Wouldn't It Be Great If?

Ken Glasziou

    All around I see people from Christian organizations working in the field, succoring the needy, the unfortunate, the helpless, the oppressed--just as advocated by the Master. These are people from organizations such as the Salvation Army, St. Vincent's de Paul, Meals on Wheels for the elderly and the invalids, the soup kitchens for those who are down and out, and a myriad of others. But I have yet to see or hear about any similar operation specifically attributable to those belonging to the Urantia movement. No doubt they exist somewhere. If you know about one, how about writing a resume for Innerface?

    Almost 2000 years ago, Christianity spread like wildfire. There was no TV or radio, travel for Christians was almost entirely by foot, there were no printing presses hence little in the way of the written word--and, in any case, few of these new Christians could read. So, in those times, the spread of the word was almost entirely due to person to person contact. Yet within fifty years of the crucifixion, Christianity had spread throughout the length and breadth of the Roman empire and had become a force to be reckoned with.

    We Urantians are good at producing edifying newsletters and exhilarating conferences, we have developed skills at placing our book in libraries or displaying them at appropriate gatherings where seekers may find them, but where is the visible evidence that the book has made a difference in our lives?

    Is it time for the teachings of The Urantia Book to not only become visible in the lives of its adherents but also to be visibly identifiable with us, as its adherents? Could we have Urantia soup kitchens, Urantia centers for the distribution of clothing, Urantian meals on wheels organizations, Urantian rehabilitation centers for drug addicts, anything like that to identify Urantians as carers who visibly portray the foundation of the book's teachings in that we are children of the Father, brothers and sisters to all in the one family of the one God? And maybe Urantia Community Centers? Wouldn't it be great if it were so?

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