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Interpreting Universe Reality

by David Glass

All reality has but One Centered Source, the Universal Father, the pre-reality of the I AM. The manifested time-space realities of matter, mind, and spirit display a spectrum of varied and interpenetrating levels of reality. But each level of reality, each form of manifestation, is centered and grounded in a corresponding, perfect Paradise reality which controls and upholds the sustained creativity of God.

We may perceive our progress through such a universe toward the original realms of perfection and eternity as one which progressively transcends material levels, traverses mindal levels, and achieves spirit levels. We may alternatively see evolution as the process by which spirit gains control and ascendancy over matter through the mediation of mind.

A third interpretation is one in which the manifestations of matter, mind, and spirit are being displayed equally before a witnessing consciousness which at some point discovers or realizes that it is identified with a non-evolving, perfect, divine entity which exists as a fragmentation of that Deity reality which is pre-existent and ancestral to all matter-mind-spirit differentiation and manifestation.

Another and subsequent interpretation of universe reality is one in which all manifestations are regarded as realizations of personality thought, by both Creators and creatures, co-creators. In this view of reality, perfection of manifestation is attendant upon simultaneous, perfect, creative, unison thinking by all personalities, or by a sufficiently large segment of such personalities as shall be able to precipitate perfection. The rectification and perfection of creative thinking could proceed most swiftly, if a clear example of right thinking and perfect manifestation consequences were effectively and appreciably demonstrated to a sufficient number of creature personalities.

Divine Outreach

A corollary interpretation of the progressive realizations of universe evolution would be one which is complemental to this last concept. The progress of the demonstration of the perfectability of all subabsolute manifestations by right thinking on the part of both Creator and creature intellects is foreknown by the Omniscient and All-foreseeing Mind of God. The readiness of creatures to appreciate the precipitability of improved and even of perfect realities is designed by prior-eternal Creator reality coordination to coincide with the cyclic interrelationships of universal matter, mind, and spirit (and with the Absolute Sources and means of their manifestation), so that a new outreaching of Divine Paradise realities arrives within a certain sector of the universe at a time and place at which creature consciousness is most appropriately prepared to coordinate with such advanced and unprecedented manifestations of Perfection.

Another interpretation of universe creativity derives from the recognition that all time-space creativity exists as a present reality within the timeless, eternal Mind of God. All ranges of perfection and so-called imperfection manifestation possibilities may be regarded as existing simultaneously in the Mind of Eternity. The Mind of God is manifesting this range of actualizable realities in the sequences of time in the domains of space. The appropriateness of the timing for the manifestation of perfect realities would be governed principally by the readiness of creature consciousness to relate to such realities.

To take this interpretation one step further, one might suggest that all manifestations are but the varied projections of inherently perfect realities before an imperfection -perceiving mentality of time-space creatures. As soon as creature apprehension and comprehension capacity is such that it can relate to perfect manifestations, the projections of reality shall appear to change so as to correlate with the improved capability discernment. Such an alteration of the intent and actuality of reality projection in time and space would result in the immediate precipitation of perfection realities in the evolutionary domains. It may be suggested that creativity in time is a means of enhancing and increasing creature appreciation for the values of Perfection, as well as providing a means of demonstrating the nature of the Infinite Love and Perfection of God within the limited relativities of time-space finitude, for the edification of all subinfinite personalities.

God Identification

All of these foregoing interpretations of universe reality may be transcended through the present realization of a given personality's inherent qualities and elements of Perfection and Eternity. All time-space actualizations become but a passing show-a finite revelation of Infinite facts, meanings, and values-to one who has boldly laid claim to his presently possessed endowments of eternal Perfection. This transcending of time-space manifestations is possible for any personality who has identified himself with God's eternal consciousness and perspective, the viewpoint of his indwelling fragment of God. We may say that such a personality may transcend time and space realities through the discovery of his identifiability with God and Eternal Reality NOW. Our most essential selfhood components comprise an eternal fragment of Divinity and an eternalizable, unique personality. The personality which identifies himself with the associated fragment of God, or which discovers his utter non-identifiability with anything or anyone else, may achieve the eternal perspective-he may proceed to the appropriate recognition that all of Infinity eternally NOW IS, and IS Perfect, any and all subabsolute manifestations, fluctuations, and appearances to the contrary notwithstanding.

Underlying Unity

Such an interpreting personality may discover the unalterable absolute unity which underlies all transient universe manifestations. His indwelling fragment of God is at one with that absoluteness. His personality, like that of the Father, transcends absoluteness and universe reality manifestations inherently. His unified selfhood of absolute reality and personality is at one with the timeless, spaceless, motionless boundlessness of the I AM. Subsequent to such a discovery, each passing moment would be perceived by such a personality as existing as an equally valid Eternity-perception moment, another time-space stop moment in the non-moving, ever-existent NOWness of Eternity, in which all Infinity remains unchanged, immutable, and perfect. When such a consciousness turns itself to the activity of universe contemplation and creative reality thinking, it unerringly results in perfection precipitation as a co-creational force united with the Father's creative prerogatives within the domain of the universe thus related to and concerned. Such is a precept for the progressive perfection of universe reality, duplicating in time and space the eternal patterns of Paradise Perfection, and the Personality Perfection of the Universal Father.

The I AM first fragments as unphasable, distinct entities, proceeds to the creative and evolutionary realization of a cosmic environment and creature personalities, and then, as the Father, bestows the perfect Divinity entities upon his humblest of creatures, men, thereby endowing them with the destiny possibility of attaining consciousness of and identity with the Infinity of the Original I AM. The process of the creation, progressions and perfection of these creature beings is the activity and motion of time; the anytime identity of any freely God-choosing mortal with the all-transcendent perfection of the I AM is an eternal and everlasting, nonabrogatable reality NOW. In time, much becomes; in eternity, all is-is perfect and is one. The eternal Infinity of the I AM is the maximum conceptual paradox for creature comprehension capacities: Eternal Infinity is Limitless Diversity existing simultaneously as Infinite Unity. Nonetheless, so all is, and all includes us, in Eternity, NOW. Such a reality, while philosophically paradoxical, is nevertheless susceptible of creature intuition and validation through the experiential discovery of absolute unity with Infinity: personal sonship with God.

"Sooner or later all universe personalities begin to realize that the final quest of eternity is the endless exploration of infinity, the never-ending voyage of discovery into the absoluteness of the First Source and Center. Sooner or later we all become aware that all creature growth is proportional to Father identification.


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