending mortal should know something of the relations of Deity to the genesis and manifestations of cosmic realtiy; he should also comprehend something of the relationships existing between himself and the numerous levels of existential and experiential realities, of potential and actual realities. Man’s terrestrial orientation, his cosmic insight, and his spiritual directionization are all enhanced by a better comprehension of universe realities and their techniques of interassociation, integration, and unification". (1162:1) (See: "eternity-infinity;an almost limitless ellipse." 52:1)

"Your difficulty at arriving at a more harmonious co-ordination between science and religion is due to your utter ignorance of the intervening domain of the morontia worlds of things and beings. The local universe consists of three degrees, or stages, of reality manifestation: matter, morontia, and spirit. The morontia angle of approach erases all divergence between the findings of the physical sciences and the functioning of the spirit of religion." (1136:3)

"Therefore will religion always be characterized by paradoxes, the paradoxes resulting from the absence of the experiential connection between the material and the spiritual levels of the universe----morontiamota, the superphilosophic sensitivity for truth discernment and unity perception." (1121:#3:2)

"But it is not paradoxical that the IDEA of the elliptic physical structure of the master universe is symbolic of TRUTH, --the elliptic symmetry of the reality of the Universal Father, -which is revealed in the universes in the consciousness of the Creator Sons, -the consciousness of truth. "God is the source of truth in the mind spheres; God overshadows all throughout the material realms." (23:#2:1)

"The progressive comprehension of reality is the equivalent of approaching God".

"The experiencing of total reality is the full realization of God, the finality of the God-knowing experience." (2094:2,3)

"Physical facts are fairly uniform, but truth is a living and flexible factor in the philosophy of the universe". "Divine truth, final truth, is uniform and universal" "Truth is beautiful because it is both replete and symmetrical." (42:#7:1-4)

And so, as man expands his philosophical concepts, he must learn to think elliptically, flexibly, and symmetrically, leaving his mind open to possibilities, and changing truths, by spiritizing his mind with the desire for the consciousness of truth. Even his meaning grasps and value realizations are denominated "psychic circles". No more can the wise man be certain of the "iron band of unchanging truth" –that all seemingly real things, mind meanings, or spirit values are either "this" or "that" in cold fact. Since truth, like goodness, is relative, -"One can be technically right as to fact and everlastingly wrong in the truth." (555:2)

Linear thinking will never achieve high circle attainment. Truth expands circularly in mortal mind through experience.

"The final proof of both a circular and delimited universe is afforded by the "…"well-known fact that all forms of basic energy ever swing around the curved path of the space levels of the mater universe in obedience to the incessant and absolute pull of Paradise gravity." (128:#1:1)

SINCE TRUTH IS ELLIPTIC, ever widening, ever expanding, -it follows then that spirit-values swing around the curved path in obedience to the incessant and absolute pull of the gravity spirit of the Eternal Son and returns to its Paradise source.

Rather than being mathematically round, and wanting in creative imagination and beautiful complexity, the physical universe is spiritually, symmetrically, and truthfully elliptic.

The example—The ellipticity of truth—is reflected in the pattern of the cosmos.

The Cosmos is patterned by truth.

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