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A Cosmic Love Story:
Some Phenomena Surrounding the Creation of
the Local Universe Mother Spirit
(Based on Paper 34)

By Georgia Gecht

There is much speculation and mystery about the origin and presence of the Local Universe Mother Spirit. Let us attempt a better understanding of this mysterious Being by reviewing her history and origin.

In The Urantia Book, we first discover her as a somewhat "individualized" being securing her pre-personal training on the Havona worlds in close association with the Seven Spirits of the Havona circuits, being trained in methods of interaction with the Creator Son, but as yet, not personalized and all the while subject to the will of the Father. [14:6.29] (162:7), [17:5.2] (202,5)

On the worlds of Havona, her Paradise home, the Daughters of the Spirit glean the mind patterns for all their projected groups of spiritual and material intelligences. And this central universe is the sometime destiny of those creatures whose lives a Universe Mother Spirit jointly fosters in association with the Creator Son of her betrothal, during her cosmic adventure in the realms of the finite. And though she will never again be able to return to the home of her youth, she will find comfort in reflectivity phenomenon, through the Supreme Being in Havona, and Majeston on Paradise, after she has had personality bestowed upon her by the Universal Father. He will collaborate with the Infinite Spirit and the Eternal Son to give to her this greatest of celestial gifts. [14:6.30] (162,8)

The Urantia Book explains that when a Creator Son is personalized by the Universal Father and the Eternal Son, then does the Infinite Spirit individualize a new and unique representation of herself to accompany this Creator Son into the realms of space, there to be his companion. But the actualization of this union apparently takes place at a very much later date. Note that the Son is "personalized" and the Creative Spirit is "individualized." We can think of her as a prepersonally fragmentized reality, something similar to that which the Father brings into being when he 'fragmentizes' himself into the Thought Adjusters, who are prepersonal, (without personality).

After her long Havona training period, which probably took place at the same time Michael received his training, another very mystical appearance takes place that is more like a "borning." The true segregation of her presence does not appear to take place until the final details are consummated between Michael and the Infinite Spirit concerning the physical creation of the local universe. We are told nothing about the time duration of this period of "incubation," but this child of the Infinite Spirit it would seem, is present all the time, but not visible to Michael. She is not insensitive to the tremendous creations and happenings that are going on. She is an active, sensitive, spiritually powerful part of the Infinite Spirit, an entity still enfolded within the Infinite Spirit.

This daughter is a trained individual but not yet born forth from the Infinite Spirit, and during these long ages is perhaps being modified and qualified to take on finite responsibilities as an individual in time and space. During this time of enfoldment she is also being endowed with a personal nature, tinged with that of the Master Spirit of Orvonton. But up to this point the Local Universe Spirit presence is incompletely differentiated from the spirit of the Infinite Spirit.

We are told that, although it is somewhat difficult to portray this early universe presence of the Infinite Spirit as a person, nevertheless, to the Creator Son the Spirit associate is personal and has always functioned as a distinct individual. The time of purely physical organization of creation required over a billion years to complete the Salvington worlds (Michael's headquarters) after which followed the creation of the one hundred headquarters worlds of the projected constellations. And then the ten thousand headquarters spheres of the local systems with their architectural satellites were brought into existence. [34:0.3] (374,3), [32:2.3] (358,#2,3)

After the creation of the universes and the establishments of the energy circuits there goes forth the proclamation of the Michael Son that life is next to be projected in the newly organized universe. Upon the Paradise recognition of this declaration of intention, and following expression of the approval of the Paradise Trinity, there ensues a disappearance in the spiritual shining of the Deities of the Master Spirit in whose superuniverse this creation is organizing.

In the stupendous drama which is about to occur, the Master Spirit of Orvonton enter into a secret embrace of the Deities. At the crucial moment of the segregation and personalization of the new Local Universe Mother Spirit, the other six Master Spirits draw near this central lodgement and await the momentous transaction.

Suddenly there occurs what is known as a "primary eruption"--a tremendous spiritual flash which can be observed as far away as the headquarters of the superuniverse. The Deities withdraw. The Master Spirit emerges to the recognition of his fellows--the six awaiting Master Spirit presences, and together these projected presences withdraw to their respective posts on the worlds of the Infinite Spirit. And as this occurs there appears a new creative spirit presence and power, unlike that of the Infinite Spirit. There is a marked change in the nature of this amazing being who has acquired the nature and personal likeness of the Master Spirit who was enshrouded by the Deities in transmuting liaison with the Infinite Spirit.

After the great flash, the light of the Deities disappears but the Infinite Spirit actually leaves something of herself resident in the local universe. And this new personal representation of the Infinite Spirit personalizes in the immediate presence of the Creator Son, Michael.

Our most fantastic stretches of imagination cannot grasp this incomprehensible phenomena. Michael for the first time has met his bride and helper, whom he has not seen before. Perhaps he has felt her presence, but heretofore he could only anticipate the ecstacy of husbanding a beautiful and perfect mate who would cooperate with him in the planning and management of the extensive affairs of a local universe, and who would be his everlasting and indispensable partner in the creation of their universe children, their family--a celestial being who would act as a divine minister over their joint creation. The individualized Creative Spirit helper of the Creator Son has become his personal creative associate, the Local Universe Mother Spirit.

From this new personal segregation of the Infinite Spirit there proceed established currents and ordained circuits of spirit power, spiritual influence, and mind circuits--pervading all the worlds and beings of Nebadon. This is the occassion upon which the Creative Spirit begins her universe function as a distinct creative personality. All life in Nebadon is ministered to and maintained through her. She is equally and diffusely present throughout her entire local universe, just as literally and personally present on our world as on any other. [34:1.2] (375:2), [32:2.6] (359,3)

It is interesting to note that when the superuniverses are settled in light and life, this incomprehensible phenomenon will have taken place some seven hundred thousand times. These events carry tremendous import and grandeur; Paradise participates, the Deities participate, and all seven of the Master Spirits come forth from each of these encounters hailing it as one of the great events of the present universe age.

It is doubtful that anything in the life of Michael, throughout all the eternal future, will be more ecstatic and sacred to him than this great ceremonial event in which he directly encounters the personal reality of his celestial bride.

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