On Seeing Others as Benefactors

Masami Saionji

     All the people around us are there to help us encounter the truth. Their existence has great value for us. If not for them, our spirits would have no opportunity for advancement. We would lack the means for bringing out our divinity. We may find some people lovable, some hateful, some admirable, and some distasteful. Yet, each of them, through their connection with us, has a role to play in putting us on the path to truth.

     If you cherish only the people whose role is to inspire your love, while you hate and dislike those who criticize, blame and judge you, you are treating the latter unfairly. It was your Guardian Deity (Angel?) who thoughtfully arranged for them to be placed around you, so that your spirit might evolve. This makes it all the more necessary for you to love those who hate, dislike, or blame you--even more than you love those who love you. This makes it all the more necessary to appreciate them. Their existence is precious to you. They are your benefactors--your guides to awakenment. If you are able to sense this profound intention of God, you have understood truth. You are walking the path to spiritual freedom.

     Try creating a new use for the time that you have been squandering on doubt.

[Note: The author, a native of Japan, wrote in Japanese and, to our knowledge, has no real contact with the West or
The Urantia Book.]

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