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The Supreme, God the Sevenfold, Forces,
Energies and Universe Power Control

100 Questions and Answers

by Georgia Gecht
Santa Monica, California, 1968

Preface: "The mastery of the cosmic circles is related to the quantitative growth of the morontia soul, the comprehension of supreme meanings. But the qualitative status of this immortal soul is wholly dependent on the grasp of living faith upon the Paradise-potential fact-value that mortal man is a son of the eternal God." (1211,4)[110:6.18]

The Seven Grand Divisions of Universal Energy

  1. Space Potency: Absoluta
  2. Primodial Force: Segregata
  3. Emergent Energies: Ultimata (Puissant and Gravity)
  4. Universe Power: Gravita
  5. Havona Energy: Triata
  6. Transcendental Energy: Tranosta
  7. Paradise Energy: Monota

The Questions and Answers

  1. The Supreme is first of all a spirit person. What is its source? Ans: The Paradise Trinity. (1264,2)[115:4.2]

  2. The Supreme is secondly a Deity of growth. From where is this growth derived? Ans: The two Triodities -- actual and potential. (1264,2)[115:4.2]

  3. Name the members of both triodities--also known as non-Father Triunities. (1151, #5)[104:5] Ans: The triodity of actuality consists of the Eternal Son, the Paradise Isle, and the Conjoint Actor. The triodity of potentiality consists of the Deity Absolute, the Universal Absolute, and the Unqualified Absolute.

  4. With what in the cosmos are the triodities primarily and directly concerned? Ans: The cosmic appearance of the experiential Deities. (1151, lp)[104:5.6]

  5. Where is God the Supreme? Ans: In Havona. God the Supreme is the personal spirit reflection of the Triune Paradise Deity. (11,2)[000:7.5] Note that "Deity" is used singularly to denote "Trinity."

  6. Where does the primary finite reality find immediate expression as perfect personalities and perfect creation? Ans: In Havona. (1163, lp)[106:1.1] Havona did not grow. It always has been. (1268, 3)[116:1.3] "…each planet is a matchless, superb, and perfect production." (159,3)[14:5.6]

  7. How does the secondary--the evolutionary phase of finite reality--become cosmically integrated, or attain a level equal to that of primary perfection? Ans: By growth and attainment subject to time delay--a superuniverse qualification--which is not genetically found in the Havona creation. (1164,1)[106:1.1]

  8. What is the advantage of this obstacle "time lag" to creation? Ans: It provides for creature participation in evolutionary growth, and makes it possible for the creature to enter into partnership with the Creator in the creature's own evolution. (1164,2)[106:1.2]

  9. From whom does God the Supreme derive his personality and spirit attributes? Ans: From the Paradise Trinity.

  10. How is he actualizing, and from where does he derive his power? Ans: He is now actualizing in the Creator Sons, the Ancients of Days, and the Master Spirits (Supreme Creators) from whom he derives his power as Almighty to the superuniverses of time and space. The Almighty Supreme, evolving on the value level of non-personal (physical) activities, and the spirit person of God the Supreme are ONE reality--the Supreme Being. (12,2)[000:8.3]

  11. How is this associative relationship (Deity) expanding outward in the horizontal cosmic levels? Ans: In God the Sevenfold. (11,2)[000:7.5]

  12. What is the nature or composition of God the Sevenfold? Will it ever expand? Ans: It consists of seven differing associations of divine meanings and values on seven ascending levels. (648,2-3)[56:10.18,19] Its function dates from the organization of the seven superuniverses and it will probably expand in connection with the future evolution of the creatures of outer space. (12,4)[000:8.5]

  13. Where do the meanings and values on these levels originate? Ans: "The Father is actually the eternal and universal source of all the meanings and values of the spiritual, the volitional, the purposeful, and the personal." (73.3)[6:0.3]

  14. What are the three primary elements of universe reality? Ans: Things, meanings and values. (2094,2)[196:3.2]

  15. What happens when the absolute truth is linked with factual experience in the finite creature? Ans: An eventuation of a new and emerging value of the Supreme occurs. "When truth becomes linked with fact, then both time and space condition its meanings and correlate its values. Such realities of truth wedded to fact become concepts and are accordingly relegated to the domain of relative cosmic realities." (1297, #3, 3-4)[118:3.3,4]

  16. "God the Sevenfold" is a functional integration of which universe realities? Ans: "The Universal Father has established the evolutionary creature's seven-fold approach to Deity through the following:
    1.) The Paradise Creator Sons;
    2.) The Ancients of Days;
    3.) The Seven Master Spirits;
    4.) The Supreme Being;
    5.) God the Spirit;
    6.) God the Son;
    7.) God the Father. (11,VIII)[000:8.1]

  17. What is the Almighty Supreme and where is it to be found? Ans: A living and evolving Deity of power and personality. His present domain, the grand universe, is also a growing realm of power and personality. (1268,4)[116:0.4]

  18. In what capacity is the Almighty Supreme evolving? Ans: As the overcontroller of the physical power of the grand universe. (1274,2)[116:5.4] (See "grand universe", p1, last paragraph)[000:0.6]

  19. In this universe age, where does this potential of physical power appear to be centered? Ans: In the Seven Supreme Power Directors. (1274,2)[116:5.4]

