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Why did Jesus come to our world?
Purposes of the Michael Bestowals
Urantia Book Papers 119 and 120

by Ruth Burton

Although the bestowals of Creator Sons are primarily designed to complete the personal education and training of these Sons, (, there are a number of consequent benefits and correlative results which may reasonably be classed as purposes, and are so listed below, in three groups.

  • Purposes 1-5 apply to all Creator Sons -- cosmic in scope

    • 1. That each Creator Son should earn by actual experience the full and complete sovereignty of the universe of his own making. 1308.4d,5;   Last steps in education 1318.2b;  Required to earn sovereignty 1324.2
    • 2. To enable Creator Sons to become wise, sympathetic, just, understanding rulers. 227.nlb; Necessary part of the experiential process 1308.4;  Become merciful in new ways 1309.1; Acquire viewpoint of creatures themselves Hebrews 2:17 "...that he might be a merciful and faithful high priest."
    • 3. To acquire experience in Paradise co-operation in order that each creator Son might represent the maximum authority of the Trinity in administration of his universe. 1323.3a 1324.2
    • 4. To contribute to the evolution of the Supreme. 12.2 1282.3a; See also 1270.3, 1318.3-5, last; Augmenting sovereignty of the Supreme 1327.3d; 1328.3; To establish possibility of sovereignty of the Supreme.
    • 5. To liberate a Michael Son's potential for absonite function,  242.3,4;   With Creative Spirit, attains abxonite levels of service.; Close association with Master Architects 1166.1; 1171.3;; Membership in Trinity Ultimate

Purposes 6 through 8 concern system and planet only -- local in scope.

    • 6. To terminate technically the Lucifer rebellion in Satania 1327.3
    • 7. To accept the title of Planetary Prince of Urantia, replacing Caligastia 1327.last
    • 8. To proclaim a dispensational resurrection 1328.l 2024.4,5

Purposes 9 through 12 apply directly to the uplift and inspiration of man on Urantia and throughout Nebadon, as well as to the benefit and understanding of celestial personalities.

    • 9, 10. the two great motives of Jesus' postbaptismal mission on earth. 1578.last a; To reveal the Father to man 89.3; 1318.4d; 1325.2,nl;; 1331.5 b;  To proclaim that man is a son of God. 454.3d; 1596.3; 2052.3; (Throughout his ministry the Master made countless statements about these purposes ofhis mission, such as: 1536.3; 1537.2,5; 1642.2,3; 1664.3b; 1675.4d; 1737.4
    • 11. To bestow the Spirit of Truth 1328.ld Establish the dispensation of the Spirit of Truth on Urantia. 230.2; 596.5 (On Avonal-bestowal worlds)
    • 12. To reveal man to God, to demonstrate the transcendent possibilities attainable by mortal man. 30.last 8.8 1425.5,nl,last 1426.1,2 " his day, as he was." 1493.4; Achieved mind understanding and personality control; 1985.2; Moments of the Master's greatest victories. 2017.7; Superb manner and matchless spirit inwhich he met death. 2019.2; Angels, too.

"On Urantia there is a widespread belief that the purpose of a Son's bestowal is, in some manner, to influence the attitude of the Universal Father. But your enlightenment should indicate that this is not true. The bestowals of the Avonal and Michael Sons are a necessary part of the experiential process designed to make these Sons safe and sympathetic magistrates and rulers of the peoples and planets of time and space.", Paper 20, by a Perfector of Wisdom.

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