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    The Herald: Summer 2018
  • Survival of the Subnormal Mind -- By Rick Lyon, South Bend, IN
  • The Soul Synthesis Hypothesis -- By Byron Belitsos, San Rafael, CA
  • I, Brother - The Urantia Papers and Issues of Race -- By DJ Marshall, Ft. Wayne, IN
  • A Tale of Two Men -- By Linda Buselli, Carmel, IN
  • Akhenaten -- By Derek Samaras, Denver, CO
  • The New Teachers/Leaders -- By Preston Thomas, Earlysville, VA
  • Unsinkable and Unbreakable -- By Dennis Marshall, Fort Wayne, IN
  • The Supreme Being in My Life-- By Yvon Gagne: Translated from the French by Matthew Block
  • The Eden-Atlantis Project -- By Commodore Robert Stanley Bates, United States Merchant Marine
    The Herald: 2017
  • Urantia Spring -- By Joshua J. Wilson, Tempe, AZ
  • A Musical Metaphor -- By Dr. Bruce Jackson, Columbia, MO
  • The Temple Of Spiritual Brotherhood and the Greater Meaning Of Study Groups --
    By Charles Laurence Olivea, Santa Fe, NM
  • What Will We Find in Outer Space? -- By William Sadler Jr.
  • What is Interfaith? -- By Michael Painter, Plainfield, IN
  • Who Said That? -- A Quiz
  • The Shroud of Turin and The Urantia Papers -- By Dennis Marshall, Fort Wayne, IN
  • Questions About Being Human -- By Michelle Klimesh, San Ramon, CA
  • What Does The Urantia Book Tell Us Needs to be Accomplished? --
    By David Kantor, Boulder, CO
  • Twelve Ways I Hear From God -- By Richard Rosen, Sebastian, FL
    The Herald: 2016
  • A Circle of Kindred Spirits -- Bobbie Dreier and Francis Oliver Lynn
  • Listen Up Grandparents and YaYAs -- Sara Blackstock
  • Early Persecutions of Jesus’ Followers and Dispersion of the Apostles -- Lawrence J. Bowman
  • Thoughts on the Bestowals of Personality and the Thought Adjuster -- Kermit Anderson
  • Mindedness and Spirituality, Comments on the Absolutes -- Bill Sadler Jr.
  • Why Should You Support a Urantia Organization Like The Urantia Book Fellowship? -- Paula Thompson
  • Top/Down -- Gary Deinstadt
  • Healing Meditation—A Poem -- K. Brendi Poppel
  • The Nature of Personal Reality -- Byron Belitsos
  • Jesus Said - A Puzzle
    The Herald: 2015
  • Effective Study Group Leadership -- David Kulieke
  • Can We Have a Universal Standard of Morality -- Dave Holt
  • Destiny of the Master Michaels? -- Bill Sadler Jr.
  • The Urantia Book and Its Mission -- Charles Laurence Olivea
  • Is The Urantia Book a Sacred Text -- David Kantor
  • Sixty-Four Original Urantia Book Concepts -- Dr. William Sadler
  • Society Evolving: Chaos, Progress, and Order -- Lawrence Schkade
  • The Importance of Christian Ministry -- Preston Thomas
    The Herald: 2014
  • The Rehabilitation of Urantia -- Carolyn Kendall
  • The Journey Following Mortal Death -- William S. Sadler, Jr.
  • Pursuing Supremacy: How Might the Master Seraphim and Human Beings Collaborate?
  • Urantian Language and the Preservation of Meaning -- Richard Daunt
  • Origin, Nature, Ministry, and Destiny of Thought Adjusters -- David Glass
  • Spiritual Unity -- Richard Goodman
  • Prayer? Why Bother? -- Linda Buselli
    The Herald: 2013
  • Spiritual Genetics -- Steve Dreier
  • Religion of One -- Rev. Gary Deinstadt
  • A Cosmology of Race -- Charles Olivea
  • Exploring the Inner Life -- Dave Holt
  • Spiritual Faith, Uncertainty, and Cosmic Citizenship -- David Kantor
  • Moods, Music and Magic of The Urantia Book -- David Glass
  • A Statistical Test of the Hypothesis of Human Authorship of The Urantia Book -- Dr. Philip Calabrese
    The Herald: 2012
  • Souls on Purpose: The Personal Creed Project -- John Creger
  • Evolutionary Spirituality -- Steve Macintosh
  • Urantia, 606 of Satania: Concerning the Inhabited Worlds of the Satania System -- Israel Dix
  • Perfecting, Neuroplasticity, and the Supreme Actualizing -- Lawrence Schkade
  • Race and The Urantia Book -- Earlene Green
  • Religion of Experience vs Religion of Authority -- Richard S. Omura
  • The Forgotten Urantian: Dr. Lena Sadler -- Larry Mullins
  • Cosmology in the Light of The Urantia Book -- Philip Calabrese
    The Herald: 2011
  • The First Epochal Revelation in American Indian Traditions -- Dave Holt
  • The Power of The Name of Jesus -- Charles Laurence Olivea
  • Machiventa Melchizedek -- One of History's Mysteries
  • Getting Closer to God -- Approaching The Universal Father
  • One Man's Tour Through The Evolutionary Debate
    The Herald: 2010
  • The World is Not Coming to an End -- Carolyn Kendall, Barbara Newsom
  • Religion of Experience vs. Religion of Authority -- Richard S. Omura
  • God Consciousness -- Charles Laurence Olivea
  • How Well Do You Know the Apostles?
