The Conceptual Organization of the Urantia Book

by David Kantor


This document contains a suggested grouping and conceptual organization of The Urantia Book for more meaningful study.

Four papers may be considered separately. These include the Foreword, Paper 56, Paper 118 and Paper 196. The Foreword and Paper 56 studied together will provide significant insights, but to be productive such a study must be preceeded by a thorough reading of Papers 1 through 55.

Paper 118 examines the theological implications of the materials developed in Parts I, II and III, and provides a conceptual foundation upon which future theological insights may be developed through a combination of rational philosophic extension and personal revelation.

Paper 196 provides a meditative reflection on the implications of the faith of Jesus for our personal spiritual lives.

Part I of The Urantia Book — The Universe of Universes

Part II of The Urantia Book — The Local Universe

Part III of The Urantia Book — The History of Urantia

Part IV of The Urantia Book — The Life and Teachings of Jesus