  20. What is the location of the Power Directors -- where are they? Ans: They operate through the fixed locations of the power centers (320,#2)[29:2.1], (320,#3)[29:3.1] and through the mobile presences of the physical controllers. (1274,2)[116:5.4]

  21. Are the controllers and Power Directors concerned with God the Sevenfold? Ans: The seven groups of controllers of the grand universe are functionally inseparable from God the Sevenfold and constitute the physical control level of this Deity association. (1273, nl) [116:5.2]

  22. Name the sevenfold controllers of the grand universe. Ans:

    1.) The Master Physical Controllers;
    2.) The Supreme Power Centers;
    3.) The Supreme Power Directors;
    4.) The Almighty Supreme;
    5.) The God of Action (Infinite Spirit);
    6.) The Isle of Paradise;
    7.) The Source of Paradise--The Universal Father. (1273,#5)[116:5]

    From (1273,#5)[116:5]: "…you should now recognize that the Sevenfold encompasses the controllers as well as the creators of the grand universe." (1148, last line through 1149,1)[104:4.9,10]: "…no matter how difficult it may be to comprehend, it is nonetheless true that the power-pattern and the loving person are one and the same universe reality; the Paradise Isle and the Eternal Son are co-ordinate but antipodal revelations of the unfathomable nature of the Universal Father-Force."

  23. What is the maximum revelation of Deity to the seven superuniverses for the present universe age? Ans: The Supreme Being is the maximum revelation of Deity. (1270,3)[116:2.5] "God the Supreme is becoming the highest finite manifestation of the total will of God." (1278,1)[117:0.1] Note that the names "God the Supreme", "Supreme Being", and "Almighty Supreme" are used interchangeably in the grand universe.)

  24. Where is the evolutionary almighty power of the creator children of the Paradise Deities focused? Ans: In the Supreme Being. (1270,3)[116:2.5]

  25. Where are the personality realities of God the Supreme which come from the Paradise Deities and the power prerogatives of the Almighty Supreme which come from the Creator divinities of the grand universe unified? Ans: On the pilot world of the outer Havona circuit. (641,#6,2)[56:6.2]

  26. Our concepts of the Supreme must provide for a differential recognition of spirit person, evolutionary power, and power-personality synthesis. Explain what is meant by this. Ans: The unification of evolutionary power with, and its dominance by spirit personality. (1164, nl)[106:2.2]

  27. The evolution of the non-spiritual (physical) forces and energies of the Almighty power emanating from the Supreme Creators eventuated in a new power-presence of Deity. With what were these power potentials co-ordinated in Havona? Ans: The spiritual person of the Supreme. (641,#6,2)[56:6.2]

  28. Through what factor was this co-ordination made possible? Ans: These reality potentials were co-ordinated by means of the Supreme Mind. (64,4)[5:2.1]

  29. After the personal spirit potentials and the power potentials (resident in the infinite mind of the Infinite Spirit) are unified on the pilot world of the Havona outer circuit, to where are these unified potentials concomitantly translated? Ans: To the active functional mind of the Supreme Being. (641,#6,2)[56:6.2]

  30. In which direction is finite Deity moving to seek unity or correlation in the universe--inward or outward? Ans: Finite Deity is always seeking a two-way (dual) correlation: inward toward Paradise and the Paradise Deities, and outward toward infinity and the Absolutes. (1265,8)[115:6.8]

  31. How did God the Supreme function in Havona previous to the creation of the seven superuniverses? Ans: He functioned only on spiritual levels. (641,#6,2)[56:6.2]

  32. Describe some of the ways in which the growth of the Supreme parallels the growth of the mortal soul. Ans: (1276,2-6)[116:7]

    1.) Mortals look to solar energy for life maintenance. So does the grand universe depend upon Nether Paradise energy for sustenance and motions of space.
    2.) Mortal man is responsive to spirit guidance through finite mind, even as the grand universe responds to the far-flung spirit gravity grasp of the Eternal Son, through Supreme Mind.
    3.) Mortals are capable of making an everlasting self-identification through fusion with the indwelling Thought Adjuster. Likewise does the Supreme depend upon the Paradise Trinity.
    4.) Man's urge for Paradise perfection creates a genuine divinity tension which is resolved by the evolution of an immortal soul. Likewise, when all creatures and all creators in the grand universe strive for God attainment and perfection, the resulting cosmic tension can only find resolution in the synthesis of almighty power with the spirit person of the evolving God of all creation, the Supreme Being, the cosmic oversoul of the grand universe. (1285,#5)[117:5.1]
    5.) Man consciously grows from the material toward the spiritual by strength--power--and the persistency of his own decisions; also as the Thought Adjuster develops techniques for reaching down from the spiritual to the soul levels. Once the soul comes into being, it begins to grow in and of itself. "This is somewhat like the way in which the Supreme Being expands". His sovereignty grows in and out of the acts of the Supreme Creators--the evolution of the majesty of his power as the ruler of the grand universe. His Deity nature is dependent on the pre-existent unity of the Paradise trinity. He is not only Creator-evolved and Trinity derived, he is also self-evolved and self-derived. (1282,2-3) [117:3.6,7]

