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Christmas and the Meaning of the Supreme

by Buck and Arlene Weimer

The time is upon us once again when most of the worlds' Christians celebrate the traditional birth of Jesus Christ. Just the thought of it is enough to generate a spectrum of mixed emotions. Many of us may find it necessary to brace ourselves against the crass commercialism stimulated by the infiltrating profit motive. There is always the rush and crush of those final days, and at least one week of recuperation. And still others can look forward to the reunions with loved ones -- for a chance to see and touch old friends -- while exchanging gifts. But does Christmas have a meaning in the universal scheme of things? How important is it? How would a Mighty Messenger report the spectacle of Christmas in relation to the Supreme?

A Mighty Messenger would broadcast the events of Christmas in relation ot the Supreme because we are presently living in the Age of the Supreme -- from a universe viewpoint of time. This is another way of saying that God the Supreme will be born when the seven superuniverses are settled in light and life. The nutritions necessary in this fetal stage growth of the Supreme are garnished from the experiences of the creatures of time and space. The reward for all this is that the Supreme will become the Creator's first experiential deity; which is to be a complement ot the trinity of existential deity. Then there is God the Ultimate -- but that is another story.

What does all of this mean to you and me? It means that each one of us plays a small part in determining the events of destiny. As a citizen of the cosmos, it means that every decisions we make either hastens or impedes the growth of the unborn Supreme. As a citizen of Urantia, it means that the fruits we bear from improved ethical and moral conduct then become the substance of the Supreme -- "The act is ours, the consequences God's."

The necessary role mortals play in the growth of the Supreme can be more clearly understood as it pertains to the brotherhood of man. If we can discover the Father in our hearts, a Mighty messenger tells us in Paper 117, we must search for the Supreme in the hearts of others (i.e. the fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man.) Each time we understand, tolerate, befriend, or love another person we add to the growth of the Supreme -- and of course, our own growth.

From a sociological framework, the brotherhood of man is achieved when two, three, or more personalities come together motivated to do good. To be more specific, it is the morality of interpersonal relationships that determines our role in co-creating destiny with the Supreme. We simply have to interact positively and morally with the persons with whom we come into contact in our daily lives. It is so easy! To understand and actually interact with other persons in a moral and positive way is the foundation of a cosmic citizen's duty; a recognized duty to the brotherhood of man and the growth of the Supreme.

But to get back to our original idea -- how does this relate to Christmas? Tens of millions of Christians on that one day allow themselves the liberty to mightily experience "peace on earth and good will toward men." Christmas day can give us a glimpse of the realities of light and life -- as our families, neighbors, and communities attempt to consciously fullfill their duty of goodwill toward all men. What a great growth spurt must the Supreme experience from the energies of Urantia 606 on December 25th; a day when so many personalities are actively involved ina moral and loving way with other personalities. And, it may sound worn, but what greater good could we do ourselves, our brothers and sisters, and the Supreme than to experience the brotherhood of man each day of the year?

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