  • The Urantia Book, Human Concepts, and Revelatory Validation -- David Elders
  • Understanding the Relation of Love to the Mind -- Sheila Keene-Lund
  • Cosmic Socialization and Planetary Citizenship -- Dave Holt
  • Testimonial of One Second-Generation Urantian -- Angela Thurston
  • Introducing The Urantia Book Historical Society
  • The Problem of Business -- Dan Amyx
  • Crouching Deity/Hidden Supreme -- Bob Debold
    The Herald: 2009
  • In Search of the Historical Onamonalonton -- Dave Holt
  • The Role of Emotions and Feelings on an Evolutionary Word -- Nancy Johnson
  • Joy in the Worm Bin -- Sara Blackstock
  • Do You Remember These? -- A Quiz
  • Ten Lessons from the Vineyard -- Arnie Ondis
  • Solar System Discoveries that Corroborate The Urantia Book -- Philip Calabrese
  • The Book—a Poem -- M. Sanders
  • A Lesson from a Mouse -- Robert Seubert
  • The Third Cosmic Circle -- Richare Guevara
  • Becoming an Effective Missionary Evangel -- David Kantor
  • The Limitless Spectrum of Education -- David Glass
  • Urantia University - U2 -- David Nash
  • Our Creative Deities—A Supreme Relationship -- Linda Buselli
    The Herald: 2008
  • Celestial Ministry: Seen and Unseen -- Michelle Klimesh
  • The Supreme and Outreach -- Arlene and Buck Weimer
  • Guess Who's Coming Next? -- Carolyn Kendall
  • A Missionary Experience in Turkey -- Bill Rocap
  • You Be The Book -- Michael Painter
  • The Start of a Worthy New Tradition
  • The Significance of the Sevenfold Bestowal Career -- David Glass
  • The Urantia Book Is Not What It Used To Be -- Halbert Katzen
  • Law is Life Itself -- Linda Buselli
  • Moral Cosmic Citizenship -- Doreen Heyne
  • The Roots of Morality -- Henry Begemann
  • Casting Pearls Before Personality -- David Elders
    The Herald: 2007
  • Amazing Human Aspects of Epochal Revelation -- Paula Thompson
  • Archangels: Agents of Epochal Change -- Carolyn Kendall
  • Update: The Coming Scientific Validation -- Dr. Philip Calabrese
  • Participatory Evolution -- Jacob Dix
  • Personality and Man -- George Park
  • The Golden Rule -- Robert Burns
  • Science Fiction for Agondonters -- Cece Forrester
  • Loving Service -- Phil Taylor
  • The Kingdom and the Supreme -- David Kantor
    The Herald: 2006
  • Guardian Angels -- Charles Olivea
  • Youth and The Urantia Book -- Gina Buselli
  • Prophecy and The Urantia Book -- Preston Thomas
  • Serving: A Cookbook for the Soul -- Bill and Share Beasley
  • What is Personality? -- Berkeley Elliott
  • The Coming Scientific Validation of The Urantia Book -- Dr. Philip Calabrese
    The Herald: 2005
  • The Next Fifty Years: Dissemination -- Charles Olivea
  • The New Revelation of the Living Jesus -- Peter Holley
  • Untitled Poem -- David Glass
  • On Removing The Barrier to a Civilized Discussion Of Eugenics -- Finnie
  • Becoming a Universe-Conscious Citizen -- Nancy Johnson
  • At Home In The Universe: Stephen Zendt
  • Pattern of Unity: Jean-Pierre Heudier
  • Journey to India: Legacy of the Sethite Teachers -- Dave Holt
  • Thoughts About the Future of our Urantia Community -- Sara Blackstock
  • Legacy in Peril: Children and the Urantia Community -- Tom Allen
  • Putting the Teachings into Action -- Steve McIntosh
  • Science Cannot Replace Religion -- Dr. Antti Roine
  • A Reed Singing -- Dave Holt
    The Herald: 2004
  • Illumination/Transformation -- Doreen Heyne
  • An Essay on Hope -- David Kantor