    Also: Rev. 21:22; "And I saw no temple there; for the Lord God Almighty and the Lamb are the temple of it." Job 37:23; "Touching the Almighty we cannot find him out. He is excellent in power, and in judgement, and in plenty of justice. He will not afflict." See also: conjoint child (1234,2)[112:5.12], Supreme child (1275,#6,5-6)[116:6.5,6], Child of the Supreme, Child of all absolute values (2094,lp)[196:3.13]

  33. The Almighty Supreme functions in three capacities; one in the central universe (Havona), another in the grand universe, and thirdly in the master universe. What is the nature of these functions? Ans: 1.) In the central universe he functions as a spirit personality. 2.) In the grand universe he functions as God the Absolute. 3.) In the master universe he functions as an unknown mind potential. (1268,5)[116:0.5]

  34. The Supreme Being, our non-absolute experiential God of time and space, is powerizing as the Almighty Sovereign of the super-creations (outer space). Part of his power is evolving from the perfected and ascendant beings of time and space. Through what other sources or transaction is he deriving this great power? Ans: Through the mysterious mobilization of the six other finaliter corps. (354,3-4)[31:10.10,11]

  35. Name the six other corps of finaliters and tell who heads them. Ans:

    1.) The Corps of Paradise Finaliters.
    2.) The Corps of Trinitized Finaliters.
    3.) The Corps of Conjoint Trinitized Finaliters.
    4.) The Corps of Havona Finaliters.
    5.) The Corps of Transcendental Finaliters.
    6.) The Corps of Unrevealed Sons of Destiny.

    Note that the senior Master Architect has the oversight of the seven corps of the Finality. The presiding heads of each of the seven corps constitute The Supreme Council of Destiny. (352,lp and 353,1-2)[31:10.1]

  36. Will the beings of outer space contribute to the further growth of the Supreme Being? Ans: No. The outer space levels lack the presence of finite experience in the universal life of ascendant existence. This is a tremendous experiential handicap--the deprivation of participation in the evolution of the Almighty Supreme. (353,4)[31:10.4]

  37. A.) What reality provides the basis of all existence? Ans: Energy. B.) What is the foundation of the universe? Ans: Material (467,1)[42:0.1]

  38. What monument demonstrates and proves the existence and presence of the Universal Absolute? Ans: Force--energy is the proof. (467,1)[42:0.1] Note that in this paragraph the reference to the Universal Absolute probably refers to all the Absolute potentials of infinity.)

  39. By whose personal will and mandates is the universe energy manipulated? Ans: The Universal Father. (467,2)[42:0.2]

  40. How is this power modified, and by whom? Ans: By the Eternal Son. Also, by the Father and Son acting together; it is executed through the Conjoint Actor (Infinite Spirit). (467,2)[42:0.2]

  41. In The Urantia Book what word is used to denote: A) phenomenal motion, action and the potential stages of energy? B) Pre-gravity stages of energy? C) Post-gravity (physical) states of energy?

    Ans: A) "energy" denotes motion, action, potential stages. B) "force" refers to the pre-gravity stage--"emergent energy", and C) "power" refers to the post-gravity stage--physical energy. (469,1-2)[42:2.1,2]

  42. Which one of the Seven Absolutes is present in all space and by what name is it designated therein? Ans: The Unqualified Absolute; potentials of infinity. The free-space presence of the Unqualified Absolute is called "space potency". (469,3)[42:2.3]

  43. Where does the Universal Father center his space potentials? Ans: In Nether Paradise--the supporting (fulcral) zone of the Unqualified Absolute, the centrum of the Paradise cycle of cosmic reality. (469,3-4)[42:2.3,4]

  44. How is space potency transformed in the beginning of its evolution from existential potential (space force) to emergent energy--puissant? Ans: By the presence of the Primary Eventuated Master Force Organizers. (496,6)[42:2.5]

  45. Where are the Primary Eventuated Master Force Organizers headquartered and where do they function? Why are they different from most other beings? Ans: They are resident on the Paradise Isle but they function throughout the master universe, more particularly in the domains of unorganized space. They are neither creatures nor creators, and they withstand temperatures intolerable to any of the power controllers. (329,1-6)[29:5.1]

  46. How many divisions of Master Force Organizers are there? Ans: There are two divisions; 1.) Primary Eventuated Master Force Organizers, and 2.) Associate Transcendental Master Force Organizers (329,#5,1-2)[29:5.1,2]

  47. What is the function of the Primary division? Ans: The Primary Master Force Organizers are the manipulators of the primordial or basic space forces of the Unqualified Absolute. They are Nebulae creators, the living instigators of the energy cyclones of space, and the early organizers and directionizers of these gigantic manifestations. This procedure entails transmuting primordial force (pre-energy, not responsive to the physical gravity grasp of Paradise, but only to the personal grasp of the Father) into primary emergent energy--"puissant" energy. (329,#5)[29:5.1]

  48. While space potency is a pre-reality, the domain of the Unqualified Absolute, and is responsive only to the personal grasp of the Father, how is this process of transmuting it made possible by the Force Organizers? Ans: It is seemingly modifiable by their passive presence which causes a resistance which is sufficient to transform static, abeyant, reactive space potency into active primordial force, in response to the resistance afforded by the mere presence of the Primary Force Organizers. This is the primary differentiating function, which sets up an activated space field upon which to begin their initial and active operations. To use a layman's expression -- this force thus far is "unused" coagulated mass. (469,5)[42:2.5], (470,1)[42:2.10], (1156,5)[105:3.7]

