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Discourse Series Table of Contents

A Study of Selected Discourses of Jesus

by Ruth Burton

6. Other Sermons of Jesus

1. The Last Temple Discourse 1905 (The funeral sermon for the Judaism of that day.)

  • Time and place: 2:00 pm, Tuesday, April 4, in the Temple court.
  • Preceding events:
    • Sunday, the Triumphal Entry. 1880.Sec.3
    • Monday, Cleansing the Temple. 1888
    • Tuesday forenoon, answering accusing rabbis. 189o9.Sec.2; 1901.Sec.4
  • Farewell address of mercy along with denunciation of bigoted rulers. "My father has long dealt in mercy with this people...This nation was called to become the light of the world...the standard bearers of eternal truth." "I am offering you your last chance to repent, enter the kingdom." 1906.1,3 "Obey these elders in Israel in essentials of law,...but not their evil works." "Woe upon you, hypocrites,...false teachers,...blind guides!" 1907, 1908 "Your house is left to you desolate!" 1908.l

2. The Destruction of Jerusalem and the Second Coming

  • Time and place: Tuesday evening on Mt. Olivet. April 4
  • In answer to questions of Nathaniel and Andrew: 1913.1,4 "In these days of travail, even your own kinfolk...will deliver you up to prison and death....when you see the Roman armies, must flee to the mountains." In reply to Peter: 1951.1 "When I return it will be with power and in the spirit. Only the eye of the spirit will behold the Son glorified, appearing in his own name." In ringing words to Thomas: 1916.2; "What does it matter to you who believe this gospel...if nations overturn, the age ends, or all things visible crash. since you know that your life is the gift of the Son, and that it is eternally secure in the Father?"

3. Sonship and Citizenship. 1929.Sec.1

  • Time and place: Thursday forenoon, April 6, high in Gethsemane Park, above camp.
  • Excerpts from the Master's discussion to fifty trusted followers: Employing physical maintain order. Cf. 1475.l 1950.2 "sonship in the kingdom, from the standpoint of advancing civilization should assist become ideal destroy the hate urge." 1930.5 "By discretion,...iron out minor disagreements." 1931.1 "Be faithful even in times of peace and prosperity. Temp not the angels to lead you in troublous ways, as loving discipline to save ease-drifting souls. 1932.1 "In each generation this gospel must show increasing vitality...must not become a sacred memory or mere tradition about me."

4. Teachings About the Spirit of Truth

  • Time and Place: At the last supper, Thursday evening
    • 1948.3 "I will pour out the Spirit of Turth upon all flesh...I will be with you and all other men who desire me, at the same time."
    • 1949.1 "...just like me, except for this material body."
    • 1949.3 "In this way the Son of Man will become a spiritualincarnation in the souls of all true believers."
    • 1954.4f The peace of Jesus Cf.
    • "Each new generation to restate the Jesus message so that every new group of mortals...shall have a new and up-to-date version of the gospel."
    • 1103.4 "Today, as in Galilee..."

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