  • The Rise of Spiritual Technology -- Richard Omura
  • Meditation in The Urantia Book, Jesus Style -- Peter Holley
  • The Art of Marriage -- Arlene and Buck Weimer
  • Room in My Heart -- Dave Holt
  • A Trace of God -- Steven Hecht
  • The Golden Rule in Business -- Larry Mullins
  • The Lighter Side -- Charles Montgomery
    The Herald: Summer 2003
  • A Jewish Girl Finds Jesus -- Bobbie Dreier
  • Ruminations on Revelation -- Steven Hecht
  • Safeguarding the Symbols of Urantian Faith -- David Kantor
  • When Belief Becomes Faith -- Al Lockett
  • The Patterns of Revelation -- Linda Buselli
  • The Difficulty of Being Objective -- Nancy Johnson
  • Closed Circle or Open Book -- Stephen Zendt
  • The Origin of the Spiritual Fellowship -- Dr. Meredith J. Sprunger
  • A Dialogue About "The Kingdom" -- Claudia Ayers and Lee Smith
  • Anti-Terror Treatise -- Stephen Zendt
    The Herald: Summer 2002
  • Reflections on the Urantia Movement in 2002 -- Dr. Philip Calabrese
  • Centering--A Method of Divine Embrace -- Marvin Gawryn
  • Eugenics and The Urantia Book: Another Perspective -- Dr. Paul Premsagar
  • Revelatory Mouthpiecing -- Finnie
  • Faith Wiring in the Brain -- Sara Blackstock
  • In Search of the Error So Great -- Nancy Johnson
  • Jesus' Miracles and the Father's Will -- Ron Besser
  • Not What We Give, But What We Share -- James Lowell
  • A Demystification and Redefinition of Cult -- Alison Gardner
  • Religious Practice and the Urantia Revelation -- Byron Belitsos
  • The Gift of Tolerance -- Karen Larson
    The Herald: Summer 2001
  • A Source Study of Paper 159, "Instruction for Teachers and Believers" -- M. Block
  • Show Us A Miracle -- Behz Sarmast
  • Universal Religion: An Interfaith Presentation -- Les Jamieson
  • Ethical Eugenics: A Modest Proposal for the 21st Century -- Charles Montgomery
  • Last Mountain in Vancouver -- Gina Buselli
    The Herald: Summer 2000
  • Thinking About Tomorrow -- Carolyn Kendall
  • Restated in Modern Phraseology -- David Elders
  • Scientific Predictions of The Urantia Book, Part II -- Dr. Irwin Ginsburgh
  • "I Will Tell Them A Story" -- Stephen Zendt
  • The Science of Parenting -- Sara Blackstock
  • The Ethics of Genetic Control and Social Engineering -- Charles Olivea
  • The Intellectual Role of The Urantia Book -- Finnie
    The Herald: Winter 1999
  • The Family: Birthplace of Cosmic Citizens -- Paul Snider
  • An Expression of Cosmic Worship -- David Glass
  • Two Cosmologies: Astronomy and The Urantia Book -- Dr. Irwin Ginsburgh
  • Reflections on Cosmic Citizenship ( Rumor, Gossip, Hearsay) -- Stephen Dreier
  • The Dual Nature of Supremacy -- Linda Buselli
    The Herald: Spring 1999
  • The Challenge of the 21st Century -- Dr. Meredith Sprunger
  • On Facing Millenial Change -- Byron Belitsos
  • Magisterial Missions -- Behzad Sarmast
  • Springtime: A Study of the Future -- Henry Begemann
  • Whither Goest Thou, Woman? -- Jeanne Melchior
  • The Seven Psychic Circles -- Linda Buselli
  • On Removing the Barrier to a Civilized Discussion of Eugenics -- Finnie
  • The Basket -- A poem by Charlene Morrow
    The Herald: Fall 1998
  • On the Brink of the Most Amazing and Enthralling Epoch -- Carolyn Kendall
  • Let Your Soul Decide -- Richard Omura
  • The Urantia Papers From a Jewish Perspective -- Martin Greenhut
  • Concepts of Trust and Hope in The Urantia Book -- Marilynn Kulieke
  • 48 Chromosomes: Are We Asking the Right Questions? -- Ken Glasziou