  49. This primordial force passes through two distinct phases of transmutation before appearing as universe power. Name both of them. Ans: "Puissant" energy and "gravity" energy. (470,1-3)[42:2.10-12]

  50. Describe briefly what the primary stage of emergent energy is. Ans: This puissant energy is the powerful, directional, mass-movemented, mighty-tensioned, forcible-reacting energy, gigantic systems in motion. It is not a first definitely responsive to Paradise gravity pull, though probably yielding in space-directional-response to Nether Paradise. When this energy emerges to the level of initial response to the absolute gravity-grasp of Paradise, the Primary Force Organizers relinquish this stage to their Associates. (470,2)[42:2.11]

  51. Describe briefly what gravity energy is. Ans: Gravity energy is the active ancestor of all universe matter. It has become directly responsive to the circular grasp of Paradise absolute-gravity. This is the secondary stage, or gravity stage, which has been elaborated upon by the pressure presence and tension trends set up by the powerful Associate Transcendental Master Force Organizers. In response to this work of the Associate manipulators, space energy rapidly passes from the puissant to the gravity stage, and discloses a potential for sensitivity to the linear gravity pull, the local electronic gravity pull. This mass is very soon to appear as electronic and post-electronic (organized stages of) energy and matter. (470,3)[42:2.12]

  52. What other intelligent action is present in both of these levels of emergent energy manifestations? Ans: In both levels of emergent energy, puissant and gravity, the action of the Ultimate is recognized. (470,4)[42:2.13]

  53. By what name are both of these manifestations known on Uversa? Ans: They are called "Ultimata". (470,4)[42:2.13]

  54. When space-force has been changed into space-energy and then into energy of both linear and Paradise gravity control, what does it constitute? Ans: It constitutes power. (470,5)[42:2.14]

  55. Do the Force Organizers decide when and where to transmute space-potency into energies for the purpose of creation? Ans: No. These two mighty orders of primordial force manipulators work exclusively under the supervision of the Architects of the Master Universe. (329,#5,3)[29:5.2], (351,#9)[31:9]

  56. When a Creator Son has completed his plans for the creation of a local universe and has chosen a site where he desires to build his universe; after the Master Architects have submitted a few choices of these gigantic power manifestations that are ready to serve the Creator Son -- who is delegated to handle the power for such a creation? Ans: The Power Directors. The Associate Force Organizers give way to the orders of Power Directors, acting in the superuniverse of astronomic jurisdiction. This work is carried on by directors, centers and controllers of energy in the grand universe. (470,5)[42:2.14]

  57. If no plans are apparent, what happens to these tremendous aggregations? Ans: If no plans are forthcoming, the Associate Force Organizers continue on indefinitely in charge of these material creations, even as they now operate in outer space. (329, #5)[29:5.1]

  58. Where are the Seven Supreme Power Directors headquartered? Ans: They are stationed on Peripheral Paradise, slowly circulating in positions which correspond to the superuniverse and Master Spirit with which they are aligned. Their presence indicates the whereabouts of the force-focal headquarters of the Seven master Spirits. (320,#1,3)[29:1.3]

  59. Do the Seven Supreme Power Directors function collectively or singly as the physical-energy regulators of the grand universe? Ans: They function singly in the power-energy regulation of the superuniverses, but collectively in the administration of the central universe. (320,#1,3)[29:1.3]

  60. By whom were these physical-energy regulators of the grand universe created? Ans: By the Seven Master Spirits -- collectively. (320,#1,1)[29:1.1]

  61. Do the Power Directors alternate with one another and work with Master Spirits of other universes? Ans: No. Each Master Spirit is in eternal union with one of their collective offspring. Their eternal partnership results in a unique association of physical and spiritual energies--of a semi-physical being and a spirit personality. (320,#1,2)[29:1.2]

  62. After the Master Spirits personalized the Seen Supreme Power Directors, what important event took place between them and their parents, the Master Spirits? Ans: They collaborated in the production of more than ten billion associates. (319,5)[29:0.3]

  63. What suggestion has been made that we study the power system of the cosmos? Ans: "…the power directors and their associates have been the least understood on Urantia". "…little information concerning the controllers and regulators of the physical domain has ever been imparted.". "Having knowledge about material creatures, you have at least a contrastive conception of spiritual beings…" (319,1,lp)[29:0.1-4] "No matter how difficult it may be to comprehend, it is nonetheless true that the power-pattern and the loving person are one and the same universal reality; the Paradise Isle and the Eternal Son are co-ordinate but antipodal revelations of the unfathomable nature of the Universal-Father-Force." (1148, last line)[104:4.9]

  64. Name the four major divisions of living beings having to do with the intelligent regulation of energy throughout the grand universe and identify them. Ans: As listed on page 319 [29:0.2] these are:

    1.) The Seven Supreme Power Directors. They operate from Paradise but maintain themselves as power centers in all divisions of the grand universe. They created more than ten billion associates. (319,5)[29:0.3]
    2.) The Supreme Power Centers. Seven major groups from Havona on out to the local universe systems, the one hundred systems that make up the constellations. (320, lp)[29:2.1]
    3.) The Master Physical Controllers. These beings exist in seven different orders in the grand universe. (324,4)[29:4.1]
    4.) The Morontia Power Supervisors. These beings are classified in seven groups. The morontia supervisors are not listed as overcontrollers. They work with spiritual and physical energies through the Local Universe Mother Spirits and Michaels, and interestingly enough, very close to mortals, but are self-governing. They are not to be confused with the Supreme Center Supervisors--the associates of the Supreme Power Directors who work with physical power only and are located on the Infinite Spirit worlds.

