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New Additions to the Sadler's Chautauqua Lectures
1915 Lecture Season

From a bulletin published by
the Chautauqua Manager's Association, 1915

The Medical Round Table -- Conducted by Drs. William S. and Lena K. Sadler

This morning hour is devoted wholly to informal discussions and the answering of questions. This new feature of the Sadler lectures was added several years ago as a fifth program, and has now become one of the most popular hours of the whole day. It is not uncommon to have seventy-five to one hundred written questions sent up to the platform for discussion. Dr. William and Dr. Lena alternate in answering groups of these diversified inquiries -- and the occasion never fails to prove highly instructive and entertaining. The Round Table should be fully explained in Chautauqua programs as an open forum on medical topics, and due announcement made from the platform the day preceeding the arrival of the Sadlers.

Modern Miracles -- A Story of Social Redemption -- by Dr. Lena K. Sadler

A plain, frank talk, dealing with Dr. Lena's personal experiences in her work as a Christian physician among the unfortunate women of a great city. The story of the reclamation of some of these outcast and downcast souls is an instructive, inspirint and thrilling recital, never to be fortotten by those who once hear it.

Health and Righteousness (Sunday Morning) -- by Dr. William S. Sadler

A unique and extraordinary discussion of the inter-relationship of things physical and spiritual. A biblical exposition of health and hygiene from the standpoint of the Christian physician. One of the most acceptable and appropriate "Talks" ever offered for Sunday morning at a Chautauqua Union Service. A practical and thought-provoking discourse entirely out of the ordinary, but perfectly in keeping with the occasion.

The Slum -- Its People and Problems -- by Dr. William S. Sadler

A unique and thrilling lecture revealing unsuspected and astonishing conditions among the submerged classes or our great cities. An unusually full and instructuve presentaiton of one of the great problems of this generation. Underground and in the attics -- you hear about slum conditions and people from one who knows. The story of the children of the slums is a narrative appalling as well as amusing and entertaining. The city slum, with its civic, sanitary, and moral problems is a propositoin which the American people must squarely face. Knowledge is essential to intelligent action -- and action is demanded by the conditions existing in the slums of our great cities. As a physician, Dr. Sadler has not only enjoyed the exceptional advantages of the lcinics and dispensaries for gaining a knowledge of these people, but he has also had opporutnity to trace the terrible trail of vice and disease from their habitat in the slums over to the boulevards and out into the countryvillages, and even into the country home.

How the Doctors Sadler Came to Lecture on the Slum and Its People

For years the Doctor was secretary of the old Chicago Medical Mission which opened the first free baths in the city of Chicago, and no lecturer on the American platform has come more closely in contact with the submerged tenth -- mingled with the dwellers of the lsums in their actual daily life -- than Dr. Sadler.

The Doctor has taken great interest in securing honest employment for these denizens of the slums, and today hardly a month paasses that some of these uplifted outcasts do not appear at his office and offer their gratitude for the fact that at one time he was their only friend. Many of the Doctor's beneficiaries can be found today in the counting-room, in prominent business establishments, and a few have even attained eminence in his own profession.

There is no class of people or phase of slum life in the great cities of this country and Europe with which the Doctor and his wife are not personally acquainted, and therefore, they speak with authority. Their slum lectures are in every sense refined. Stories of poverty and squalor are presented without the odor of vice and crime.

Dr. Sadler's Health Lectures

Dr. Sadler in his Health Lectures is intensely interesting and practical. He is positively unique. His methods are new and original. His delivery is animated and his audiences are captivated by the simplicity of his style and the force of his witty illustrations.

The Doctor's Health Lectures are positively unlike anything of the kind heretofore offered. They are the modern "Gospel of Health," free from all impractical fads and the teaching of extremists.

The Doctor talks straight to the common people -- plain, everyday English. No medical terms or scientific technicalities.

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