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Urantia—Model World For The Supreme?

by Marilyn Hauck

From my first reading of The Urantia Book, I was captivated with the Supreme-with the idea of the Almighty Supreme actualizing in the realms of time and space while the ideal of the character and spirit of the deity had already personalized in Havona. The mystery beckoned and I traced the footsteps of supremacy all through the book, paper by paper. Sometimes the trace was elusive and sometimes evident, but always it was a delight-an ah-ha! The second persistent puzzle (among many lesser ones) is the outworking of this muddled planet. All the superuniverse structure can be called the outworking and inworking of the Supreme in time and space. But is our native sphere so particularly destined?

Why are we so different? Page 1250 lists seven major anomalies of this dust speck, and Urantia Book readers can easily find many more. Granted each world, system, constellation, local universe, and superuniverse is unique. But our development seems to go much farther than "normal." Even the gift of The Urantia Book seems to portend other than the usual progression of evolution.

Are my two favorite puzzles connected? Is our world different because it is especially destined or intended as a model for the Supreme?

It can be reasoned that all decimal planets are planned experiments in evolutionary biology-sociology. Here the physical aspects of supremacy are worked out to statistical completion and repletion throughout all the local universes in the immense creational panorama. But don't forget one of the assignments of our Life Carriers was to develop will potential very early in this planet's upright-walking creature. They succeeded, and mind ministry was challenged to bridge the wide gap between animal and divinity. We are told, but for one, our evolving minds are the most difficult of contact in the universe of Nebadon. The list of our differences and apparent accidents goes on, but what of the plan behind all of this? What of the divine goals?

Nebadon enjoys the rule and creative vision of a Master Michael Son, one who has earned the supreme right to rule through completion of the seven incarnations representing the sevenfold aspect of the existential Gods. His local universe is in the seventh superuniverse, directed and permeated by the Seventh Master Spirit who especially manifests the Trinity in time and space. Apparently the Trinity is to the Supreme what Thought Adjusters are to evolutionary will creatures. Supremacy recognizes achievement. One must accomplish something as well as be born someone. Michael of Nebadon has won his rightful sovereignty. Where does he go from there? What new truths does he manifest? Urantia is the planet where he won his supreme status. It is the planet of his personal rule. It is the birthplace of his human incarnation.

Are there other reasons for thinking that we are particularly a supreme project? Well, let's see. We know that supremacy is based on experiential accomplishment. We know that " . . . the local universes are the real laboratories in which are worked out the mind experiments, galactic adventures, divinity unfoldings, and personality progressions which, when cosmically totaled, constitute the actual foundation upon which the Supreme is achieving deity evolution in and by experience." (*1272:6) Are there any indications that our birthplace especially fits these requirements?

Now we can certainly add up the evidence and figure that supreme experience is tough experience. Even Adjusters must earn classification as "self-acting" or "supreme" by serving in a time of crisis in the experience of some human being. Surely Amadon and his indwelling spirit demonstrated such levels at the time of the Lucifer Rebellion.

Unusual Personal Latitude

Michael of Nebadon encourages his children to courageous and creative thinking. Even after three rebellions he has refused to curtail the unusual latitude of personal liberty he allows his Lanonandek Sons. He designated us to early exhibit will dignity. In spite of the dangers inherent, supreme opportunities are there. Will our world, after a dark, painful, and backward youth, flower as a manifestation of the Supreme in the universe of Nebadon? Certainly we are not hampered by superhuman interference. Our former Planetary Prince was late in arriving and Machiventa Melchizedek has shown no disposition to take up residence in his land of former emergency service. We do have a Council of Twenty-four who represent Christ Michael's special and personal will in our affairs. They seem to have been chosen on the basis of some supreme service which they performed in the past. Oh yes, and Manotia is the Associate Chief of Seraphim on this planet. She's the angel who stood fast for Michael even though her superior fell into treason in the days of the secession.

We have a splendid and special cast here. Our world has a special and splendid destiny. Could it be that we are the model world for the Supreme in the universe of Nebadon?

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