    Note: Refer to question 22 and clarify in your mind where three of these divisions fit into the sevenfold overcontrollers of the grand universe.

  65. Regarding the Supreme Power Centers: A.) Who constitutes these centers? B.) What types of beings are they? C.) Where are they located? Ans:

    A.) Associate Power Directors and their mobile assistants and subordinates--the Master Physical Controllers.
    B.) They are beings of high will freedom and action, and disclose volitional capacity of a high order. They are the exquisite intellect of the power system of the grand universe. They are the secret of the technique of mind control of all the vast network of the Master Physical Controllers and the Morontia Power Supervisors, and are endowed with Third Source (Infinite Spirit) personality. (321, last)[29:2.5] See question 62 for their origin.
    C.) Their location mainly corresponds with the name of the group or order.

  66. Name the seven groups of power centers and describe their activities.

    1.) Supreme Center Supervisors: Seven coordinates and associates of the Seven Supreme Power Directors, regulators of the master energy circuits. Headquartered on the Infinite Spirit Worlds. They work in very close association with the Seven Supreme Executives who are the directors of the Infinite Spirit Spheres and are the co-ordinators of general universe affairs. They are the board of managing directors of post-Havona creation, directing things physical, intellectual and spiritual, and are the universal representatives of the Seven Master Spirits. Read (198, section 1)[17:1.1] as well as (321,2)[29:2.3]
    2.) Havona Centers: One million centers. Each center has supervision of a thousand Havona worlds. This perfection of energy regulation is the goal of all power centers and physical controllers of space. (321,4)[29:2.5]
    3.) Superuniverse Centers: 1,000 centers at the capital of each superuniverse. Three currents of primary energy of ten segregations each come into these power centers, a total of thirty physical energies of space, constituting the power charge of a superuniverse.
    4.) Local Universe Centers: 100 power centers at the headquarters. They function to downstep the seven power circuits emanating from the superuniverse headquarters, making them useful, constructive, and applicable to the services of the constellations and systems. These centers are of great assistance to the Creator Sons. (321, lp)[29:2.9]
    5.) Constellation Centers: 10 centers in each. These function as energy projectors to the one hundred local systems. (321, lp)[29:2.9]
    6.) System Centers: One supreme power center is permanently assigned to each local system. They dispatch the power circuits to inhabited worlds and co-ordinate the activities of the subordinate physical controllers. (322,3) [29:2.11]
    7.) Unclassified Centers: Function in special local situations but not on inhabited worlds. Individual worlds are in the charge of master Physical Controllers. (322,4)[29:2.12]

  67. Will we mortals have direct contact with either the Supreme Power Directors or the power centers? Ans: No. We will have nothing to do with either. (319,lp)[29:0.4]

  68. Regarding Power Centers and their subordinates, the physical controllers:

    1.) Do they undergo training? Ans: They undergo no training; they are created in perfection and are perfect in action.
    2.) Do they rest or enjoy reversion? Ans: They never play even for a fraction of a second; they are always on duty. They cannot relinquish supervision of circuits of time and space.
    3.) Is there evolution in their ranks? Ans: There is no evolution in their ranks. They always serve as originally assigned. This applies to both orders of seven divisions each.
    4.) Do they contend with apprehension or interference by other tribunals of power? Ans: The Supreme Power Directors and their assistants and subordinates are forever exempt from apprehension or interference by all the tribunals of all space.
    5.) How do they relate to gravity? Ans: They resist gravity. Their relation to gravity is wholly negative.
    (322, lp)[29:3.2], (323,3-5)[29:3.4-6]

  69. Outside of Havona, do these centers function on ordinary evolutionary suns or planets? Ans: No. They could not function on ordinary planets. They function only on specially constructed architectural spheres. The living power centers can act as selective switches, to directionize, modify and concentrate the energies of space as they pour over these spheres. (323, nl)[29:4.1]

  70. Are these universe power directors concerned with the tremendous actions of force now taking place outside the boundaries of the seven superuniverses? Ans: No. They have nothing to do with outer space force. (324,1)[29:3.10]

  71. Regarding the Master Physical Controllers: Who created them? Name the seven orders. Ans: They are the direct offspring of the power centers, but created with or by various other orders.

