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Discourse Series Table of Contents

A Study of Selected Discourses of Jesus

by Ruth Burton

3. Discourses of Jesus' Galilean Ministry

1. Teachings of the First Preaching Tour

  • Two months, 1/17-3/17, AD 28
  • 1. Sermon on the Will of the Father in Heaven.
    • Time and place: Jan.17, in Capernaum synagogue, one week after death of John the Baptist. Upon hearing this news, Jesus said, "There shall be delay no longer. The hour has come to proclaim the kingdom openly and with power." This sermon was the first such proclamation.
    • Theme: God loves every one of you as individuals. All these generations have you had a racial religion; now have I come to give you a personal religion.
    • Dramatic aftermath: At the close of that Sabbath service Jesus brought a young man out of an epileptic attack. People thought it was a miracle. Later that same evening occurred the stupendous sundown healing of 683 afflicted persons.
  • 2. On Prayer, Thanksgiving and Worship
    • Occasion: At Jotapata, in answer to Nathaniel's question, Jesus spoke to the twentyfour apostles (of both Jesus and John) on this subject Sixteen paragraph summaries 1638.Sec.2
  • 3. On Certainty of Faith: Two discussions at Ramah;
    • 1. With Greek philosopher. 1641.3 2.
    • 2. In answer to question by Thomas. 1641.last-1642.4 "And all who heard these blessed words were greatly cheered."

2. Talks at the Bethsaida Training School for Evangelists

  • Time: May 3-October 3, AD 28; five months. 1657.1
  • Place: The Zebedee home, the sea-side encampment and hospitsl.
  • Occasion: Questions asked by apostles at evening sessions with Jesus. Forenoons, the apostles, under Peter, instructed the evangelists; afternoons, both apostles and evangelists taught the people.
  • General Theme: Why there is so much evil and suffering in the world.
    • 1. The Master's talk with Thomas; Definitions of evil, sin, and iniquity. 1660.3-5,nla
    • 2. With Nathaniel; The Father does not purposely afflict his children.,last
    • 3. With John; Discourse on Job.,last a:;

3. Teachings of the Second Preaching Tour

  • Time: October-December, AD 28; three months
  • Places: Various towns in Galilee.
  • Setting: Preaching was done by groups of one apostle with twelve evangelists. Jesus doing very little public work; but he visited groups in turn, and held evening classes. Two of the discussions were on the following subjects:
    • 1. On well-balanced charactr. 1673.4-1674.2 2.
    • On "The Fear of the Lord", at Gamala. 1675.Sec.6
    • Note especially, 1675.4 and 1676.4,5

4. Lessons from the Times of Mounting Hostility;
Third Preaching Tour and Capernaum Crisis

  • 1. On Magic and Superstition. 1680.Sec.3 Preceding action: Sending out workers to "the lost sheep of Israel while there is yet time." Those participating wer Jesus' and John's apostles, seventy-five evangelists, and the newly appointed women's corps. 1678.3,5
    • Time and place: February, AD 29; in the banquet hall of Herod's new palace at Tiberias at the evening meeing after the Sabbath wervice conducted by the women.
    • Occasion: A "new" bright star having recently been noticed, Andrew asked about its meaning. Answer: The Mater gave a long discussion of human superstition, summarized here in ten statements.
  • 2. What Must I do to Be Saved? 1682.Sec.5
    • Occasion: An evening session at Shunem of younger evangelists and women where Rachel asked, "Master, what shall we say when women ask us this question?"
    • Jesus' answer: 1682.nla,last Result: Great rejoicing,...renewed energy and enthusiasm.
  • 3. The Nazareth Sermon. 1683.Xec.7,8,9
    • Setting: By pre-arrangement all preaching tour workers assembled from all over Galilee on March 4. Jesus sent Thomas to arrange with the ruler of the synagogue for his preaching at the Sabbath morning service. Enemies of the Master hired ruffians to make trouble.
    • The service: The order of service was just the same as when Jesus attended as a boy. Disturbance and heckling beganin the after-service. Finally, the hirelings rushed Jesus out ot anearby cliff. He suddenly faced about, the crowd parted, and he calmly walked through to safety.
    • Result: This hostility had a sobering effect on all of Jesus' followers. 1687.2 Jesus now began to employ the parable method of teaching. 1688.3
  • 4. The Feeding of the Five-Thousand -- a sermon by means of events. 1700.Sec.3
    • Time and place: March 30, AD 29; Magadan Park. 1702.Sec.3
    • Build-up of Messianic expectation Healing of the Kheresa lunatic. 1695.Sec.6
    • Wakening of Jairus' daughter from seeming death. 1699.2,3
    • Three days of increasing multitudes.1700.3-1701.2 "Bring me the loaves and fishes."
    • Make him King!" 1702.2d
    • Message: "My kingdom is not of this world." 1702.3
    • "Material wonders will not win souls for the spiritual kingdom." 1704.3a
    • Effect: Fifty thousand followers shrank to five hundred. 1705.2 "The twelve began to realize...though not finally, that Jesus would not sit on David's throne." 1705.last
  • 5. The Epochal Sermon. 1709.Sec.2.3
    • Time and place: April 30, in the new Capernaum synagogue, immediately upon the return of Jesus and the twelve from the Passover in Jerusalem. 1706.5
    • Occasion: Jesus arranged to speak in the synagogue, knowing it would be his last chance. (1706.last).
    • Audience: Included fifty-three leaders form Jerusalem, thirty rulers ofnearby synagogues, and official observers of Herod. 1707.last.
    • The sermon: Jesus boldly and squarely met the issue of a spiritual brotherhood versus the traditions of the elders. "Thus did the Master elect to discuss and expose the folly of the whole rabbinical system...regarded as more sacred than even the Scriptures." 1713.3
    • Outcome: The apostles were crushed; also bewildered by Jesus' militant tactics. On May 8, the Sanhedrin closed all synagogues to Jesus. (1718.3) On May 21, Herod signed the decree for Jesus' arrest. 1719.4

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