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Wesley James
The Urantian Journal of Urantia Brotherhood
Summer, 1980

One function of revelation is to sort out, clarify, and emphasize the truths which have evolved over the years as men seek to harmonize what they know and what they can believe. Angels have been a part of religious revelation, evolution, tradition, myth, and legend for thousands of years. Some of the most interesting narratives in The Urantia Book deal with the relationship or connection between mortals and angels.

Seraphim, being the closest to us during our mortal existence, are our guardians, companions, inspiration, and conservators of the best we have achieved individually and as a planet. The Urantia Book describes the particular relationship of guardian seraphim and the efforts of the master seraphim or planetary supervisors. We read that while they can't implant new or better ideas or concepts in our minds, they often act to intensify a higher ideal someone has already conceived. They also train and mobilize the reserve corps of destiny.

The question I have after reading this is, how do they do it? One of the intriguing results of revelation is that it leaves us asking as many questions as it answers. This, of course, is the way it's meant to be. I think I see the results of the seraphic efforts in history, especially in the last 1900 years since the universal bestowal of Thought Adjusters.

We have often heard the expression that this or that person is on the side of the angels. I wonder if perhaps in many cases the angels aren't on the side of an individual. Consider someone who in an ordinary way starts with an idea or ideal and by staying with his conviction and building upon it changes the course of history.

Martin Luther, seeking the way to salvation, was convinced that faith, not good works, was the answer. Before he was through, he and his fellow reformers had shaken the church of Rome to the core. The Reformation forced the church to begin its own counter-reformation.

Angelo Roncalli served the world as Pope John XXIII for such a brief period, but as he put it, during that time he opened the windows of the Vatican and let in some fresh air. The conservative members of the church have done their best since to close the windows, but they don't realize that it's too late.

These are only two of thousands of examples of history where results have far exceeded initial intent. Is it circumstance, happenstance, or coincidence, or have the seraphim of our planetary guardianship been successful in intensifying the higher ideals of those involved? I don't know, but I believe the seraphim have helped our progress in these and thousands of other instances. I believe they continue to help us in ways we can't realize or comprehend.

"Keep on keeping on"

In writing recently about God the Supreme, my mother once said the important thing seemed to be to "keep on keeping on," in other words, to hang in there, to continue our best efforts or ideas as we see them. There is something in the universe, the seraphic connection, that, if you will, will intensify these efforts and bring about the best results for all concerned. We may not recognize the results as such, or even live to see them; but faith assures that, with help from our unseen friends, things work out for good. This is the meaning of the morontia mota, "The act is ours; the consequences God's." (*556:13)

In the early days of the dissemination of The Urantia Book and its teachings, its spread has been slow but increasingly certain. I'm sure the seraphim are assisting the true efforts of all the individuals concerned with the movement. With such help we are assured of success. I'm also convinced that the long-term result of the Urantia revelation, when viewed as history sometime in the future, will be greater than any involved with the movement in these very early days can foresee. I believe the seraphic connection will continue and will add to our efforts. As people become more willing to follow their higher ideas, religiously, politically, and socially, there is nothing that can't be attempted and eventually accomplished.

-Wesley R. James Forest Park, Illinois

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