    The seven orders are:
    1.) Associate Power Directors,
    2.) Mechanical Controllers,
    3.) Energy Transformers,
    4.) Energy Transmitters,
    5.) Primary Associators,
    6.) Secondary Dissociators,
    7.) The Frandalanks and Chronoldeks. (324, lp)[29:4.4]

  72. Give a brief description of the most outstanding function of each of these seven orders of Master Physical Controllers. Ans:

    1.) Associate Power Directors: These associates are entrusted with the assignment and dispatch of all these orders of Master Physical Controllers in accordance with the ever shifting needs of the realms. Vast reserves are maintained on the headquarters worlds of the minor sectors. From these concentration points the controllers are dispatched by these Associate Power Directors to the local universes, constellations, systems and individual planets. The superuniverse quota of three billion associate power directors, permits three million to be assigned to each minor sector center. They alternate periods of executive service with inspection of the realms. (325,5-7)[29:4.9-11]
    2.) Mechanical Controllers: There are trillions upon trillions in our minor sector of Ensa. They are highly intelligent beings, the most powerful, exceeding all others in antigravity. Ten are stationed on Urantia. They facilitate seraphic transport departures. All ten act in unison with 1,000 energy transmitters to provide initial momentum for seraphic departure. They can manipulate twenty-one of the thirty energies of space.
    3.) Energy Transformers: These are "living switches" able to dispose themselves for or against power. Quota for an inhabited world is 100. There are one million in the Satania system. Their numbers are unbelievable. They are in command of inhabited worlds except when an associate power director is present. They inspect all departing transports. They insulate planets against powerful energy streams passing between gigantic starry neighbors. They maintain power equilibrium. They can store or liberate energy. They can and do change the physical form of the energies of space. (325,lp)[29:4.4] They are created conjointly by the Supreme Power Directors and the Supreme Center Supervisors.
    4.) Energy Transmitters: Dispatchers of energies. Can open new circuits. They deploy themselves in a line along the desired energy path and by attributes of energy attraction, can induce energy flow. They can transmit distant scenes and sounds so as to be visual and audible. They are an integral part of the technique of life on non-breathing planets. (327,4)[29:4.20]
    5.) Primary Associators: They store energy as a plant stores solar light. They convert energies of space into a physical state not known on Urantia. They labor in compliance with universal law; they are living catalytic agents. They can release accumulated energies during minus manifestations. They can manipulate atoms, electrons, and ultimatons just as we manipulate the letters of the alphabet in order to tell vastly different stories. (326,2-3)[29:4.12,13]
    6.) Secondary Dissociators: Enormous anti-gravity powers; reverse workers. Alchemists of space.
    7.) The Frandalanks: Living barometers; velocity gauges. Living and automatic presence pressure gauges (living machines). Solely concerned with automatic and unerring registration of the status of all forms of energy. They are to the physical universe what the reflectivity mechanism is to the minded universe. There are thirty divisions, one division for each form of basic universe force. They are the joint creation of all three orders of energy control beings; the primary and the secondary force organizers, and the power directors. (328,nl)[29:4.30]

  73. What is the relation of Frandalanks to chronology? Ans: Frandalanks that register time in addition to quantitative and qualitative energy presence are called "chronoldeks". They are always attached to the higher orders of controllers. They are compared to our computers, but they are living entities. (328,nl,lp)[29:4.30,31]

  74. How many currents of primary energy are coming into the 1,000 power centers at the superuniverse headquarters? Ans: Exactly three primary energies are brought into the centers. Each of the three currents have ten segregations (forms) of energies. (321,5,6,nl)[29:2.6-8], (323,lp)[29:3.10]

  75. Who directs these three phases of primary energies to the 1,000 superuniverse headquarter centers to be transmuted for local use? Ans: The Associate Force Organizers. (470,3)[42:2.12], (329,nl)[29:5.4]

  76. How many specialized, well directed but imperfectly controlled circuits go forth from this seat of united action at the superuniverse headquarters centers? Ans: Exactly seven. (321,5)[29:2.6] (See also question 66, item number 3.)

  77. To what extent do the Seven Supreme Power Directors of Paradise govern the Master Physical Controllers? Ans: The physical controllers are directly governed by the power directors only as far as the headquarters of the superuniverses. (324,#4,2)[29:4.2]

  78. Who, then, directs and distributes these mobile assistants to the centers? Ans: The Council of Equilibrium. (324,#4,2)[29:4.2]

  79. Who is on the Council of Equilibrium and what is their origin? Ans: It is composed of Associate Force Organizers, high commissioners of power. They are dispatched by the Seven Master Spirits to the superuniverse headquarter centers. They are taken from the personnel of the Associate Master Force Organizers. (324, #4,2)[29:4.2]

  80. What capabilities or high power do these associate force organizers (Council of Equilibrium) have which requires their presence in preference to the Associate Power Directors? Ans: They are empowered to interpret the readings and registrations of the Master Frandalanks, the living indicators of power pressure and energy charge of an entire superuniverse. (324,#4,2)[29:4.2]

  81. Who are the Morontia Supervisors? (See question 64, item 4) Ans: They are energy regulators who supervise activities combining spiritual and physical -- semi-material energies. They are devoted to the ministry of morontia progression. They are channels of morontia power which sustain and energize the morontia phase of the transition worlds. They are able to effect a union of spiritual and material energies, thereby organizing the morontia form of materialization which is receptive to the superimposition of a controlling spirit. (542,3)[48:1.5], (542,#2,1)[48:2.1]

  82. Will we mortals have contact with the Morontia Power Supervisors? Ans: We will work freely with them on the mansion worlds. (319,lp)[29:0.4]

  83. Do they minister to us during the transition experience? Ans: No. But they make possible the environment for the progressing morontia creatures. (542,#2,1)[48:2.1]

  84. How then do we work with them? Ans: These skillful Morontia Supervisors will provide us with 570 morontia bodies, each one a phase of morontia progressive transformation -- ascending changes. (542,3)[48:1.5]

  85. A.) When do these changes occur? Ans: Eight occur in the system (Satania), seventy-one in our constellation (Norlatiadek), four hundred ninety-one during our sojourn on the Salvington spheres. (542,3)[48:1.5] B.) Will we feel altered reactions to these changes? Ans: Yes, we will feel reactions to these changes, such as modifications in food requirements and numerous other personal practices. (544,7)[48:2.16]

  86. Who creates and directs the morontia supervisors? Ans: They are the offspring of a Local Universe Mother Spirit. (542,#2,2)[48:2.2] They are directed exclusively by the joint spirit activity of the Creator Sons and Universe Mother Spirits, but otherwise are a wholly self-governing group. (543,2)[48:2.4]

  87. The Morontia Power Supervisors are created in groups of 1,000. Name them as they are classified, with the number of each, and summarize their activities briefly as listed in (542,#2)[48:2].

    1.) Circuit Regulators: 400 co-ordinate spiritual and physical energies. They regulate its flow into segregated planetary channels to a single world. These morontia circuits are distinct from, and supplementary to both physical and spiritual circuits on the transition worlds. It requires millions of these regulators to energize even a system of mansion worlds like that of Satania. They are power generators as well as circuit regulators. As a dynamo generates electricity out of the atmosphere, so do these living morontia dynamos transform "everywhere" energies of space into materials which the morontia supervisors weave into bodies and life activities of ascending mortals. (543,4)[48:2.6]
    2.) System Co-ordinators: Provide an ascending scale of morontia spheres and morontia forms for successive levels, modified to correspond with the advancing spiritization of the ascending survivor. [48:2.8] Mortal form changes require about seven days of standard time for completion. (One day of standard time is equal to almost thirty days of Urantia time.) (174,2)[15:7.2] This procedure approximates 120 days of Urantia time. It is evidently a very slow procedure so we do not experience shock nor do we have to be put to sleep while the vibratory rhythm is stepped up considerably.
    3.) Planetary Custodians: Seventy custodians on each morontia world; (543,6-8)[48:2.11] the council of supreme morontia authority. They grant material for morontia forms to ascenders and authorize changes in creature form.
    4.) Combined Controllers: Mechanical. One stationed at the center of each administrative unit of a morontia world. Functional with spiritual, physical, and morontial energies. With this being, always associated are: two system co-ordinators, four circuit regulators, one planetary custodian, one liaison stabilizer, one (either) an associate registrar (or) a selective assorter. (544,3)[48:2.12]
    5.) Liaison Stabilizers: Regulators of morontia energy--in association with spiritual and physical forces of the realm. They make possible the conversion of morontia energy into morontia material. They slow down the energy revolutions to that point where physical initiation can occur. This morontia existence is entirely dependent upon the liaison stabilizers. (544,4)[48:2.13]
    6.) Selective Assorters: They assort mortals as they advance in the functional progression from material to spiritual progression (adaptation). Mortals subject themselves to repeated test of these examiners. When adequate progress is made they certify them for advancement. They group personalities for study, teaching, and other projects, and assort those who will best function in temporary association. (544,5)[48:2.14]
    7.) Associate Registrars: They are morontia recorders, serving in association with spirit registrars. Have custody of records and data of morontia creations. Records are available to all material and spirit beings. We will have seen all orders of spirits with exception of a few of the higher types by the time we depart from the morontia regime to the spirit life. (544,lp)[48:2.18]

  88. Regarding Energy Control: Three basic phases of energy (currents) are brought into the superuniverse headquarters, separated into ten segregations each. Over how many of these thirty energies are the centers and the Master Physical Controllers able to exert perfect control? Ans: They exert perfect control over only seven of the ten forms contained in each basic current, twenty one in all. (324,2)[29:3.11] They are expert in the manipulation of twenty-one of the thirty physical energies of space that constitute the power charge of a superuniverse. (326,3)[29:4.13] (See question 74)

  89. A.) Of how many of these thirty segregations of space energy are the energy transformers able to change the form and potential? Ans: They can actually change the form and potential of twenty-seven of the thirty energies of the superuniverse power charge. (See question 71, item 3) B.) Do they do this work independently? Ans: They need the aid of their fellow controllers to accomplish this change. (327,2)[29:4.18]

  90. Since the power centers and controllers can exert perfect control over only seven of the ten energies contained in the three basic universe currents, the remaining three forms in each current (a total of nine) are of a more subtle form of physical energy. What happens to these nine subtle energies? Ans: Those forms which are partly or wholly exempt from the control of the centers and controllers "must represent the unpredictable realms of energy manifestation dominated by the Unqualified Absolute." (324,2)[29:3.11]

  91. We are also informed that the Mechanical Controllers (the second order of the Master Physical Controllers) are able to accomplish much towards the management and control of six of these remaining nine forms (27 out of 30) and they are sometimes automatically reactive to certain impulses of the Universal Absolute. (324,2)[29:3.11] Could we then assume that they, and the energy transformers, are instrumentalities of the Unqualified Absolute? Ans: No. They are under the supervision of the centers. The fact that three out of nine of the remaining energies are beyond their control proves that they are not the instrumentalities of the
    Unqualified Absolute. (327,2)[29:4.18]

  92. How does the Unqualified Absolute figure into these transmutations, and are the living power mechanism aware of any other influence than themselves? Ans: The Unqualified Absolute is a positive universe overcontrol in infinity, and is a positive reality pervading the grand universe. (14,7)[000:11.8] The power mechanisms are not consciously related to the master universe energy overcontrol of the Unqualified Absolute, but they are always conscious of the superenergy presence and performance of the Unqualified Absolute. (324,3)[29:3.12]

  93. Just what exactly is the work performed by the centers and their associates with relation to transmuting physical energies for local use? Ans: They transmute the ultimaton into the circuits and revolutions of the electron. They "manipulate" the basic units of energy--the ultimatons--the primitive state of energy. In liaison with the physical controllers, the centers can effectively control and direct energy even at the electronic stage. They are able to modify the revolutions of the ultimatons and at the same time transform this association of energy, so as to create this new substance--morontia substance. (541, last line)[48:1.3]

  94. Are architectural worlds such as the transition worlds made up entirely of morontia elements? Ans: No. They have exactly 100 forms of this unique energy organization called "morontia material" but they also have 100 physical elements such as evolved planets have--heavy metals and crystals. So they have just double the elements of the evolved planets. (541,3)[48:1.3]

  95. Can the centers and their associates handle this material energy after the electronic energy swings into the whirls of atomic systems? Ans: Here their range of action is enormously curtailed. This atomic energy is completely grasped by linear gravity. (473,1)[42:4.3] They always labor with universal law. (328,3)[29:4.26]

  96. Why can they not control the atomic system and yet control the basic unit circuits--the ultimatonic circuits? Ans: Because these beings have only a negative relation to gravity--negative anti-gravity endowments. But gravity acts positively on the power lanes and energy channels of the power centers. (473,2)[42:4.4]

  97. Space-force moves inward toward Paradise from the outer spaces and is transmuted level by level, to the working level of the energy power of the universes of time and space. Then it moves toward Havona. (This is the dual motions of the cycle of reality metamorphosis, from actuals and potentializing of actuals.) (1262,9)[115:3.12] What happens to these circulating energies when they flow inward toward Havona? Ans: Energy power now seems to begin to swing back towards force--but very unlike that of space potency (Unqualified Absolute) and primordial force. (470,lp)[42:2.16]

  98. A.) Explain briefly the Havona energy system. Ans: Havona systems are triune. This is the existential energy domain of the Conjoint Actor (the Infinite Spirit) functioning on behalf of the Paradise Trinity. (471,1)[42:2.16] There are seven forms of Havona energy that manifest seven phases (aggregations) of energy each, a total of forty-nine phases. (154,#2,3)[14:2.3] B.) Are there 200 chemical elements as in the morontia worlds? Ans: The material of Havona consists of 1,000 basic chemical elements. (154,#2)[14:2.1]

  99. What is "Transcendental" energy? What is it called? Ans: This system of energy operates on and from the upper level of Paradise in connection only with the absonite peoples. It is called "tranosta" (471,2)[42:2.18]

  100. What is "Monota" energy of Paradise? Ans: Monota is the living non-spirit energy counterpart of the living sp0irit energy of the Eternal Son. It is the non-spiritual energy system of the Universal Father. Apparently these energies are alike since very high beings cannot differentiate the natures of the spirit and Monota. (471,3)[42:2.19]


"There are force, energy and power, but they are all one in origin. The seven superuniverses are seemingly dual (physical and spiritual); the central universe triune (Trinity function through the Conjoint Actor); but Paradise is of single constitution." "The Unqualified Absolute upholds the universe, while the Deity Absolute motivates the exquisite overcontrol of all material reality, and both Absolutes are functionally unified in the Universal Absolute." (637,#1,1-2)[56:1.1,2]

"On absolute levels, energy and spirit are one. But the moment departure is made from such absolute levels, difference appears, and as energy and spirit move spaceward from Paradise, the gulf between them widens until in the local universes they have become quite divergent. They are no longer identical, neither are they alike, and mind must intervene to interrelate them." (1275,#6,3)[116:6.3]

"The moment you depart from the unqualified concept of the infinite personality of the Paradise Father, you must postulate mind as the inevitable technique of unifying the ever widening divergence of these dual universe manifestations of the original monothetic Creator personality, the First Source and Center, the I AM." (638,5)[56:1.6]

Regarding the grand universe (Havona and the superuniverses): "This domain of power-energy-matter is the realm of the intelligent activities of the Sevenfold controllers and Creators functioning under the time-space overcontrol of the Supreme." (470,nl)[42:2.14] "…the power centers are in some way closely associated with the cosmic overcontrol of the Supreme Being." (323,2)[29:3.3] Also, (Foreword 1,lp)[000:0.6] and (129, next-to-last paragraph)[12:1.7]

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